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From the failure of my life (divorce), the true salvation, to the dedication ,God bless follow

To Those Who Have a Problem of Divorce

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Baptized at age 22, married at age 24
I have a wife and two children who are views of the grace of God every day. But I have experienced a divorce once in the past. It was a big mistake for my life. I became a Christian and was baptized in the church before they attended at the age of 22. The 24-year-old married woman when he met in church.

To divorce and family discord

The marriage was supposed to be blessed by everyone well. But little by little began to gear madness. Married about a year passed, and the changing environment by worsening asthma opponent will be living with in-laws.

But the mother was not happy about going to church every Sunday we had a fight bear mother and daughter become a bad mood every time. I also like it to spread naturally, Sunday night was full of dark atmosphere of the family.

Such a situation continued for many months, I have exhausted all. I said, “This happens every time you go to church, go now” and make a decision, I had stopped going to church.

Then, a good husband as much as possible, sought to become a good son. But that did not stop the quarrel. But one reason I had an allergic reaction when I came into a family of three in the rock-solid.

And will the father had to talk about, “If something happened now get divorced,” it said. Governing the family as a father I think it was murder. Collapsed with the rattle in my mind what those words. His effort is eventually disappointed. After that, every day, even Toritsukurotsu face, remember my heart was like a husk.

That sometimes, in order to rebuild the relationship between husband and wife, suggested the couple to return to independent living. But by the opposition, for I just separated out in order to defuse the situation. Have had several discussions with each other to seek to resolve even after the end, “and you can not stay married, living with their parents choose.” Is cut out and divorced.

Return to God

A person becomes totally and anxiety for the future, apart from God, and is about to be crushed by guilt to divorce me on the phone a friend encouraged me one who was struggling. At that time gave me the word of God, “I will never leave you, or forsake you.” (Hebrews chapter 13 verse 5) was here and called it.

“This means” part of the language, repeat “never, never,” and explained to me saying that. Assigned light seemed to mind when you hear the word of God for this. I had already realized that they need God in my life in agony. But God had me convinced that this is who must be angry. It was a mistake. I realized that God is always beside us to have to leave me.

Decision to follow God
Then the very next Sunday morning, we went looking for a church. The contents of the message is so late into forgotten when she sat, “I came back well,” I feel like it was said, full of tears did not stop. Honestly, I did not know that much interest from the cross of Christ. But being the culprit really know myself through the divorce, it was found that clearly depends on the cross Christ was sacrificed for me. And that is how deep you have experienced God’s love. Since that time, decided to go through life according to God.

According to the Word of God reunited
On one occasion, I Corinthians Chapter 7 – 10 hearts caught in the word of verse 15. It was that divorce is to do. I myself had done something, any way I feel now, consult with the pastor. Pastor said, “If you, if you follow God, it is recommended that this street.” He said. It was shown that the direction in which reunited.

The nightmare came back for a moment. “It do not come in banged. Back to life and also that” But the next moment, “If God Almighty Even if a reunited, and keep them safe. Not like.” Thought that minister promised that the reunited effort is given.

“If you, God, according to the results, but if you want a reunited party, as in verse 15, will open a new way.” The minister added. Then I wrote a letter to the other. I also entered the interaction between the pastor you. The call came a few months passed.

State that it was quite embarrassed me to speak and understand the story so far. However, since reunited and started walking a new road had already been referred to as the months passed impossible. We said thanks and apologies to each other what ever, ever calm conversation, hung up. Peace came to be done at that time played.

Divorce is a sin. But God demonstrates failure of sin through this divorce, and even if it led to my return. Vain and that, far from the church, not even time to pray, I take out my heart floats to the people of Israel from Egypt, Moses, had also always thought it strange that God take you away from this situation Kudasaru someday or remembered. God will not forsake you no matter what our situation is the one who rescued the truth when the time is right.

Mino Ayumi as a dedication to a new way

I think my life is that once ended in divorce. Once determined to go and serve his life to God because of God’s life picked up over us, was led in the way of devotion. Years later, He kindly gave a new life partner walks by grace.

Serve as a commitment by both the revival of the call, I’ll let you keep blessing led by the worship of the Lord Christian Center after the cross. Seems to be the worst in life, when according to God, the good Kudasaimasu it.

What do you think have a look at some evidence. Disrupt family divorce, the relationship of people are sad they gave big damage to the heart. But God who reached out a helping hand is also such a divorce. Those who face the problem, seek help from God in various ways and restored life.

If you read this testimony, if you have a similar problem, please trust in God. Here are resolved. Please come to church for that. Is a step in solving it.

 Joseph Sanbonmatsu



God is Love.