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It was good for me to have experienced sufferings

To those who are suffering from depression @en

Went to Tokyo with hurt feelings

I was born in Niigata prefecture and later, my family moved to Yokohama because my father was transferred there.  I had a happy childhood in Yokohama.  However, when I was a primary 4 student, my father quit the company and we moved to Mie prefecture, which is my father’s hometown.  In Mie, our family stayed with my father’s side grandparents. In that house, my mother and my grandparents were not in good terms with and I always felt something wrong going on.  I used to wish I would grow as fast as possible and leave the house.  When I was a high school student, I had friendship problem with classmates and there was a period that I could not go to school.  That made me wish more to go out of Mie as soon as possible.  I was wondering how and what for I should live.  My mind was very hurt.  That is why I sat for the entrance exam of University in Tokyo area and went to Tokyo, although my parents opposed me to do so.

Encountering with Jesus

  It was fun to go to University, but my hurt feelings had never been healed.  One day, I met one year senior in the same extracurricular activity, and we started to go out together.  That is my husband now.  He told me that he was a Christian and he went to church.  He also told me that Jesus had solved his problem.  Because of this, I started to think that this God might help healing my hurt feelings.

After a while, he invited me to the church worship service, and we continuously attended the services.  I was touched by praise and message in the church, and I was saved by accepting Jesus Christ as my savior.  I knew that Jesus was the one who would heal my hurt feelings. I was filled with great joy.

Which church should I belong to?

When we started to go to church, we sometimes went to my boyfriend’s Pentecostal church, and sometimes went to the Tokyo Antioch Church of the Lord’s Cross Christian Center. He was lead to the Lord’s Cross Christian Center to seek for clue to solve his problem, and it was solved.  But he tried to escape from the Lord’s Cross Christian Center, because he thought God would lead him to devote his life to God.  As for myself, I wished to stick to the Lord’s Cross Christian Center, because there were deep blessings from praise, apparent spiritual gifts works, and God’s living testimonies every time I attended the service of the Lord’s Cross Christian Center. 

  In this way, we had time of not connected to one church for a while, although we were both saved.  We felt that we cannot continue this neutral attitude and we prayed seriously to God asking which church we should belong to.  Then both of us was clearly spoken by God in the prayer that we should go to the Lord’s Cross Christian Center ‘Christ’s Park Church’ or ‘kirisuto no machi kyoukai’, which is now known as ‘Tokyo Antioch Church’ or ‘tokyo anteoke kyoukai’.  My husband seemed to have made his mind with God’s words and we both finally officially belong to the church.  In August 1996, I was able to be baptized by water in the church.

Devoted my life to God, and married

  After that, I had God’s words to me through words of wisdom given in the church service, which was ‘I will heal your hurt when you will pray, listen and obey the Lord.’  I belonged to the church, served for God, and when I prayed, listened and obeyed God for everything in my life, my hurt had been healed.  I was really happy to live and serve for God.  Then I and my husband were led to devotion of our life to God.

  In November 1999, when I participated in the Israel team sent by the church, God showed me to marry to my husband clearly, and we married in the next year.  We were filled with joy that we could serve God together.


When we got married, my husband wanted children soon.  However, I wanted to enjoy time with him without children.  I wanted to have children later when we would have some saving, because our life was financially quite tight at that time.  Then after a while, when I got serious about having children, I suddenly had to face a problem, which caused me a mental sickness.

  I was diagnosed with depression at the hospital.   And my medication started, at the same time I had been prayed in the church.  Because of the seriousness of the problem that happened and the disease which was allowed to me, I felt that it was impossible that God’s promise and calling come true.  I was also thinking that I could not have children any more.  Although I knew that there were many people who had overcome depression, I could not imagine that I could be one of them when I looked at my situation at that time.  I was in the middle of sorrow and great hopelessness.

Holding God’s words 

  It was when I was reading the Bible sadly after doctor diagnosed me with depression that I noticed one part of scripture in the Bible reading plan of the church, which was Matthew 2:20. It reads, ‘Get up, take the child and his mother and go to the land of Israel.’ (NIV) My husband and I are called by God for overseas mission, especially to Israel.  Therefore, this scripture made me think that God might be saying that we will be given child before we will be sent to the country.  I held this scripture tightly. 

  Soon after I received this scripture, I discussed with the doctor who was in charge of counseling about that I wished to have a child.  However, the doctor unexpectedly said, ’why don’t you adore your sister’s children?  It is troublesome to take care of small kids.  Besides, do you think you can bring up children?’

  I knew that he said this because he cared for me.  I also thought that his suggestion was wise.  At that time I was taking a lot of medicines and I felt stressful to do housework which I was not good at.  I could not do any housework at that time.  So it was almost impossible for me to bring up a child.  I was sad because this situation seemed to be telling me not to have any children.  I prayed God, ‘If you are speaking these words to me, I want to hold your words. God! Please let me hold your words!’

God’s promise we received in Israel

  In November 2005, I and my husband joined the Israel team sent out from our church, because we were spoken by God to do so.  God’s deep presence was there and we were blessed so much.  At the time of worship at a mountain called Mt. Arbel, where Jesus ordered Great commission towards His disciples, I felt strong presence of God.  I experienced the feeling that the Lord was really with me at that time.  After that, we had time to pray silently.  When I opened the Bible chapter which was according to the reading plan of the church, that was again Mathew 2:20.  I held the words tightly with confirmation that God was really speaking to me at that time because it was spoken in the middle of very strong presence of God. 

  In March 2006, we were spoken by God to join the team to go to U.S.A, and we took part in the team.  After we had worship and had deep presence of God in the middle of praising, we had a time of silence prayer.  I was reading the devotion scripture, praying God, ‘What are your promise words that you are giving me now?’  Then Scripture from Book of Romans 9:9, ‘for this was how the promise was stated: “At the appointed time I will return, and Sarah will have a son.”’ (NIV)  was given to me clearly.   This is the part that God spoke to Abraham and Sarah that at that time of the coming year they will be given a child.  Through this scripture, the thought that we might be given a child at the same time of next year was given to me.  I held these words tightly.

  It was not very soon that the situation changed. However, the condition of my sickness had been improved drastically at the end of that year.  My husband was also given words of God that a child will be given to us.  Then, the amount of medicine for my depression, which continuously was increasing for five years started to decrease. 

  I and my husband told my doctor that we wanted to have a child.  Then, the doctor encouraged us, saying, ‘Since the condition of your sickness has been improved very well, we will work together to the direction that you will have a child.’

God’s words are true God gave me a baby girl and healed me gradually

  It was around the beginning of New Year (1st of January is Japanese New Year), I felt unwell and planned to visit hospital.  On the morning of the day when I went to the hospital, I read the Bible chapter which was according to the reading plan of the church.  Then there was surprisingly the verse Roman 9:9 ‘At the appointed time I will return, and Sarah will have a son.’ The promise words were spoken again.  I went to the hospital, with a bit of expectation, and found out that I was given a child!

