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Word of the Bible

To those who are troubled with domestic violence @en

In the Bible “give thanks in all circumstances”
Let’s start giving thanks for each problem and difficulty; for instance, husband and wife relationships or parents and children relationships.You do not need to feel thankfulness, but just give thanks to God.

When you read “I am thankful in the midst of difficulty”; that is a faith practice by the scripture.

To give thanks in problems and difficulties is the first step and foundation to receive a solution for them.

The Bible also said “…And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” I Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 13

When you start giving thanks to God; you will soon see “a way out”.
And, “a way out” is not just a solving the problem but you will see “a way out” and also it is leading you to be blessed and rejoice from it.

While we appreciate the first start always find the way out.
And the way out is not just a problem-solving,
You will find a way out that lead to joy, hope and blessing

Word of the Bible

To those who are burdened with debt

Give up hope even look like a small Sunbeams.

But the Bible says that there is endless hope in despair,
The hope is that this is written by everyone.

And this was way out on the actual sentence
Be sure you also can occur when there is such a miracle.

Trials were all of you
The kind of people do not know.
God is faithful,
Like you can not bear the

Something to you care to meet the challenge.
Rather, that can withstand,
And test, also provides a way out you mind.

Chapter 13, Section 10, Letter to the Corinthians 1

Making peace with my father that I had the poorest relation

To Those Who Are Troubled With Parent-Child Relationship

Go back to your family—From America to Japan

I was born and raised in Chikuhou area, Fukuoka prefecture; and my town was quiet and the population of 20 thousand.  There was not much of any interest in foreign countries, but somehow I always had an interest in foreign countries.

I decided to live in a foreign country someday.  My dream came true but I came home after only three years of studying in America; interrupting my first strong decision, because God told me “go back home to your family.”

I believed in Jesus Christ and became a Christian on Easter day one year prior to graduating with a Master’s degree.  I prayed to know what God wants me to do after I graduated and I also asked my friends to pray for me too.  When my graduation was near during a telephone conversation with my mother who was in Japan; I slipped up saying I will come home and stay two or three years after my graduation.  

After the telephone conversation, I could not understand why I said that and at the same time I noticed I had peace in my heart.  “I did not think that way but I have peace in my heart ‘does that mean God approved it?’”  I was thinking if it was truly God, I should pray about it.  After a few days when I was reading my Bible; I said “Oh, my!” 
“Go home to your family and tell them how the Lord has done for you.”  Mark 5:19

The moment I read, that just like an electric shock, I was convinced that it was the answer to my prayer.  After that I prayed some time and I could not believe I had no conflict in my heart (even though I had it after I came home) my conviction was strengthened.  I cannot explain anything but God kept me in His plan.  So that I started to prepare for going home and I left America two weeks after my graduation.  

 Leading to a church which was not listed in a telephone-book

The first thing I did when I came back to Japan was to look for a church.  When I was leaving my lovely American church I prayed that I go back to Japan as You said; please let me understand to which church I should go.  My younger sister knew I was seriously looking for a church; she told me there was a Christian boy in her class.    

“I am not sure to which one to go; even I look in a telephone-book.  The one I was going to go, somehow I was not able.  If there is anything else I just go visit.”  That I was thinking and one Sunday in August I went to the church the boy’s family attended. 

They could not rent a room at a civic hall that day so the boy’s home was the place of worship.  There was a gap between such worship and my American church but I did not know any Japanese church either, and they sang the same praise songs in Japanese which I used to sing at my American church; it was comforting.  I was thinking “is this the church God was leading?”  

I asked in prayer and peace was added and I was convinced that this church was the answer to my prayer.  The Pastor was sent from Tokyo about one and a half years ago and the church was just started so that it was not listed in the telephone-book.  I was led to this church even though had no signboard and was unlisted in the telephone-book nor was I able to find it but I got help from my non-Christian sister; as the answer to my previous prayer. 

Peace with my father which would be impossible

I had no conflict until I came home, but it came.  My father and I had the poorest relationship then.  It might be just only my side, but I could not talk face to face nor talk on the phone with him. 

My younger sister was hurt knowing her own sister became a Christian in America and was fighting with our father.  So she secretly visited the pastor and asked for guidance; saying can you do something about my sister?  The pastor said to her there is a time but she did not understand what he meant.

The time came after three and a half years after I came home.  God told me to bow down and apologize to my parents while I was at a prayer house in Korea. The night I came home I bowed down before my parents and apologized that the Bible teaches us to honor our parents but I was truly a bad daughter for not honoring them, I am very sorry.
There was nothing visible that happened but something in my chest disappeared, and I restored my relationship with my father and I could talk normal with him.

After a little while, I told my sister that I bowed down and apologized; my sister said I cannot believe you bowed down before Father, and it was not you.  God was the one who did it!  Then she told me that she visited my pastor for guidance.  I said I took a long three and a half years, but my sister said it took only three and a half years.        
She thought it was impossible for me to make peace with Father in my life time.  It was only three and a half years however; I truly made peace with him.  God makes things possible when we think it is impossible.

Salvation of my sister

I have three younger sisters, one is two years younger and the other two are eight years younger.  I had been praying for the salvation of my family but I could not see the answer for a long time.  March 2004, my youngest sister was saved and it had been 12 years since I became a Christian in America.       

