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Your sorrow will turn to joy

To Those Who Have a Problem of Divorce

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I met my former husband at work and we married after a two-year-relationship.  Right after that we bought a house in a new development area and we were going to have a family with a baby.  It was supposed to be that way.  We still did not have a baby after two years, so we went to a specialist to treat sterility.  I was the reason we could not have a baby.  Since I was young I had a condition of inner-tissue infection of uterus and after a test, I was told there was an inborn hole in an oviduct so that it would be difficult to be fertilized.  Uneasiness filled me when a picture and an image were shown to me.  It was a good thing I knew God then.  There was a Christian friend in the area; they built a house the same time we did.  That time she was in a difficulty; because of her faith in Jesus her husband left her and it had been quite some months then.  She was waiting for him to come home with two young children.  She believed that her husband will come home, and he will commit himself to the Lord and he would become a pastor and they would serve Him together.   

 Everybody thought it was a worst case happened to her but she did not leave her church.  After one year and a half her husband repented and came home.  He had persecuted her and her church very much but he became a servant for the church and now, he is a pastor and she helps him and also their high school student daughters are praising God through gospel music.


Going back to my story, God would allow us to divorce after we come to know about my sterility.  At the end my husband said that I accept not having a child, you can have faith in Jesus but I cannot accept you; going to the church.  We were divorced and what he said hurt me a great deal.  I thought it was a plate with a crucifix (it was used to determine if a person was a Christian or not in persecuted era in Japan) for me like many other Christians went through this a long time ago.  I could have said I will not go to the church and I could have avoided divorce, but it would just be lying and it would be cheating and also it was not the Lord’s will.  Even if I promised that I would not go to the church, but I thought I would brake my promise and go to the church soon after.  The Bible says “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Matthew 6: 33  I prayed to remarry with him but my ex-husband was remarried after one and a half years.  It was a shocking thing for me because I was hoping to get back with him. 

Even it was heart braking I praised Him with thanksgiving because He did the best for me; I danced with tears.  Because I know that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him.”  Romans 8:28 

I was able to bless his new wife and their baby and prayed before the Lord.  I see him at my work and I have no reserved feelings, nor regrets.  I can initiate conversation; feel like meeting a dear relative and say “how are you all?”  I believe that God is reaching ex-husband’s family, relatives and also his friends.  I wish to see them in heaven.  People think I am a divorced woman and sterile.  I do not have sorrow.  I am healed and comforted and have been given peace through being at the church which is the body of Christ.  The Lord promised me my sorrow will change to joy.  I am hoping to see how much more God will bless my life.  Praise the Lord.

God is Love.