  In September 2007, I gave birth to my daughter safely.  She is growing very well.  Also, I now can do the housework which I once could not do.  I have been given a drastic healing and recovery that my husband is also surprised.  We are really filled with joy to be in our Lord now. 

 ‘It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.’’  Psalm 119:71 (NIV) 

  Disease and problems were allowed to us, but I could understand how true God’s deep love and God’s words are.  Although the promise of God’s calling to us has not yet been fulfilled, we believe it will be fulfilled at His time just like He fulfilled his words by giving us a child when it looked impossible.  

I return every glory to God.

Jerusalem Fujii Aya

(Reprinted from monthly magazine “Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji” (Publisher: Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji Shuppan) August 2009 issue)

Thank you God that my husband lost his job!

To those who are troubled with unemployment

Encounter with Jesus and my husband

  I went to a high school run by missionary, and came to know that Jesus is the one true God and I can go to heaven through Jesus only.  However, I didn’t think that that was so important to my life at that time. 

  When I started to work, I felt empty in myself and was about to lose hope in my life.  I had read a book written by Ayako Miura (a famous Christian novelist), and wanted to become a Christian.  I told that to my husband, whom I met around that time.  Although I was afraid that he would ignore me, he unexpectedly encouraged me to be a Christian.  It was because his uncle, who was living with him, was a devoted Christian and he used to have Christian meeting at home.  However, I believed Jesus only in my mind without going to the church and my life was very messy.  Finally, I have become almost alcoholic.  I was afraid that I would fall into the worst situation.  That is why I have decided to go to the U.S.A in order to get rid of my messy life. 

  My life has changed drastically in the U.S.A.  I went to church and I got healthy mentally and physically.  In October 1983 when I came back to Japan 2 years later, I got married to my husband who was patiently waiting for me.

Gave birth and raised children

  I used to go to a church before I gave birth to children, but after that, slowly I was away from the church because I was very busy raising my children.  My husband was working very hard from morning until midnight even on Sundays.  He ignored my request to spend time together with family.  I was very tired raising alone two children whose age gap was only one.  My mind was full of complain towards my husband and I regretted my marriage.  I pitied myself and blamed people around me including my husband, and I never thanked God for the situation.

To the church again

  On one day when my mind was full of hatred towards people, I have accidentally got my daughter’s hand burned seriously by my carelessness.  When doctor told me that she had to have graft surgery, I was plunged into despair.  I wanted to die with my daughter.  I was unconsciously shouting in my mind, God! Help me!   Then suddenly I realized that there was the church that I used to go to near the hospital.  I went to the church right away and talked to the pastor.  When I talked to the pastor, I realized that I had to be with Jesus, so I started to connect to the church with my children again.

  After a while, I was led to repent my sin through a book of Pastor Cho Yonggi and salvation was given to me.  I was released from all the hatred and was baptized by water in December 1990 and I have become a Christian both by name and reality.  At that time I thought I have achieved my purpose of life, but I have come to know later that ‘God’s thoughts are much higher than my thoughts’.

My attitude towards my father was changed

   I used to keep my Sunday worship in Nagasaki, because I used to visit and take care of my sick father in Nagasaki every weekend.  He was suffering from stroke.  I slowly wished to go to church where Holy Spirit works apparently, because I wished my father’s sickness being healed.  I also felt spiritually dry.

  Besides my wish for my father to be healed, I felt strong desire for my father to go to heaven. It took quite a while for me to love other people from the bottom of my heart since I have become Christian. It was only after I have learned to thank God for everything.  I used to be scared of and to hate my father, who often was drunken and shout at us and I did not feel love towards my father.  So having the desire that my father goes to heaven was quite impossible for me.  I think the Lord has changed my inner self when I repented my sin, forgave people and gave thanks to Him for everything.

Salvation of my father, family and relatives

  Soon after I started to pray for my father to believe Jesus, he suddenly fell into a critical condition by Sepsis in the hospital, where he was under his rehabilitation.  When the doctor told me that only few day are left in his life, I repented that I did not tell him the good news and prayed the Lord seriously, ‘Lord, please make his life longer so that he will be saved!’  The Lord heard my prayer and my father was miraculously recovered.

  I thought I could not waste the time the Lord has given to me and I asked the pastor of the church which I newly started to go to and I still belong to now, to visit and talked to my father in the hospital.  My father soon believed Jesus as his savior and he was saved.  The pastor went to see him every weekend to have time of worship with him.  He was called to the heaven several years after he was baptized by water on the bed.

  ‘They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved-you and your household.”’(Acts 16:31)  As promised in this scripture, God has given salvation to my elder sister and her husband and my younger sister, not only to my father.

  My brother in law’s salvation was dramatic.  After about two weeks when my elder sister believed in Jesus, he went to ocean for fishing, got missing on the storming ocean and was drifting for one day and night.  He was miraculously saved when even the Japan Coast Guard had given up the situation.  My elder sister prayed God for a whole night.  My brother in law said he also had been shouting to God for help.  After the incident, he went to the church and received salvation.  He is connected to the church with his wife and is serving God as a pastor now.

You must fulfill your promise

  Since the Sasebo church was started in February 1992, my faith life has been strengthened by His blessing.  However, my husband, who was saved, seldom attended the Sunday service with the excuse that he was busy with his work.  I was actually happy with him being saved, but God’s will was not only that.  He actually had His hand on him directly.

  It was when my husband was watching summer high school baseball game, on which one of the high school of his hometown was in the finalist in the local elimination on TV that he swore to God in his prayer saying, ‘Please let this team win this game so that they can go to Koshien Stadium (the baseball stadium that all young baseball players yearn for).  If you will make my wish come true, I will get baptized by water.’  The team won the game and went to Koshien.  However, he did not get baptized and time passed by.

  One day he was listening to the worship tape that I passed to him without any intention. There were words of wisdom at the end of the service that goes ‘You surely swore to me.  You must fulfill your promise.’  He felt that the Lord was speaking to him, and quickly be baptized.

‘Hallelujah!’ to his ‘losing job’

  My husband still was living his work-centered -life.  In the middle of that situation, the Lord spoke to me, ‘the time has come’, when I was reading bible at the beginning of year 1998.  However,  time passed by without anything happen.  It was around 2 months before the year 1999 that I started to thank the situation that my husband could not take leave on Sunday if he works for the company at that time and prayed that he could be able to attend the Sunday services.  I prayed that on every house prayer meeting which was newly started by pastor’s suggestion.

  On one day after around one month of that prayer, my husband called me from outside.  He sounded quite nervous to speak out.  He said that he lost his job because his branch office was to be downsized.  I was shouting ‘Yes!’ in my mind and uncontrollably shouted’ ‘Hallelujah!’

  My husband, who expected me to burst into tears or blame and shout at him, could not believe what he heard at that moment and thought that I got crazy.  It must be true that no wife is happy when her husband lose his job after serving for 20 years for one company, but I used to pray God so that he could attend the Sunday worship which is the most important for Christian.  I thanked the Lord who answered my prayer and gave the best to my husband’s life.  My mind was unbelievably peaceful when he lost his job. 