In fact, a few weeks before that God asked me “have you given thanks to Me for your family is not saved yet” while I was praying thanksgiving.  I thought “give thanks for that?”  Actually I never have done that, so I started to give thanks for my family that was not saved and I understood it was in God’s hand and the peace was given to me and I was filled with joy.
Actuary I gave thanks for my family not saved yet, and then my sister was saved and after two months in May the second youngest sister was saved.

My sister who was saved from the Tsunami

The sister who was saved in May went to Thailand in December.  Her friend suggested “let us go to a beautiful and quiet beach that is not so famous and there will be no tourists.”  My sister wanted to go to Puckett, but she remembered she was taught to give thanks for everything; so she gave thanks for her friend who wanted to go somewhere else.  So they went and they enjoyed the day on a different beach and went back to Bangkok.  There they saw the news on TV about the terrible damage from the earthquake off Sumatra.   She was trembling for a few days when she saw that and she thought they would have been in a serious disaster if they had gone to Puckett.  After she came home and told us she wanted to go to Puckett but they went to a different place, when I heard it I was very thankful for the Scripture we were taught at the church that saved my sister’s life. 
“give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  I Thessalonians 5: 18

Surgery for Father’s cataract
In April 2004, my father visited me in Tottori on the way home from his trip.  While we were talking he told me his cataracts had worsened.  He also told me his concern that if he underwent surgery his eyes would be better but if something happened; he could not step out for it.  So I asked if I could place my hands on his eyes and pray for the healing of his cataracts.  He said okay, so I prayed “his cataract will be healed and if it is done through surgery that it would be done by a good doctor who is in God’s will.  The Lord work through the doctor and the surgery is successful and he will be completely healed.” 
His cataracts did not get healed on the spot but my mother called me after a few weeks.  That morning he visited an ophthalmology doctor and made a schedule for surgery and came home. 
It surprised me when I heard He did not know how he came to his decision.  The morning when he woke up he thought “it is the day; I go to ophthalmology and get a schedule for a surgery.”  
His surgery was scheduled one eye at a time and after the first surgery he was confident about it.  When the day for the second time came Mother called me and asked me “this afternoon he will have surgery at one so could you please pray for him” so I remembered the time and prayed for him.  My mother was worried because the surgery went longer than usual but it was successful.  While he was undergoing surgery, his blood pressure went up and they needed to stop for a while but the Lord kept him completely and there was no infection after surgery and he gained clear sight.

If my mother did not call me that time, I might have forgotten to pray because I was not having any worry.  I think through prayer for healing God worked to help my father to decide to have the surgery.  It is our privilege to know our prayers are heard and God works through our prayers. 

To overseas again

God told me to go back to your family in June 1993, it has been 15 years.  During that time, God blessed my family and me very much which I cannot write here because of the limited space.  I had not seen any sign which I was called for while I was in America to become a missionary.  I felt like God forgot about me. 

Well, the word of God which was spoken was true.  When the time of God came the word of God was fulfilled.  I am going to be sent to Brazil in November.  The time finally came for me to serve God abroad.  One time I completely abandoned them all, but by the mercy of God I was given the power to get up and hold on to the promise and He led me up to this point.  I strongly feel from this point on is my real calling.  I give all glory to God. 
“so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”  Isaiah 55: 11
Bethel Morihara

From December 2008 issue: Monthly magazine The Appearance of a Rainbow in the Clouds published by the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds publishers.

Hospitalization of my husband, in fear and uneasiness I cried out “give me the power to live”

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

Hospitalization of my husband-In fear and uneasiness

 My husband was walking before me and two male nurses were holding his arms from both sides.  Sometimes uneasily he turned back to see me.

 I cried to my husband in my heart “I am sorry.  There is no other way.  I tried everything I can think of.”  Then I heard “You can only be up to this.” 

 I stopped at the door of the secure ward as the door closed with a merciless creaking sound.  I could not move away from there because I had fear and uneasy feelings that I would never be able to get him back.  My husband’s supervisors said “Ma’am, please go home.” So I left there.  

 I could not forget my husband stared at me with uneasiness until the last moment and my heart was heavy in pain.  I could not hear the supervisors comforting words.  My eleven month old son was my only comfort and he supported me.  When I got in the house I burst out in tears with loud crying.

 It was the darkest time of my life.  While I was crying I was thinking about how to die…  I cried for one hour or so and then I calmed down a little, then my son said “Aah-chan.”  That was the only word he could speak then.  He did not cry but looked at me with concerned eyes.  I looked at him and I thought, how can I die.  I cannot take him with me to die!

 Dear God, give me power to live

 I believed Jesus as my God and was saved when I was 23 years old.  I was not a seminary student but I worked at my church as a server.  I had left my former church; the reason was about receiving the Holy Spirit.  It had been seven years since then.  Actually it was not the first time for me to think about committing suicide.  I had been thinking to die quickly because I had lost the hope to live without going to a church. 

 My thought did not go away even after I was married.  I questioned my husband and he was perplexed about being questioned “why do we live?” or “let us die together.”  He was not a Christian then and his answers were “since we were born we need to live” or “as we live we can find something good some day.”   I had no complaint with my husband; he was a peaceful person and kind and I had joy taking care of our new born baby, but the vain feelings assaulted me. 

 One day, when the suicidal feeling filled me, I thought I did not know if I could live.  So then I needed to ask God for my son and prayed.  Dear God, please save my son and raise my son in a church.  While I was praying eagerly, my heart was changed and I realized my son needs me as a mother.  Please let me raise him until he becomes 20 years old.  I prayed “give me power to live” Father God in the name of Jesus.  

