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The truth of the Word of God

To Those Who Are Troubled With Parent-Child Relationship

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God knew difficult times

I got married at the age of 22. I married a farm where a large, more than half of the year made a watermelon in the house, the rest were made of vegetables. Was living with her husband and parents.

Three children also were given. To go to nursery school and three children, I was watching. Now go to the nursery, and from a kindly grandfather, so I came to agriculture. However, fewer children and fellowship, I have become husband and talk less. From childhood, a lonely lonely in my mind, wanted to be free from loneliness when they marry.

It was the worst conditions. My husband and I went away gradually mind. I want to be loved by my husband in it, worked hard and worked hard. But to want to leave my heart, I became a battered body and mind, I have become vegetative syndrome.

Can not be nothing, now lie in bed. At that time I, but did not know God at work in life, “God, please help me,” I cried.

Now go to hospitals when sick for months struggling to settle, I went back to the home. I was lying in bed for about two and half years from home. Hospital teacher, “incurable” I was told.

At that time divorced, I also began to leave the children home again, body and mind become worn out, I have lost everything.

Guided by church

I was in bed, and continued alone in the lonely cry every day. At such times, because it was my brother and his wife Christian, took me to church.

Now go to church, “died on the cross is the sacrifice of my sins Jesus was resurrected on the third day, still be alive.

God, and you will heal the sick “Hearing that, I believe the cross of Jesus was saved. Love received the cross of Jesus, I could not stop crying. Their thinking about the past, just want to be loved, that I did not know the feeling I’ll master, he was made aware that she hated, God repented. And now thanks to all that now.


Started going to church, and some years when you are out in prayer, given the feeling that to get baptized, baptized into the church after I’ve finished.

When baptism, God kindly gave me a prophetic word. (Prophecy is always necessary to examine.)

“Your sadness will change to joy.” “Your word is your life support, life guidance, support, even in difficulties and hardships, you are blessed personality of the people shed joy, my blessing pipe flow of people and “God is a kindly word given. Now I have to continue watching the fulfillment of this word. I felt loneliness and loneliness, God is invisible to the eye, they both always filled with love of God, completely cured the disease autonomic dysregulation. We kindly turn grief into joy.

Devotion to God

God, to me they wanted to give kindly committed. The commitment entered the seminary, became ill and returned to the home was seven years later. At that time, I lived in an apartment alone, I wonder whether that was independent, I pray. When praying, he was given by both God and peace. Shimabara church life and theology, before it had even driving a car is no longer sick, even given cars will also be given to the service of driving, there were fears at first, rapidly fear went from being freed.

Will be able to work, you can join the team along with Israeli brother and his wife took me to church, I could go to Israel. In his theology, God, “You come back again to the land of Shimabara.” Kindly words and give. Given their desire to study in the seminary church, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Shimabara has moved.

There was praying to God. Apologize and hope to meet once a divorced husband was praying to God. Then Lord, hear me pray, and just before I moved to Nagasaki Shimabara, it can be met by God, I could apologize.

Church in Nagasaki, had been given a desire to serve children. For divorced, separated and children have become, through service for children in the church, by the comfort, encouragement, and God will heal my heart, free, more happy tears than the number of kindly change.

God loves people, ie people who have been called according to God’s will, we can work to the good. You all know God. (Section 28 Romans Chapter 8)

Husband and son reunion

And three children were not always met. When I was returned home sick, when I went to see the children, or because it had been very little contact with children at work or illness, I did not want the children to meet me. Since then, the they also refused to go to Japan and there was fear.

When I was at Nagasaki, I was out on an errand, it was done on foot as it returns to the church to do. At that time, I met with the son in front of the store. I was with friends. I am broke at the elementary school and younger son saw the face again. My son’s name was called. Why was I there, I heard later

I heard it was going to be third-year junior high school in Nagasaki. My husband is sick, that I heard from the sister hospital of Nagasaki. I prayed that I go to the hospital to meet God. Guided by God go I decided to go. Can be reunited with her husband after the divorce, I was able to witness to God no matter how kindly and well.

The truth of the Word of God

God gave the church as associate pastor of the church Shimabara Nagasaki in 2002. In his theology, God, “You come back to the land of Shimabara and” gave the word and, right now. God will stand us in 2004 as pastor. Before I became a Christian and be a pastor, in my plan was not at all.

Every day in my weakness, followed by asking God every day. Given various encounters with people, the Lord has kindly given the opportunity for preaching the gospel of God.

God will make the best family

Toward the end of December 2006 and came to the office that I was working before his second son. The person who has a business there, calling to me, he told me that the son came to visit. We will be coming to live in my apartment now to meet him. When I met him, I had parted after a month, or how do I talk to did not know. I was very happy to come to meet me.

About a week and, even when given both to go home. Sometimes, you come to visit now. You can also speak of the cross of Jesus, was saved in February 2007. Often come to church now and then. I do not understand at first, but I do not like talking about what now can talk a little bit. In July 2007, the third son came to church together. At that time, you can say about the cross of Jesus, was saved.

The second son, now began to come every day stay. In it God has kindly son’s emotional wounds heal quickly. Now come to worship, but we are preparing a class after the baptism service at that time, it said, and two sons baptized, K associate pastor with the assistance of January, 2008 performed baptisms. When two sons of baptism, but then I got proof, so filled with joy, told me it was good to believe in Jesus.

Me to witness that even changes to a profit so far. St. meeting when there was a charismatic, even when given three glorify God.
Eldest son is married and has two children, came to visit four family apartment. I cried and am very happy. Then, tell me where to go with the mother’s family was able to go five. We have not yet saved, when God will believe in saving.

God is not impossible for

God, to me, “Your presence and blessing of your family, and hope your family and relatives” and gave the word. It also says that the recovery of the family are looking forward to it.

Through some things, came to the church family. I was then, praise God, praise praised. The second son, “When my father have a talk, the father said I had to take care Agero mother,” she said. Listen to his words, the truth of God flooded with tears.

God has kindly guided step by step to recover the family.
There is no God is impossible for one. (Section 37 Luke Chapter 1)

Okada Hisae (Nagasaki)

»Monthly” rainbow in the clouds “(Publisher: rainbow in the clouds Publishing) Reprinted from January, 2009

God is Love.