  Since that time, our ‘the Lord-centered- life’ began.  We were blessed to participate in ‘Marlene America team’ in February and in ‘Kids America team’ in March with our two children.  Last time when I tried to apply to this ‘Kids America team’ with my two children without my husband just by my faith, it didn’t work and we could not go.  God worked in His best way, at His best time.  The Lord is really compassionate and truthful.

My husband’s devotion, uncle’s interceding prayer

  There was one time that my husband’s Christian uncle heard that my husband had become a theology student, and came to our church without notice.  It seemed like that he was worried about our church’s teaching.  After that, he said, ‘I am happy now.  Although I could not become a pastor, you can be.  I will leave everything to you.’  After a while, he got sick and returned to heaven.

  My husband was anointed on the 6th May 2002 as a pastor.  I think my uncle in law has been interceding praying for him in heaven. 

  We experience training and learning in my life in many ways.  We experience the truth of the scripture, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Roman 8:28)

  Half a year later, my husband has got job offer from the company which fired him once.  Now he is working for the company again with the condition that he put the priority on his position as a pastor.  What God does for us is immeasurable.  He makes any difficulties and problems good for us.  I thank the gracious and compassionate Lord from the bottom of my heart.

Yamada Makiko

(Reprinted from monthly magazine “Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji” (Publisher: Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji Shuppan) May 2008 issue)

I have been transformed into a new creation

To those who are thinking of committing suicide @en

I had loved gambling, drinking, and smoking from the time when I was young; I couldn’t live without them. Even after I was saved, I often fell away from God, but God, by His mercy and grace, has completely transformed me into a new creation.
I believed Jesus and was saved about fourteen years ago; I was baptized on Jan. 1, 1998. Christianity had been a foreign religion to me, but my wife who was saved earlier asked me to go to church and I began to go there. At that time our marital relationship went downhill and our home was a mess; we were at the point of divorce. I had loved gambling, drinking, and smoking from the time when I was young; I sniffed thinner through my junior-high school days, and drank every night in my high school days. Therefore, I couldn’t think of life without gambling, drinking and smoking. While attending church, I realized that I shouldn’t gamble, drink, nor smoke; a part of me was saying that I should quit someday, but I couldn’t do so in reality.
I might have been picking fight with God out of ignorance. In the Bible, a scripture says, “not to test God,” but it seems that I have been testing Him a lot. At that time I was saying God in my mind, “Change me if You can.” as if I challenged Him. Now looking back, I think how foolish I was of behaving like that..

Falling apart from God, I was burdened with an increasing debt

After a while I dedicated myself to Him and began to learn in a seminary. However, I still couldn’t set up my mind to stopping drinking and gambling. In addition, I put work first and started to stay away from seminary. My heart drifted away from God; I didn’t go to church once in a while. Then things got worse in work and at home. I worked for the construction business at that time which didn’t go well. I just had an increasing debt. Besides I went to pachinko parlor every day regardless of winning or losing. Meanwhile, I couldn’t pay off the increasing debt and got severely pressed to repay it.
I started to get calls from gangsters to collect the money, and lived daily in fear. There was nothing I could do about it, and I even once went to the police. I didn’t have enough faith to pray and give thanks. My wife didn’t know about this situation. I didn’t depend on God but had a drink to get away from that mess.

I tried to commit suicide, but heard God, saying, “Come to Me”

I wanted to die, and tried to kill myself. I thought that if I die, I could get insurance money to pay off the debt, and that I wouldn’t give my family trouble. Since I like fishing, I went to the river to die so I could make it seem as if I was drowned. I gulped whiskey and jumped into the river although I was too frightened to do it right away. I jumped into the whirling river, making a fall; I thought I was going to die, but I found myself drifted down the river through a whirl for some meters. I realized that my feet were touching the bottom. When I tried to jump into the river again, I heard the voice saying, “Come to Me.” Hearing that voice, I stopped committing suicide. Thinking back now, I think it was the voice of God. Then I found myself giving thanks to God. God touched me, and as a result I wondered what in the world I had been doing. On the contrary, I had a desire to live instead of a desire to die.
Then I told my wife about the debt. I thought I would leave everything to God by telling the whole story to her. Surprisingly my wife reacted to that calmly. She told me that she had noticed something wrong with me for the past few days and that she had been praying for me and had been guided to pray for me on the day of my suicide attempt. After that we as a couple prayed prayer of thanks. I filed for personal bankruptcy which I wanted to avoid. However, thanks to that, I couldn’t use credit cards nor borrow money, which I also gave thanks to God for. Thinking back now, the suicide attempt caused me to realize God’s mercy and grace; I got to know that He is real; I got to know His love and I was able to quit gambling completely. The words of God say: “Give thanks in every circumstance,” “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Those words are really true. I was able to mend my way. I chose to dedicate myself to Him again, and entered seminary once more.

Stopped drinking completely

I have been drinking since I was 15 years old. I was caught drinking and driving twice. I really had a drinking problem and was still drinking every night even after I became a Christian. One day I scolded my daughter and hit her on the head under drinking influence. At that time God protected her and she didn’t get injured on the head, but I had a broken hand. For a while I couldn’t work; God led me to repent deeply. I repented of hitting my daughter and the wrong doing caused by drinking; I was reminded of many things and sincerely repented before God. Also I seriously prayed to God that I could stop drinking. The following day I was able to stop drinking alcohol which I had been drinking for the past 30 years. I praise the name of God. Now six years have passed since I stopped drinking. When I joined an office drinking party, I didn’t want to drink at all. Now I tell my colleague that I don’t drink.

The Lord has been waiting for me

After I went back to seminary, I was doing fine for the first couple of years. However, I realized part of me didn’t fully dedicate it to God. I put work first and started to take many days off from seminary and church. I found myself failing and drifting away from God. Because I didn’t follow God, I was stuck with work and everything. When I thought it was all over, God spoke to me through the praise song titled “Let’s go to the Lord because He is waiting for you.” That song lingered in my ears, especially the phrase: “the Lord is waiting for you.” I thought it was the time of choice, and I seriously made up my mind. Then I was led to repent; with thanksgiving I made a serious repentance about the wrong doings I have done. From that point of time, God drastically began to transform me.

Freedom from smoking

Next, I was dealt with my smoking habit. I was so sure it was a hard habit to break. I tried to quit many times, but I was able to quit only for three days at the longest. I thought I had to quit smoking one day, but I couldn’t. I was smoking secretly in holy meetings, church events, Christian camps, etc. Probably people around me were able to tell from the smell. One day my pastor advised me to get serious to quit smoking. It was the time of choice for me between God and smoking. I prayed to God seriously that I could quit smoking without suffering. I didn’t smoke on the day one and the day two; on the third day I began to suffer, but I gave thanks to God in that situation. I set my mind on giving thanks to God continuously. Then I was able to quit smoking completely. Hallelujah! Praise the name of the Lord. One year has passed since I quit smoking in September 2009.