It happened after one month, my husband was on a night shift, he became ill before his co-workers eyes and he was taken to a mental hospital.  He had two hospitalizations when he was young for a neurosis.  Because of that he had fear of becoming ill again and when he was working night shifts, he was not able to sleep and it actually caused him to become ill again.  It might not have been so serious a stage but it was a big rocky mountain which I could overcome then. 

Going back to God again

I really lost the hope to live, but though, I understood I needed to live for my son, then, Jesus showed me the Scripture.  Luke chapter 15: verse 11 through 24         

Just like the prodigal son repented and went back to his father in the Scripture, I too repented for and went back to Father God in heaven and Jesus.  “Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.  I am no longer worthy to be called your son.”  Luke 15: 21.  I remembered my past and I acknowledged each sin and repented for each one before God.  The sun was setting and it became dark when I finished repentance but contrary to it my heart was blight and light.  I never forgot the joy I received from going back to Jesus.

When I was given permission to visit my husband, the first thing I did was take a Bible to him.  He received it with gladness and he said I will read it.  I was able to tell from the conversation that he was not so stable yet, but I had no fear any more in my heart.   

I swore to myself that even if my husband could not be discharged from the hospital, I would stay married with him.  Jesus is in my life.  Jesus said I am His bride (for the church is His bride and each Christian is His bride also.)  I had no fear any more.

Even all that, I hesitated to attend a church.  Would a church accept me?   Wouldn’t they say I might cause them to be confused again?

“Why don’t you go to a church for me?”

One day, Jesus pushed me to go to a church through a word from my husband.  When I visited my husband, he told me “recently, I read the Bible and I also pray”.  I asked him what are you praying  about?”  He said that I am praying to be discharged soon and to go to a church someday.  He told me “I want to go to a church but I am not able to, so why don’t you go instead of me and worship God.  I was so glad to hear it, I felt like jumping in the air.  I found a church closest to the hospital.

The pastor was listening to my story with compassion and he expressed his feeling.  “God really accepted you just like the father accepted his prodigal son.”  I did not tell him that I repented from the prodigal son story, so I felt the Lord is leading me through the pastor’s word. 

I started to attend the church and I volunteered making snacks because they had a nursery school there.  It took me one and a half hours to get there using two trains one way but it was a happy time.  The volunteer work was preparation for me to become a teacher’s aide in April 1984.

My husband’s discharge and his salvation

Two months after he was hospitalized he was able to go out, and he came to the nursery school with me where I was helping to make snacks.  The church people welcomed my husband also.  Three months after the hospitalization, he was able to come home periodically.  Every time when he came home I was asked to report how he was at home to the doctor.  At first, I did not know what I needed to write so I wrote what he could not do at home, but I thought I should write after I pray. 

I asked to the Lord about what I should write, then He told me not to write about what he could do before and could not do at the present, rather I should write about what he can do now and what he was good at on the day he came home.

When I did that, his stay at home was three days instead one day and four days, then he was discharged.  He could be absent for four months from work but if it was longer than four months; he would be fired.  Even though I did not know about it, I believe that the Lord gave me wisdom and He led me to help my husband so that my husband’s hospitalization would never be over four months.   

The first Sunday after his discharge he worshiped God and after attending the church for a month he believed in Jesus as his God and savior and was saved.  He was baptized after a year.

Give my husband to serve You

My husband was taking a tranquilizer and a sleeping pill so those medications caused him to sleep at the services.  There are many positions to be filled at the church.  My husband wanted to help but he smoked, drank and was on medication so he was not given a chance to serve.

In those days the Lord challenged me with the Scriptures  “For nothing will be impossible with God” Luke 1: 37, “God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham.”Matthew 1:9b.  Since then I started to pray for my husband every day.  “Give my husband something to serve You, he is much better than a stone.” 

He cannot be compared with anything else; Jesus died for my husband’s sin and He resurrected after three days.  He is precious in God’s eyes.  Please give him something to serve You.

As for me, I started to pray seriously for studying at a seminary school.  It took a few years to find a suitable school.  My husband also did not have a chance to do anything for the church and he could not quit drinking, smoking and taking medication. 

Led to a seminary school

There was a mother who was a member of the Lord’s Cross Christian Center at the kindergarten where my son was attending.  She invited me to come to a charismatic meeting.  “Would you like to come to the coming meeting, to which Pastor A is coming?”  

I knew Pastor A’s name because my pastor told me about him.  My pastor suggested me to read his book.  He also said that if God tells you to switch churches you should go to his church. 

We never thought we would switch churches.  My son was already in elementary school then and he liked it very much. We got to the church early in the morning and stayed until the evening meal, even after that he did not want go home.  I too was busy with work at the church and weeks went by very quickly.  I was very happy serving there but my husband had nothing to do there and so after the worship and following lunch he left.  

There was no proper authority in our home then.  God had mercy on me and He led me to attend the second charismatic meeting and I learned that their seminary school had started a half year ago.    

Ah, God is leading me to this seminary school.  I began to have a strong wish to study at this seminary school.  The way they taught and what they taught were just like I had been wishing.  I asked my husband and my pastor for permission and then entered the seminary school.

Switching the churches

I became very busy as a housewife and a student and also it was fulfilling.  After six months since I started to study, the Lord started to tell me something while praying and reading the Bible.  That was “switch your church.”  I pushed the thought and kept it in a corner of my mind because I thought I caught the wrong idea or it’s an illusion.  If though, it is from God I wanted to obey. 

So then, I fasted one week and sought for His will and asked.  He answered me “Leave…and go to the land I will show you.”  Genesis 12: 1.  So then I asked to Pastor N at The Lord’s Cross Christian Center’s seminary school, and he questioned me “what did your husband say about it?”  I was not expecting a question just that he would accept me.  He said “you need permission from your husband and your pastor.”  I prayed and I asked my husband and he said we switch the church to TLCCC Fukuoka Church. 

The former church pastor and the whole church sent us off with warm hearts. 

Going to Israel as a family

God told me to go to Israel while I was doing morning devotion time in April 1994; I was taking the Overseas Mission class then.  He told me three of us to take part in the mission trip.  When I told my husband; he said let us pray about it.  The next morning, three of us started to have an early-morning-prayer time together.  We seriously prayed for going to Israel.  It was thought to be almost impossible to have a permission to have vacation from his work but he got it and we were in Israel.

When I was praying at the Church of Peter’s calling near Galilee, the Lord said, “Come, follow me…I will make you fishers of men.”  Matthew 4: 19.  I understood a certain thing, that is my husband is the head of my family.  My son and I simply should follow my husband.  It was the first time I was told neither from God nor man.  When someone called my name, Minami, they meant calling me not my husband.  But now, the Lord had spoken clearly. 

In spite of myself I asked to the Lord, “How can I do that?”  The Lord answered me with the Scripture.  “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit.”  Zechariah 4: 6. 

When we came home from Israel my husband started to attend the seminary school.  Not only that, it was very difficult for him to quit medication, drinking and smoking but with help from the Lord; he was able to quit. 

It has been 13 years since then, my husband is a pastor now.  There is nothing impossible for God.  I give thanks to the Lord.

Anna Minami

From the monthly Magazine the Rainbow Between the Clouds February 2008 issue.

“…but your grief will turn to joy.”  John 16: 20

“And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his Love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”  Romans 5: 5

A Restored Relationship with a Daughter who Had Anorexia

To Those Who Are Troubled With Parent-Child Relationship

My senior high-school student daughter was 168 cm tall and was chubby.  As she entered a high school, she became even chubbier. One day she said to me, “Mom, I will go on a diet.”  I answered her casually, telling her that she had better lose some weight.  From this point she went into a diet.  In the beginning she followed a normal diet, having a banana for breakfast and fewer snacks.  Without seeing a good result of diet, she bought a book on calories and started to count calories for meals in reference to a book on calories.

 All Started with Diet

My senior high-school student daughter was 168 cm tall and was chubby.  As she entered a high school, she became even chubbier. One day she said to me, “Mom, I will go on a diet.”  I answered her casually, telling her that she had better lose some weight.  From this point she went into a diet.  In the beginning she followed a normal diet, having a banana for breakfast and fewer snacks.  Without seeing a good result of diet, she bought a book on calories and started to count calories for meals in reference to a book on calories.

My daughter who does everything wholeheartedly got hooked into diet soon.  She began to take meals based on a calorie counting, and saw a result.  In the process she began to be bizzare.  I said to her, “Stop your diet!” but she had a strong desire of losing more and more weight.

Abnormal Change Taking Place Mentally and Physically

One morning when I was making a lunch box, she started to holler all of a sudden.  She told me there was too much rice in the box.  She started to pick some side dishes out of it, saying they were no good.  She didn’t listen to me no matter what I told her, and we quarreled at table every day.  She already stopped accepting any food.  She got isolated from her family and stopped going to school.  She made an abnormal physical change: she had absence of menses and had a rash; and she started to lose hair and was dizzy.  Off course I thanked God even for that, and continued to pray for her, but I felt nothing would work.

Sitting around a Table in Tears

Her situation got worse and worse.  I kept crying every day, my husband and I blamed each other for the situation.  My younger daughter in the fifth grade got mentally ill, and our family was almost breaking down.  One dinner time, I told my daughter to sit at the table even if she didn’t eat because her sister Cannan was worried about her.  After a while she came with a deadly pale face to sit at the table.  We were all nervous and started to eat in silence.  Naturally she didn’t eat.  When I looked up at her sister Cannan, she held a bowl in her hand with tears streaming down her face without saying a word.  I tried to make her laugh by telling her she would make a ochazuke (rice with tea poured over it) of tears. In response to that, her grandmother, Cannan and I all burst into tears, instead of laughing.  Then suddenly my daughter said to us, “I’m sorry.”  She kept crying, saying, “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”

One day, the church announced that the U.S. Merlin Team would be sent to accept application.  By the way, my daughter and I belong to a praising team in the church.  Our team has a prayer meeting every Saturday, and we prayed for the past one year that all our team members could join in the U.S. team and sing as a praising band on the street live in Hollywood.  I applied on faith for the team, but thought it was impossible to go because of cost and my daughter’s condition.

It got definite that other team members beside my daughter would go on the mission trip to the U.S.  I felt very sorry for other team members.  However, they didn’t give up on us and continued to make a confession that my daughter and I could go together with them.  Meanwhile, my daughter spoke out her heart’s desire, saying that she would like to go to the U.S.  However, we were still short of money and my daughter didn’t accept to eat yet.  So the situation was absolutely impossible.  My daughter and I united the heart and prayed together after so long.

“Go to America.”