Transformed into a new creation

I had gone through many things over the years. While I was on and off in attending church with my heart drifting away from God, my wife continued to attend church and experienced grace of being a member of the church. Recently I talk a lot with my wife about God and I find it fun to spend time with her. The happiest things are praying together as a couple and singing praise songs on the street every Sunday. Now I have got to think that taking a stand for God to do His work is the best for us; God has changed us as a couple to think that way.
Also, the relationship between parent and child has been restored; now I can truly scold my child with love when he does a bad thing; I can listen to my child attentively. God has changed everything in my life for good. God is faithful; He has heard the prayer in accordance with His will and changed me into a new person. I have received God’s mercy, grace and love through my own experience.
I was ordained as a pastor of Hitoyoshi Church on October 25, 2010. I am surprised myself by that because I have never dreamed of becoming a pastor. I give thanks to God with all my heart, and give all the glory to Him.

David Murakami (Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture)
(Reprinted from the issue of Dec. 2010 of the monthly magazine “A Rainbow in the Clouds”)

The blessing to be connected to the church— healing of depression, financial blessing

To those who are suffering from depression @en

I got huge debt which I could not pay back and my depression got worse. In the middle of the worst condition, when I could not concentrate on my work nor even do housework, my sister invited me to the church, and…

Aoki Yukiyo (Yokkaichi, Mie)

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Your sorrow will turn to joy

To Those Who Have a Problem of Divorce

I met my former husband at work and we married after a two-year-relationship.  Right after that we bought a house in a new development area and we were going to have a family with a baby.  It was supposed to be that way.  We still did not have a baby after two years, so we went to a specialist to treat sterility.  I was the reason we could not have a baby.  Since I was young I had a condition of inner-tissue infection of uterus and after a test, I was told there was an inborn hole in an oviduct so that it would be difficult to be fertilized.  Uneasiness filled me when a picture and an image were shown to me.  It was a good thing I knew God then.  There was a Christian friend in the area; they built a house the same time we did.  That time she was in a difficulty; because of her faith in Jesus her husband left her and it had been quite some months then.  She was waiting for him to come home with two young children.  She believed that her husband will come home, and he will commit himself to the Lord and he would become a pastor and they would serve Him together.   

 Everybody thought it was a worst case happened to her but she did not leave her church.  After one year and a half her husband repented and came home.  He had persecuted her and her church very much but he became a servant for the church and now, he is a pastor and she helps him and also their high school student daughters are praising God through gospel music.


Going back to my story, God would allow us to divorce after we come to know about my sterility.  At the end my husband said that I accept not having a child, you can have faith in Jesus but I cannot accept you; going to the church.  We were divorced and what he said hurt me a great deal.  I thought it was a plate with a crucifix (it was used to determine if a person was a Christian or not in persecuted era in Japan) for me like many other Christians went through this a long time ago.  I could have said I will not go to the church and I could have avoided divorce, but it would just be lying and it would be cheating and also it was not the Lord’s will.  Even if I promised that I would not go to the church, but I thought I would brake my promise and go to the church soon after.  The Bible says “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Matthew 6: 33  I prayed to remarry with him but my ex-husband was remarried after one and a half years.  It was a shocking thing for me because I was hoping to get back with him. 

Even it was heart braking I praised Him with thanksgiving because He did the best for me; I danced with tears.  Because I know that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him.”  Romans 8:28 

I was able to bless his new wife and their baby and prayed before the Lord.  I see him at my work and I have no reserved feelings, nor regrets.  I can initiate conversation; feel like meeting a dear relative and say “how are you all?”  I believe that God is reaching ex-husband’s family, relatives and also his friends.  I wish to see them in heaven.  People think I am a divorced woman and sterile.  I do not have sorrow.  I am healed and comforted and have been given peace through being at the church which is the body of Christ.  The Lord promised me my sorrow will change to joy.  I am hoping to see how much more God will bless my life.  Praise the Lord.

I Was Greatly Used on the Workplace where I was Led to Through Thanksgiving and Obedience to God

To those who are worrying about not having a job @en

I was distressed in the school of a recommendation of my homeroom teacher who had told me at my junior-high school graduation that I could make use of my characteristic in that high school.  Although I made some friends in school, my school grades were increasingly dropping, and I joined the club activity of music which I didn’t enjoy.  In the meantime, attendance of a weekly worship service alone brought me joy.  I spent time at school on worrying, and back at home kept myself in the house.  However, I was able to go to church every week without fail.  On top of that, God spoke to me in the worship service.

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From the failure of my life (divorce), the true salvation, to the dedication ,God bless follow

To Those Who Have a Problem of Divorce

Baptized at age 22, married at age 24
I have a wife and two children who are views of the grace of God every day. But I have experienced a divorce once in the past. It was a big mistake for my life. I became a Christian and was baptized in the church before they attended at the age of 22. The 24-year-old married woman when he met in church.

To divorce and family discord

The marriage was supposed to be blessed by everyone well. But little by little began to gear madness. Married about a year passed, and the changing environment by worsening asthma opponent will be living with in-laws.

But the mother was not happy about going to church every Sunday we had a fight bear mother and daughter become a bad mood every time. I also like it to spread naturally, Sunday night was full of dark atmosphere of the family.

Such a situation continued for many months, I have exhausted all. I said, “This happens every time you go to church, go now” and make a decision, I had stopped going to church.

Then, a good husband as much as possible, sought to become a good son. But that did not stop the quarrel. But one reason I had an allergic reaction when I came into a family of three in the rock-solid.

And will the father had to talk about, “If something happened now get divorced,” it said. Governing the family as a father I think it was murder. Collapsed with the rattle in my mind what those words. His effort is eventually disappointed. After that, every day, even Toritsukurotsu face, remember my heart was like a husk.

That sometimes, in order to rebuild the relationship between husband and wife, suggested the couple to return to independent living. But by the opposition, for I just separated out in order to defuse the situation. Have had several discussions with each other to seek to resolve even after the end, “and you can not stay married, living with their parents choose.” Is cut out and divorced.

Return to God

A person becomes totally and anxiety for the future, apart from God, and is about to be crushed by guilt to divorce me on the phone a friend encouraged me one who was struggling. At that time gave me the word of God, “I will never leave you, or forsake you.” (Hebrews chapter 13 verse 5) was here and called it.

“This means” part of the language, repeat “never, never,” and explained to me saying that. Assigned light seemed to mind when you hear the word of God for this. I had already realized that they need God in my life in agony. But God had me convinced that this is who must be angry. It was a mistake. I realized that God is always beside us to have to leave me.

Decision to follow God
Then the very next Sunday morning, we went looking for a church. The contents of the message is so late into forgotten when she sat, “I came back well,” I feel like it was said, full of tears did not stop. Honestly, I did not know that much interest from the cross of Christ. But being the culprit really know myself through the divorce, it was found that clearly depends on the cross Christ was sacrificed for me. And that is how deep you have experienced God’s love. Since that time, decided to go through life according to God.

According to the Word of God reunited
On one occasion, I Corinthians Chapter 7 – 10 hearts caught in the word of verse 15. It was that divorce is to do. I myself had done something, any way I feel now, consult with the pastor. Pastor said, “If you, if you follow God, it is recommended that this street.” He said. It was shown that the direction in which reunited.