One day after a while, when we started dinner, my daughter was called by her grandmother.  She said to my daughter, “If you are healed by going to America, go.  I will give you money for the trip.  I’ m afraid to send you there alone, so go with your mom.” She smiled brilliantly.  However, her younger sister Cannan began to cry with a rice bowl in her hand.  She said that she’d like to go as well.  Their grandmother said to her, “Sorry, sorry.  You go with them, too, Cannan,” and gave us money for the trip for the three.

Eating in-flight meals completely!

I was still worrisome about her who couldn’t eat yet, but we headed for the U.S. in anticipation of God.  We arrived at Narita Airport, and went into a shop there.  To my surprise, my daughter bought a piece of cake she never had taken and put it in her bag.  Looking at her doing, I felt that she was taking a step of faith. We boarded the airplane and, meanwhile, meals were served.  My daughter was looking at a meal for a while and started to eat.  I didn’t talk to her and pretended not to see her.  She finished so easily eating the whole meal which wasn’t so tasty.  I praised the Lord for that.  I was convinced that God surely led us to go to the U.S.  On board after that, and throughout the time in the U.S., she was able to eat every meal and put a smile back on her face.

We were able to stand to sing as a praising band in Hollywood and in Santa Monica, which we had been praying for.  Also, Brother Steve(*) and his friends listened to our sing to give us comments.  Looking back on the past, I thought that God permit all this difficulty to take place.  Because we had this difficulty, we were able to go to the U.S. and to stand as a praising band.  Because of that, my daughter experienced God’s healing and, above all, she learned His deep love and a blessing by obeying Him.  Now she can eat more than before and gradually is getting over physically.  She is well enough to go to school. 

All this is for your benefit, so that the grace reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory to God.  ⅡCorinthians 4:15

*Editor’s Note: Bro. Steve is responsible for the world largest Gospel Music Workshop of America(GNWA), West Coast and also is a famous announcer who has been awarded twice for the best announcer.  He attends the same church as a singer Stevie Wonder who is also a friend of his.

Keiko Nagato in Yokkaichi City

 Reprinted from the issue of Aug. 2009 of the monthly magazine “A Rainbow in the Clouds”

There was a large ditch between the two. Rainbow blessing given during the couple

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

Met my husband, marriage

My family printing company, my father particularly strict discipline, speaking of eating, not eating for five minutes not allowed, that too could live without freedom. The eldest son of my mother’s family killed, but then I say die, at the urgent request of his father, now and going to school right after high school barber. Her most rebellious student at the school, and my next encounter started like this.

Meet again four years later graduated, now proposed to go with assertive wife. Night before the wedding, my father, “but came back to defeat poverty, to enter the house. Go prepared. If unreasonable, come back, even ten children. Always read the newspaper. Tangles and household Do not. “This was a promise to his father.

Day ceremony, and broke, I returned to my home. Then came a car chase with his father, father-in-law “To go with my daughter. And. Father said,” I have not got a wife. I thought my daughter more, take care and relieve back please. “the words while listening in the back, looking at his face, was because a lot of tears.

Later, I heard from my sister that night, my father and mother, I felt the pain of my future, I cried. Now, a little taste of tears is a cause I know, I did not know the deceased is young. New life begins, what this freedom, this world and if there was a lot of happiness.

I was a river between the two lean

But eventually common sense comes from the difference between different environments, unbelievable, incomprehensible things happen continuously, making it difficult to accept. I love my family and husband Ralph, gambling “life” in secondary family was following three people.

Eventually became a major river between the two, and I Watarenai River. March from home, four times a courier – clothes, clothes, food. Also, I did Mairi’s family holiday with the children. To me, the husband is looked bitterly. Meanwhile, the woman found that her husband there. Battle between houses, the Cold War and became a guerrilla war involving children.

Daughter began to help families

In particular, parents fighting with her look-alike daughter, a double-edged sword that hit home most of the other, even those who say, you can say things that will hurt each other, her daughter was still in college , and sought salvation in Jesus. And, second daughter, and I believe in Jesus, I began to be saved. Later, to her husband and daughter, he decided that God is their role.
I was sent the tape came from her church, at first I was forced many times I listened to always seek the thirst of water. One day, while sleeping and heard from the tape “Please do not ask you while you sleep!” Is said, know why? I can sit there and fixed.
I’ll let it become husband and wife and daughter accompanied the U.S. team, including the second prayer, I did not know at that time I pray I can still read the Bible. I heard what the pastor and leaders still want to participate. They did things and please be quiet so as not to disturb you. Church on the way, the culture shock and great praise to a beautiful lady in the movie comes out. Sermons Rev. Jack Hayford, of course I did not know English. I come out to hear why they cry. I heard you say what you’re pastor leader. “It is Satan’s work in destroying families.” At that time, I knew it clearly came to hear this. It contains the seeds of the Word of God to me at that time.
Specifically persecution started then her husband, in front of her husband was not allowed to listen to the tape absolute worship. Listen to the word of God, become deprived of oxygen and obtaining comfort of God, I began running away from home. Child is at University of Tokyo, if you go to Kumamoto, Kumamoto, and in its place of worship, holy meeting, and participation in missions abroad, I was into God’s ready, his back is in need each other The minutes were allowed at a time when extra bite.

Husband’s illness and salvation

Such arrowhead, at the young age of 84 my husband joined the news of a rupture of esophageal varices. From the doctor, “The survival rate of 30%, there are many other varicose veins. Please be prepared.” Failed. Treatment room in front of me, entered the prayer of repentance. God, once again, please let a couple of the original. Please divide and prayed to the heavens and the earth as it is. Midnight, a gust blows a great hospital, and the God who came, it was clear. Then a little bloody, I began to stop bleeding.
Ill get back in, put her hand on the daughter, when entering the attitude of prayer, because it was the best I hate my husband, I said, “Stop!” I say, my husband, “hands Their reasons will continue with us and place “and I ask her. After that, I know where the husband is to accept Jesus prayer, the prayer every day thing, I went through and changed her.
And her husband, the mountain of Vietnam Naruto hakama, build a big church, stands a gleaming cross on the mountain now and speak with many people sign. Also, one night, “there are demons. Call me up.” He, along with his daughter, cut off the relationship with the evil past, which showed the nature of the enemy, and that repentance with every single girl I was tense and learning practices.
Also, sometimes, the husband, “night, but God tells us many things. When you do not know, to this number when this number and told me to hurry,” it said. “The other question,” I answered, “No” and answered.

The work of God’s healing

A month passed, and major surgery. Esophagus, stomach, and pancreas removed. Two daughters, seeking the healing of his father, traveled to Korea to fasting prayers. Two daughters around the smaller one, brought back the words of God’s healing, but surgery was not asked, I still did not have faith in my husband too. The husband calmly, “let the surgery,” is said, believe in God, I waited.
Eve of surgery and was forced to dispose of me and all the idols from her house. I said, “Well,” in my head, certainly in this divorce? I thought. However, this surgery is a great surgery, it will be better for patients with surgery is not. But I certainly do not die. Let’s do it! Altar, of course, many people received from the ornament, the things that her husband’s care, which seems to have destroyed idols and all. It is now clear before God I think it was a big thing.
Surgery seven-eight hours, began with plans expected to end at around seven. I pray in the waiting room was like an endless walking around in my head Zutto praise. Around 4:30, “Sakai” is called, I thought it was enough blood for Oh, doctor, “I was over! Beautiful liver and spleen took just. It is early. Yet What time is it? “and was asked to nurse.

It was clearly demonstrated healing of God.
Later, during the surgery her husband, was riding his crane. Over, “Sakai” When called, he said, and went to bed Sutsu operating room, the girls, “That’s the mark of the coins cranes in South Korea” I said. Hospital and eventually it came back with a testimony of the children doing in the church. On that day, in front of the house took a double big rainbow.
Conflict again

Peaceful and quiet moments passed, and regain health, we are drawn to is the original sin. “He just received that miracle of God, why?” He said, “That cured the doctor,” and sad to say, without the location of body, I try to leave enough so the spring attributed to the strong and stubborn man in Japan, it was a fierce battle for pride strong woman in western Japan.
Meanwhile, from her “home and off the edge,” is said, because somewhere I knew myself, I completely cut. Is unilateral, the Bible, “So, rather than two people are no longer a woman. For this reason, one ahead of what God must be tied together.” (Gospel of Mark chapter 10 verse 7 ) and you.
It told me that God is “love. Love.” That’s all. “God, I loved what I want.” Shouting continued. Finally the choice I did not break with her husband.

One family was

At that time, God is a cancer of her husband’s card was presented to us that the life policy. At that time, hatred and war looks ever smaller, without a trace, had disappeared. Weight alternative to life, the world is not. Whether the notice from the doctor, and that decision over there, please. I decided to listen together. Because survival was said to be two years or three years. There is still time. The right to know, it is also right to choose. Also, It was also decided that it is good that people choose to live. The result is that her husband broke up.
From the two words that do not need, and comrades with cancer, I became a warrior. People around, but what you say Some people still care, and one family, entered the battle with cancer.

God’s help

Cancer becomes too late, and surgery into the femoral artery from the liver into a tube every two weeks for the anti-cancer drugs. When her husband was not the only way left to put the thigh. Angiography as photos, I was too hard condition, doctors said, “fifty-fifty. We’ll just have to do” and is a decision. And praying in front of the operating room, which is guiding his mouth up and down the wire and a white dove. Then, because clean water is flowing, to God, “What is this” I have been answered to damage blood vessels and ask. Attended and want to open the door, “his wife, I Ikemashita!” Was called.

Triumph in the sky

One morning, “There are nice things for you. Aired the story of the martyrdom of a woman of Amami Oshima. If a minister like that, I want.’s A beautiful place the sea. I’ll take you next time!” Shima promise was. Also, is summoned before a few hours, asked for pen and paper are passed, and to read the daily late calligraphers, as it had become. When dying, the couple rushed her from Kumamoto, is honored in the presence of the Lord in baptism. Then, the children each and every husband, “Dad was really good with kids. Thank you” with a speech of thanks, the family watched, and went quietly triumphant in heaven.
The children offer, and let the desire to be with his father and three days, three days were a family with her husband. In it, I gradually changed the face of day to day with her husband. It was the third day saw the face of great joy and surprise some. The nurse face and later I heard that you do change, and not understood the answer. But I think I saw something amazing Kingdom of Heaven.
“Sorry, Thanks to Yoko.”
People sharing a room in the hospital was unable to read last writing, “says Sakai, thank you from saying that, please check.” I said, I read it another look. There, “Sorry, Thanks to Yoko” I said. I could not stop crying. This is my message to her husband. I thought so from the heart and a couple other Aeta understand. That seven years after a major thing for extended life, the doctor said it was a miracle. This surgery is almost a year after the death. That’s the Lord.
And the couple moved to Tokyo from Kumamoto daughter went to help, and figure out what a pastor said what you want as a pastor that her husband and daughter flew to Amami. Arriving at the house looking for it when I find two people, you show the tape dubbing, right. There has been loved by his pastor of many people in easily with the land. TV footage starts from the front yard of the inn is how our stay, I was under the sea and said that I’ll take my husband.