The nightmare came back for a moment. “It do not come in banged. Back to life and also that” But the next moment, “If God Almighty Even if a reunited, and keep them safe. Not like.” Thought that minister promised that the reunited effort is given.

“If you, God, according to the results, but if you want a reunited party, as in verse 15, will open a new way.” The minister added. Then I wrote a letter to the other. I also entered the interaction between the pastor you. The call came a few months passed.

State that it was quite embarrassed me to speak and understand the story so far. However, since reunited and started walking a new road had already been referred to as the months passed impossible. We said thanks and apologies to each other what ever, ever calm conversation, hung up. Peace came to be done at that time played.

Divorce is a sin. But God demonstrates failure of sin through this divorce, and even if it led to my return. Vain and that, far from the church, not even time to pray, I take out my heart floats to the people of Israel from Egypt, Moses, had also always thought it strange that God take you away from this situation Kudasaru someday or remembered. God will not forsake you no matter what our situation is the one who rescued the truth when the time is right.

Mino Ayumi as a dedication to a new way

I think my life is that once ended in divorce. Once determined to go and serve his life to God because of God’s life picked up over us, was led in the way of devotion. Years later, He kindly gave a new life partner walks by grace.

Serve as a commitment by both the revival of the call, I’ll let you keep blessing led by the worship of the Lord Christian Center after the cross. Seems to be the worst in life, when according to God, the good Kudasaimasu it.

What do you think have a look at some evidence. Disrupt family divorce, the relationship of people are sad they gave big damage to the heart. But God who reached out a helping hand is also such a divorce. Those who face the problem, seek help from God in various ways and restored life.

If you read this testimony, if you have a similar problem, please trust in God. Here are resolved. Please come to church for that. Is a step in solving it.

 Joseph Sanbonmatsu



My husband came back -God gave us strength to wait for an appointment

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

Encounter with the Bible in the workplace

I have been saved, started working when I was in kindergarten 14 years ago, the Episcopal Church. In those days, coming home too little too busy working the night or morning my husband had continued to sleep every day in a state of neurosis as a child called out to work every day I go to bed soon, and most . I consulted my husband wants a job will be.

I went to the interview that it would work well in that case Mitsukari husband and preschool office immediately. Then suddenly I immediately Koremasu tomorrow? It is said, I had to find the infant nursery care of me in a hurry, always this time too, “do not do it my own!” A friend called the nurseries of the city near the workplace I now work in a kindergarten that we’re ready to find my shortly.

I touch it I will start there in the Bible, daily Bible devotion began a Bible placed under each one of our staff first. Hana Hazime beautiful things I mentioned did not really understand what my heart, I felt so at ease.
New people came in one day-care assistance for several days. I preach it every day in this one was very devout Christian. When there “not something I want to pray? Good, so I pray?” Was said. That’s when I’d been wary of doing that and I did not believe the church 引Kizuri込Mou yet. Had problems getting home to pray and placed my hands but nature.

For letting me tell the story of how the Bible every day, and since then, and now and ask questions. The way she answered my questions quickly. Sometimes the answer for me and I asked to go and pray to Jesus moment. The answer is that I began more and more interested in the Bible.

Power of God working through prayer – such as fever or headache, lie healed

One time, go to church somewhere soon (trying to belong) was beginning to think. This belief in the family went to worship at the relationship between the two as there was no kindergarten. I was off work with a bad headache away with a cold that time, there were people willing and able to call from their usual mission. Told me I was sleeping in the heat had come to me because my mother looked after my mother I could not answer the phone.

You may be able to turn off the phone and pray! I just said is clearly understood the power of what worked for me. Soon after, the headache and fever Naorimashita like a lie. Who did the praying and the next day morning? When asked “Yeah! I just hang up” was said. I experienced that I’ve been praying that God worked through that time. And it was obvious.

Then I went to worship the Lord’s Cross Christian Centre this week the introduction of that person. It was seen by few people worship room of the community center, I said “Here!” Clearly convinced, was christened in this church in March has changed.
“What God has led us to work it all before I know that I will be saved,” Oboemashita appreciate the depth of peace and love and the Lord.

Blessed Church Life

My church life began here. When I go to church every Sunday a little? He said, the children went to church and took my husband got. My husband became the style of that Sunday in my house to go to play somewhere then wait for family worship in the parking lot to finish. Have been saved out of the desire of wanting my husband gradually While praying for the family every day and I’m Morai Ito Makoto morning and pray to God each day before going to bed. When I go to church as a family and every Sunday!

Then (my husband used to be you for a god drum that I was playing drums, you for to play well the piano to God I incidentally) “give praise to God in the family,” the family that I would love desire was born. My daily routine now to pray to God that such things every day. (Acts of worship that time this flock was possible to imagine it now …)

We slept like a depression in my life in such a church is no longer quite quickly, Teru Ken made things work and family will be blessed, God has truly blessed. However, during their busy daily after a while, the couple we went to the heart become gradually passing.

My husband go away from God given hope

I was reading the message of the church’s newspaper Kyarozasu Mary at some point. There are biblical grounds for it to argue that rights of husbands and wives are equal in gender equality issues are addressed I think the message was something like a couple of those years between the current state of America is wrong The thing was written. When I read it was a little dissatisfied. Because I just thought that way at that time. At that time I was complaining to my husband for being so. To correct the mistake as if it were saved by their own people first and was a master judge.
I think when I read the next word, however, changed.
Chapter 23 – Ephesians 5 verse 24, “because Christ is the head of a church, as the Savior of the body on its own Oh your husband is the head of the wife is from. To follow in Christ Church, his wife Also, in all things, should obey the husband. ”

I repented and fell down at what was taking place What a attitude toward God.
However, since I was freaking out the state of the master, now almost come back home.

I wanted to Treat the husband ever regain Aratamerubeku that the important thing in me by the word of God. But in reality as I Ikimasen plan. I regretted I had a terrible. But this and another was given another thought. Through prophecy, “You have to master a special plan.’s God who” so the word was given, in this God saved my husband Kudasaru! This gave me faith and hope in mind.

I was not too hard to read the Bible before. Now more than eager to go to church read the Bible before him, however. My husband went away from home but steadily, more so now that the persecution of the church.

Clean luggage were missing husband comes home from work and at some point. Finally, as has been said has been placed on the table to sign the divorce papers. However, the Bible can not be divorced from the refused to say are not allowed. I do not know that during the divorce had been filed then. (Of course I do not sign …?)

Ability to wait for promises to pray God for giving us strength

In this situation, God has spoken through your master prophecy that God gave me. I kept praying to God to believe that holding. Guided by the things that went according to God and pray and listen. The first seminary to learn and now also going to prayer meeting. But the situation continued to see nothing change daily. We must also raise the real young children.

Invoice is sent forth unfamiliar, as well as in mortgage (God fully protect all but kindly.), Sometimes I was almost discouraged heart. God, Can I wait for my husband to stop now? It also said there.

However, Luke chapter 14 verse 27, “who come to bear his cross and follow me can not be my disciple is not.” Spoken with God and, in preparing the meal in front of another well-appointed rooms it was spoken in prayer many times do you go to opening the door. Each time God has given them the power of prayer to wait for the promise, kindly please continue to pray for empower rescue his master. Kindly pray for the church and my husband too hard.

Follow the guidance offered in the evening

One day, I was given a donation in the church, I decided to follow the lead repeatedly examined to investigate. I was paid so minutes and little work was funded by a retired small business retirement at that time, our family of three lived with it. The amount of God has spoken to have had my fortune. Even though I had to obey, could not immediately obey.

It is now possible to follow but somehow by God’s mercy. Unemployment insurance will be out soon after its life again and was supported by the grace of God offers us a lot of jobs and the LORD. Then I was given on October 13 and pray that the Lord give the date. Since it was my birthday, well! I will celebrate! I decided to dedicate this day to think.

That night, mission completed successfully by the grace of God and husband and friend of the person (he persecuted the church) came to have a celebration cake. Meanwhile, the phone rang. Master’s voice was the first time in eight months. “Happy Birthday. Me stupid …”

Began to expand rapidly from a situation that not move anything until this time, suddenly was baptized on January 1, 2000, six months later that the wandering husband finally came home about two years to our former . . Immediately to God and commitment to, training in Nagasaki, God kindly stand in 2003 as pastor of Hirado. Word of the Lord is true.

The previous owner hell · satin dreams There was also a professional since he was a heavy metal band, but now those who worship the Lord and God as a team every day joy of the Lord praise the Lord allegiance changed Technical Information Center or. Sachs is also my two children also, and future, trombone, and practicing hard so that God’s praise team. Remember God is the prayer, let me stand on a team together for worship in the land of Hirado now I play the piano.
Praise the name of the Lord.


Monthly “rainbow in the clouds” (published by: rainbow in the clouds Publishing) Reprinted from

Repeat the runaway husband. But the words never left the promised

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

Husband away, I hold back my wife is heaven, hell you?

Women are significantly change your life by marrying. The same can be said for men. I was not the exception. I became a Christian and be saved at the age of 25. The same time, married 10 years and reunited with her husband was in junior high school classmate. My husband was a Soka Gakkai members only lukewarm Rekureeshon participate. Perhaps because of that, without much opposition that I go to church, drinking alcohol, “Having faith is a good thing!” It was really a.

This way and tried to do a Christian husband. Sometimes we can help meet the pastor was a sensational experience, and took movies of the church meeting, I read your book and faith. But her husband did nothing more you look the other way. Speaking of love birds, but dialogue, “but I go to Heaven, Hell You’re!” He said, “I’m in mah Shitoru Edge of Hell!” Not always.

Also pastor, “Your husband can be saved is almost a miracle.” Is not enough to say it. But the kindly pastor of the church and people praying for the salvation of her patience. However, it is my husband are facing away, and sent us to church on Sundays. 100 meters away from the church I would have been lowered.

Son born in suspended animation

However, the incident happened one step closer to her husband’s church. It was the birth of his son through that. Birth was very difficult delivery. Affairs that his son was forced to pull out had been a threefold cord wrapped around her neck. A broken collarbone and ribs for its birth came in suspended animation.

Generalized pallor cyanosis was out. ICU treatment was immediately transported to the incubator, and the amniotic fluid into the lungs to get very difficult. And “hand’s gone. After the child’s life force is up, and reach its peak tonight. I live or die as a human vegetable.” The doctor told the husband is the head went blank so .

I was told I was not anything unusual to cry when I saw my son because I thought no, I prayed and asked the church to survive and to call immediately. And kindly people of the church prayer chain at night. I myself struggle to repentance, “Please give my son life.” Continued prayers.

The next day, came into the hospital nurse is noisy and hectic. “The child survived. They are dripping wet incubator sheets, amniotic fluid into the lungs had been all out. So good!” And told me excitedly. I held the hand of nurse joy, “God, thank you very much.” Hugged and cried saying there.

Time has come to the hospital. I am a doctor, “What is the miracle that saved my son?” I’ve heard. “The miracle, if it is a miracle.” She said. We thank God my heart. Very impressive and when leaving the doctor’s words. “Your son is going to be something of a life mission.”

Husband’s salvation

There is a Word and. You can gain all the hard labor of his son closer to the church became the catalyst for her husband. After giving birth now send me to the door of the church, with people now talking about the church.

We have four months from the birth of my son, my husband opened the orthopedic clinic. One day, as well as some patients come at a high tension husband always looked sad “Please take the place of the missionary.” He said. So suddenly I was scared. That night, my husband believed in Jesus. I was stubborn about that ….

People who work force rather than the Holy Spirit to believe we did that too. However, the Holy Spirit was praying still worked.

I heard from a growing and passing away of his wife saved a man with faith, it was careful, right now. Worship, prayer meetings will never rest, sunrise prayer is not alone in the church, pray and please send in 100 patients, I was hectic. God heard the prayers of her husband’s me, and now the county’s leading orthopedic clinic.

The momentum, the husband of evangelist personality type is pounding fastballs while treating patients at home next to the wine while living with his father, “Believe in Jesus Christ! What I believe!” And half had been threatening to preach every night. However, with his faith, not threatening her husband’s words, a blessing to see 3-year-old son, “I thank God that even such a small child. I was ashamed. Someone to church me go. “she said, was saved by faith in Jesus. Then become increasingly popular evangelist husband, family and friends were rescued after another.

It took her second child mumps at her husband for three years had given up his son was born. However, the present church capped at Christmas that year was the only thing for the girls. The following year, my daughter was born, “Megumi” and named it.


The daughter was born in August of 1984, the husband in February of that year, “be told again and again but go to Tokyo and God to do?” Has been heard. I agree that I immediately go to the present situation was not right. I wanted a state that was 10 years old father of three months of pregnancy.

But it was God who had a different idea. Due date of my daughter was born two weeks early on September 2. September 2 of that date was the day my father was in the hospital discharge was suddenly called to heaven. Then there is another surprise. I went around with a towel and greeting this We built a new orthopedic clinic in the neighborhood.

My father died and I had no idea, for some reason this has made the “Bible” and “On Christian Funeral” was. This husband was very surprised too. Even neighbors, “Hey fully prepared,” and me to attend the funeral read the book well. The convenience of care was not included because the company is still such a bed, we made it to the funeral and became a large revival meeting. People with the power of the puzzle to fit quite right in this way can not quite right. God’s guidance is complete.

Finally began to pray earnestly for Tokyo. Just go to Tokyo Shiatsu decided to go to school on the recommendation of a waste to tell her husband. Also saw the wonder of God at this time. School without knowing the husband of date I purchased the plane ticket to go to the preview, that day was how the test date. I was accepted with surprise and conviction. God is no waste nothing.

Healing Depression

Our family friends were amazed, which regrettably I left Tokyo. First living in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, I Shiatsu College in Tokyo, preschool son, daughter to school and my husband opened at home, each started in an unfamiliar land.