God’s best

Our fight is not in never lost. I received many gifts from God. The Lord had blessed. The human eye, the couple may have been too bad shape, I live best. In the age of 65, even frustrated, I think there are many things at least once. Among them, I think it was so sincere and best. Serious fighting, clash, and a husband who could only own way.

Cut ties with family, mother, says she came to hear whether her sister is alive, at the end, you could move the car even more difficult to walk. I’ll take you home with you, take me, a mother and spent the day are still burning in my heart.

God is taught to love others kindly. It is unconditional love. By People Aisuru is being healed myself go. Seeking God, I began to appreciate being turned into a look up from the low faith by continuing to believe.
Now I have the intercession of her husband in heaven, are protected. Last year in Galilee, an illusion, her face has been shown to serve God in heaven. This is a one-sided by the grace of God. It is God’s gift.

Sacrifice to God, the soul crushed. Contrite heart was broken.
God. You are not despised it.
Psalm 51 verse 17 Hen

Olivia Sakai

»Monthly” rainbow in the clouds “(Publisher: rainbow in the clouds Publishing) Reprinted from Feb. 2009

But sadness turns to joy in you. (Gospel of John Chapter 16 verse 20)

This hope never end in disappointment. Because the Holy Spirit given to us, because they have poured into our hearts the love of God. (Section 05 Romans Chapter 05)

Delivery of my baby led me to an encounter with God.

To Those Who Have a Problem of Divorce

Perfect protection of God in the church

I had delivered my baby on the evening of December 31st, which is the last day of the year in Japan.  When I woke up to feed my baby, I saw the hospital compound still dark, but all white covered with snow.  I was impressed by the beautiful scenery which was totally different from the previous day, when there was no snow.  After that, I went to the toilet and on the way back to my bed I met a lady at the corridor unexpectedly.

She was the lady whom I met in the maternity classes in the same hospital a few times.  She was admitted to the hospital for delivery of her son 3 days before I delivered my baby.  She looked very sincere and tried to talk to me many times during maternity classes, but I behaved rudely, because I did not want to talk to her, which I didn’t know why.  However, I was no longer like before when I met her in the hospital again.  I was very happy to have met her and ran toward her.  She was shocked to see my sudden change and asked me what happened, without showing the shock on her face.

I broke up with my baby girl’s father, who and I planned to marry after delivery, 2 days before my delivery.  He left the apartment we rented.  So I had to deliver my baby alone, and felt miserable.  Under such conditions I was happy to meet this lady again and started to tell her all the happenings on me, although I didn’t know her well.  She said, ‘My husband is the specialist on it.’

I was wondering what she meant by ‘specialist’.  On that afternoon, her husband and his friend, who was very large, came to the hospital to visit her and after that came to see me.   Her husband was a pastor.  This pastor asked me, ‘Jesus Christ died for your sins.  Why don’t you repent your sins and believe Him as your savior?’

Actually, I didn’t understand what he was saying at all.  Also I could not trust any man at all at that time.  However, I felt that what he said must be the truth.  It used to look like it was very hard for me to be a Christian, because I had to give up a lot of fun and so on.  But at that time, all my property was only my baby.  I had already quit my job and my family gave me up because they opposed my delivery.  So I had nothing to lose when I believed in Jesus Christ.  I boldly made up my mind to believe in Him.  Also, I truly felt that I was a sinner in the prayer led by the pastor.  I did not hesitate repenting my sin.

7 days passed in the hospital.  On the day I was discharged from the hospital, I was carrying my baby and waiting for a car.  The car was late.  So I was walking around the corridor of the hospital, to and fro, where I found a small box on the wall.  That was a box of collection of money to help children with incurable diseases and disorders.  When I was looking at the explanation, I felt that I had to put 1000 yen in the box.

My daughter was born with jaundice, caused by parents’ blood type incompatibility.  Because of the jaundice she was admitted to the children’s ward of hospital for 3 days.  When she was discharged from the hospital, she was not covered by insurance yet, so I paid the full amount of medical fees.  All the saving I had at that time was only 5000 yen (US$50).  Under this situation1000 yen for me was too big and it was very difficult for me to make the final decision to give.  However, I gave 1000 yen, because I was filled with joy.

You might say I was not supposed to be filled with joy in such a condition.  But I was, from the bottom of my heart.  Before delivery, I could not help quitting my job, because of serious morning sickness.  Baby’s father, who was a University student at that time and I was living together, but he was poor because he was a student.  Because of the unstable relationship, we could not take care of each other, which was not good for mother’s mind and health.  I was thinking that baby might have physical disorder because of my unhealthy days of carrying baby.  But I decided to take good care of my baby when she was be born.

Despite this worry, my baby was born very strong and healthy.  She was so healthy that other mothers of new born babies in the same room could recognize her cry and kindly told me that my baby was calling me, when I was at the basin which is quite far away from her.  I thought it was a miracle.  I thought that there must have been an invisible super power that protected her.  I was full of thanks in myself to the one who protected my baby.  And I wanted to return something to the one.  That is why I put 1000 yen into the box.