No acquaintance with the opening of the land is severe, the husband continued daily tweets, finally I have become depressed. Church (evangelical) pastor and care for us, but to relax in hot springs, is her husband’s empty. When I returned from school that her husband was dead I thought, God, “Please Do not kill my husband” could not fly home every day and praying. I saved us from death because her son kept believing prayer can heal her heart surely.

God is real personage. My husband is from Hebrews 13:8 TV “Jesus, today is also well yesterday, and stay the same.” In a Word, was released from the Depression. It is caused by evil spirits after they knew. Thy word is just experience it seems the sword.
Husband freed from depression is determined to find a job in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, I moved close to the house. However, it did not last long, my daughter moved to Tachikawa to admission. Live near the Yokota Air Base, was full of Soka Gakkai members around, raised a sign that marks the bread and two fish five, opened the orthopedic clinic. See a sign, this fish? Bakery? Some people twist the neck.

And God bless you for where it now comes in many patients. English lessons could now come to such treatment, and chaplain of the base and pilot teachers. Start a church and became chaplain she met and became the home place of worship. Many gathered at about 50, cosmopolitan could worship.

One time the Prophet took the chaplain came to the store. The Prophet began the prayer meeting her husband, “You stop shop a year later.” He said. My husband laughed, “I do not even think about.” Has been denied. But right now a year later. Since I was dreaming of going to America since I was in junior high school was the direction we are going to America. At that time, going to church now Kokubunji Lord’s Cross Christian Center was just putting one foot state. Put the feet was from the time I was given a dedication ceremony in mid Force chaplain.

Fishers of men trying to

Preparation proceeded steadily into the U.S., a shop to buy them, my husband decided to join the team Mountain 1st Philippine foreign ministry had been encouraged many times to minister with confidence. We have no electricity or running water and foreign husband is the first time … had to say, I was perfect because her husband from the SDF, and suggested going to go.

But when her husband was reluctant to go, the local was like something out of a fish in water. Moreover, there was a significant change events in her life. God “who try to take you fishing,” and call received. My husband, “I’m not a person such that the pastor is not available. No educational background, thanks to a fear to speak” and say “come about as is” and said, “If God’s voice really showing signs Please, “he prayed, and many people fall through the prayer rally her husband, it is also healing happened.

Go to the United States retains

Then, when they may have faded, and went to the embassy for a visa. May have a cost, which is also accepted in English schools doing the procedure was safe now with confidence. However, visas, we were not. I did try three times bad. I called to the Foreign Ministry angry. I could not eat for three days in shock. Stores are eliminated, and me to nursery and primary school for children farewell, farewell gift from the family are giving up, the people of the church, we come enthusiastically, before saying, can not help here I decided to go home.

However, in view of the farewell my friend, “Ten Commandments” is shown to stay through the night I also went to the United States is go away, go home is a dream to see there will go away or. My husband said to God “Listen to show his wife in a dream.” It is said, has decided to move home to Kokubunji not come back.

Two months later, 04-year-old daughter and I joined the U.S. team from the church, you are going to get in America. So I get to enjoy the American Innahiringu went home with exuberance. I enjoyed speaking with her husband is sensitive to frustration, “I am going to America now,” went the saying go out alone. It can not be because people think and act quickly. Went to school I hated English in English ought to be free, like happy days were spent relaxing and making new friends.

The month we were told to come to America with the children from her husband in America. There are stories of massage to give up my shop It seems also rented an apartment. When I heard it, and I finally realize his dream, and told the pastor willing to go to America, the word I come? And I have desperately sought the word of God. The word is hard to come will be to urge her husband, and had panicked. And finally given the word of God.

Isaiah 33:6 could. Gladly opened their place. “The fear of the Lord is the treasure.” What! I rather not go? The shock was also decided to give up because he was determined to follow God and listen to the American team to participate.

Phoned that night thinking of the word to her husband. Then, the care of her husband who have been “Oh – okay, this morning, Mr. Hiroshi God (the husband’s name), so I bought a ticket and was told to let him return home,” he said. Plays the Road! My husband has been sensitive to back with regret.

Repeat the runaway husband

My husband started with them as they can not think my home was the end of the service quickly. I had children and they live happily day in church.

On one occasion, “Aw, do not!” Said the house went out. This is the first runaway. I thought that would come back in three days, so no money. I was too upset to since middle school did not. Since there is no money to give up my husband is planning to visit a friend in Hokkaido, went to the hospital prayer, all happening in Sai large revival meeting, in which “you are guided by a pastor,” and the I Tasou. I returned three days later. Also, while I was at home, there was a second runaway. I came back again in three days.

The third time was really running away from home. Returned home, opened the orthopedic clinic in debt. When her husband left the house, it was raining, come flying turtle in the garden, the sky was a beautiful rainbow out. When her husband left home, was used in anticipation of peace at all. We believe represents a victory that God kindly see the rainbow.

When the husband is to go to all night prayer meeting, now free to go, rain or wind or snow blowing rain, attended with their children every week. I know God is with my husband about the prophecy is given every time, every time you get a call from her husband, “Now, this situation You?” And say “I know what” it says “The Prophet was out, “I said. It was hit too, so my husband is scared gradually. I thought I was sick of her husband, a minister asked, “Your husband is in circles because there are only about your job.’ll Settle it attached to your job.” Kindly said.

Choose God’s plan to return

And six months have passed. The final notice came from her husband, I said without flinching. “Your wife has come back because according to follow her husband from their homes and go out twice!” My husband and I thought it was bad, I prayed desperately that God was told. “I am the property. I even choose your own plan to bless you.

However, I am planning to give it and what is not enough compared. “My husband is very sensitive because of loss and gain, I prepared to return immediately. And I ask the impossible three God asked all three are headed to Tokyo and then flit same idea completely.

My husband has called around Shizuoka. There is a call to come home immediately after the Prophet, the door opened and there was a situation where my husband is waiting for the prophet. My husband was surprised that the situation was a nod to the words of the prophet. “I heard your wife’s prayers. Love me. I love you.”

The fishers of men

Then her husband became seriously to join the Israeli team was put in service of the Prophet. Debt is also returned in February 1992, came another challenge. I woke up complaining that her husband what the night and ask, “he did. Go to heaven first.” Joking and I said so never say things like, “Go ?, “he said. However, in her experience, not a joke like near-death experience, he seems to have a talk with God. I want to feel like this Heaven. “God, my reward in heaven is there?” God said.

“Nothing” in English do not know why. Poti house husband and I are forever in trouble, “Please return her,” Do you expect me to say its original state. And is guided to be a pastor in May, Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture where the first assignment in July, “fishers of the people” began.

Jonah was a long time for seven years, I can run things by her husband with a strong faith, was happy to experience a lot of things can be works of God alive. “My husband is the only one who can detain the thing to attract draw. It is wife.” And God told me.

Anne Urushima

»Monthly” rainbow in the clouds “(Publisher: Rainbow Publishing in the clouds), reprinted from the June 2007 issue

But sadness turns to joy in you. (Gospel of John Chapter 16 verse 20)

This hope never end in disappointment. Because the Holy Spirit given to us, because they have poured into our hearts the love of God. (Section 05 Romans Chapter 05)

The truth of the Word of God

To Those Who Are Troubled With Parent-Child Relationship

God knew difficult times

I got married at the age of 22. I married a farm where a large, more than half of the year made a watermelon in the house, the rest were made of vegetables. Was living with her husband and parents.

Three children also were given. To go to nursery school and three children, I was watching. Now go to the nursery, and from a kindly grandfather, so I came to agriculture. However, fewer children and fellowship, I have become husband and talk less. From childhood, a lonely lonely in my mind, wanted to be free from loneliness when they marry.

It was the worst conditions. My husband and I went away gradually mind. I want to be loved by my husband in it, worked hard and worked hard. But to want to leave my heart, I became a battered body and mind, I have become vegetative syndrome.

Can not be nothing, now lie in bed. At that time I, but did not know God at work in life, “God, please help me,” I cried.

Now go to hospitals when sick for months struggling to settle, I went back to the home. I was lying in bed for about two and half years from home. Hospital teacher, “incurable” I was told.

At that time divorced, I also began to leave the children home again, body and mind become worn out, I have lost everything.

Guided by church

I was in bed, and continued alone in the lonely cry every day. At such times, because it was my brother and his wife Christian, took me to church.

Now go to church, “died on the cross is the sacrifice of my sins Jesus was resurrected on the third day, still be alive.

God, and you will heal the sick “Hearing that, I believe the cross of Jesus was saved. Love received the cross of Jesus, I could not stop crying. Their thinking about the past, just want to be loved, that I did not know the feeling I’ll master, he was made aware that she hated, God repented. And now thanks to all that now.


Started going to church, and some years when you are out in prayer, given the feeling that to get baptized, baptized into the church after I’ve finished.

When baptism, God kindly gave me a prophetic word. (Prophecy is always necessary to examine.)

“Your sadness will change to joy.” “Your word is your life support, life guidance, support, even in difficulties and hardships, you are blessed personality of the people shed joy, my blessing pipe flow of people and “God is a kindly word given. Now I have to continue watching the fulfillment of this word. I felt loneliness and loneliness, God is invisible to the eye, they both always filled with love of God, completely cured the disease autonomic dysregulation. We kindly turn grief into joy.

Devotion to God

God, to me they wanted to give kindly committed. The commitment entered the seminary, became ill and returned to the home was seven years later. At that time, I lived in an apartment alone, I wonder whether that was independent, I pray. When praying, he was given by both God and peace. Shimabara church life and theology, before it had even driving a car is no longer sick, even given cars will also be given to the service of driving, there were fears at first, rapidly fear went from being freed.

Will be able to work, you can join the team along with Israeli brother and his wife took me to church, I could go to Israel. In his theology, God, “You come back again to the land of Shimabara.” Kindly words and give. Given their desire to study in the seminary church, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Shimabara has moved.

There was praying to God. Apologize and hope to meet once a divorced husband was praying to God. Then Lord, hear me pray, and just before I moved to Nagasaki Shimabara, it can be met by God, I could apologize.

Church in Nagasaki, had been given a desire to serve children. For divorced, separated and children have become, through service for children in the church, by the comfort, encouragement, and God will heal my heart, free, more happy tears than the number of kindly change.

God loves people, ie people who have been called according to God’s will, we can work to the good. You all know God. (Section 28 Romans Chapter 8)

Husband and son reunion

And three children were not always met. When I was returned home sick, when I went to see the children, or because it had been very little contact with children at work or illness, I did not want the children to meet me. Since then, the they also refused to go to Japan and there was fear.

When I was at Nagasaki, I was out on an errand, it was done on foot as it returns to the church to do. At that time, I met with the son in front of the store. I was with friends. I am broke at the elementary school and younger son saw the face again. My son’s name was called. Why was I there, I heard later

I heard it was going to be third-year junior high school in Nagasaki. My husband is sick, that I heard from the sister hospital of Nagasaki. I prayed that I go to the hospital to meet God. Guided by God go I decided to go. Can be reunited with her husband after the divorce, I was able to witness to God no matter how kindly and well.

The truth of the Word of God

God gave the church as associate pastor of the church Shimabara Nagasaki in 2002. In his theology, God, “You come back to the land of Shimabara and” gave the word and, right now. God will stand us in 2004 as pastor. Before I became a Christian and be a pastor, in my plan was not at all.

Every day in my weakness, followed by asking God every day. Given various encounters with people, the Lord has kindly given the opportunity for preaching the gospel of God.

God will make the best family

Toward the end of December 2006 and came to the office that I was working before his second son. The person who has a business there, calling to me, he told me that the son came to visit. We will be coming to live in my apartment now to meet him. When I met him, I had parted after a month, or how do I talk to did not know. I was very happy to come to meet me.

About a week and, even when given both to go home. Sometimes, you come to visit now. You can also speak of the cross of Jesus, was saved in February 2007. Often come to church now and then. I do not understand at first, but I do not like talking about what now can talk a little bit. In July 2007, the third son came to church together. At that time, you can say about the cross of Jesus, was saved.

The second son, now began to come every day stay. In it God has kindly son’s emotional wounds heal quickly. Now come to worship, but we are preparing a class after the baptism service at that time, it said, and two sons baptized, K associate pastor with the assistance of January, 2008 performed baptisms. When two sons of baptism, but then I got proof, so filled with joy, told me it was good to believe in Jesus.

Me to witness that even changes to a profit so far. St. meeting when there was a charismatic, even when given three glorify God.
Eldest son is married and has two children, came to visit four family apartment. I cried and am very happy. Then, tell me where to go with the mother’s family was able to go five. We have not yet saved, when God will believe in saving.

God is not impossible for

God, to me, “Your presence and blessing of your family, and hope your family and relatives” and gave the word. It also says that the recovery of the family are looking forward to it.

Through some things, came to the church family. I was then, praise God, praise praised. The second son, “When my father have a talk, the father said I had to take care Agero mother,” she said. Listen to his words, the truth of God flooded with tears.

God has kindly guided step by step to recover the family.
There is no God is impossible for one. (Section 37 Luke Chapter 1)

Okada Hisae (Nagasaki)

»Monthly” rainbow in the clouds “(Publisher: rainbow in the clouds Publishing) Reprinted from January, 2009

Word of the Bible

To Those Who Are Troubled With Parent-Child Relationship

Give up hope even look like a small Sunbeams.

But the Bible says that there is endless hope in despair,
The hope is that this is written by everyone.
And this was way out on the actual sentence
Be sure you also can occur when there is such a miracle.

2 Corinthians 5:17
If anyone in Christ,
He is a new creation.
The old has gone,
Behold, the new has come.

Word of the Bible

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

When we trust in God and pray without ceasing,
God will solve things which seem difficult.

Ask and it will be given to you;
Seek and you will find;
Knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds;
and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew chapter 7 verse 7-8