We were supported by God and people’s love

The car delayed for 3 hours.  When I went back to my apartment in the car, my neighbors came to visit us to celebrate my daughter’s birth.  The pastor who taught me about Jesus was there, too.  He left an electric blanket and an envelope with money in it.  I was shocked to see the amount of money.  There was 140,000 yen (US$ 1400), which was too much for me.  I called his wife and asked for the reason of the money.  Then she said, ‘God told us to do so.  Please use the money without worry.’  Still, I could not believe what she said and could not use the money at all.

One month after the delivery, the pastor’s church sent me a car to take me there.  I attended the church service for the first time with my baby and the pastor’s wife.  I heard the church’s message for the first time.

Inside the message, the pastor said, ‘On the morning of the day Miss A was discharged from the hospital, God told me to give my one month salary to her.  I was worried, because my child was also born at almost the same time.  I asked my wife to beg God to change His mind, but she advised me to obey Him.  So I bought an electric blanket using a part of my salary, and gave the rest to her.  Then God blessed me double, triple of what I have given immediately after that.  Our household was protected.  God is livingly working.’

I came to know clearly that God really works livingly.  This God not only protected my baby in my womb, but also tried to protect my living through pastor’s giving.  If God blessed only my family and did not protect pastor’s family, I probably could not believe this God.  But God blessed the family of this pastor who obeyed and gave all the amount of his salary and revealed his glory.

Probably, He was testing whether I would obey Him or not.  When I gave 1000 yen, by obedience of the Lord, He blessed me with money many times more than that.  Also, the pastor later said this in his message.  He said, ‘God told me that He would send my family and me to Patmos.  God also told me that He purposely made me to give Him 10% in order to send us to Patmos.’  God gave the pastor money of blessing more than 10 times of what he has given to me, and he and his family participated in the Summer Patmos team of that year.

Several years later, I thanked the pastor’s wife for making me a Christian.  Then she said it was not her who made me a Christian.  Her son’s expected date of birth was actually one month later than that day, which God had changed so that I would be saved.  Her son, who was named after John the Baptist, obeyed God in her womb.  Actually the pastor’s wife’s body was not ready for this sudden delivery, which allowed her to have scar and she had to spend few years for the treatment.  However, she never blamed me for that.

She said God told her to talk to me many times before our delivery.   But she was afraid of me because I was not friendly to her.  However, she tried to keep on talking to me, which made me trust her when I met her again in the hospital.

Going through testing – blessing by obeying God

My daughter’s father has never come to see my daughter, although I am ready to make her meet him, but her father in heaven is always with her.

She was born very healthy, but I noticed that she has developmental disorder.   She has not yet tested in detail in the hospital, but she probably has ADHD when I recall everything since she was a kid.

However, I could not tell her directly and prayed God what I could do.  Then, immediately after I prayed she asked me if she was sick or not.  I prayed and found a psychiatrist, who advised me to read a homepage about one’s ADHD child’s symptom.  I and my daughter agreed that it was exactly how she behaved.

I didn’t think that she was sick.  I thought she was only unique.  She can concentrate greatly on what she is interested in, but very forgetful of what she is not interested in.  In her actual life she forgot to lock the house door and she lost the door key many times.  So I used to tell her that she might lose her own life someday.

When she was a small kid, she was just a forgetful child, but there are serious outcomes when a teenager makes serious mistakes.  There were many times that I lost my temper and scolded her with hurtful words.  Although I knew that she was hurt, I could not control myself when I was hurt, too.

The homepage that the psychiatrist introduced me convinced me that she was sick.  I finally could tell her that she was sick and it was not her fault of what she had done.  Whatever things happen, we have God to lean on.  My daughter also told me that she used to pray God to solve her problem.

My daughter understood her situation and asked for God’s healing in her prayer.  The patients of ADHD cannot understand other people’s feelings, so they are usually reluctant to do teamwork.  However, now she works for God in a team in church and is doing part time job happily with good colleagues.  Also she could go to College and she started to love studying, which she hated before.

She said she wanted to have detailed examination of ADHD someday.  I expect that it will be revealed that she will have been healed by the examination.

My daughter and I have been walking in the perfect protection of God in the church.   We witness Jesus’ power and blessings are filled in the church.

‘And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.’ Ephesians 1:22-23 (NIV)

In thanks, I noticed that no fear in me completely.

If your worries at home odds

Praise the name of the Lord. Thanks to allow me to be able to write a proof here.

I was at the age of 18, I was christened in the church about school, just off the church was covered live on sin away with murder. Work only for food but came to America with her husband, a doormat, the family was self-indulgent. Meanwhile, some things will trigger insomnia, anxiety about the future of the future, obsession, and become difficult to sleep on. 40 days, down inside, I felt the word out. Gospel of Matthew 11:28, “a tired man, all who are burdened come to my place. I raise you a break.” The word out, and be completely healthy, friends do had been led to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He was 40. Pastor Chuch weekly message is deep, will speak briefly. He has been the center of the church the Holy Spirit, in thy word, and now many people through, I learned that working 下Saru today. God’s grace. Is filled full of grace around us.

Alleluia! But was willing, then two or three years, was completely overwhelmed by the difficulty after another. Some people “You are annoying and I fucked poison. Christian without joy. Go now spreading. It is a sin,” is said, or just me? Were complaining about the Lord. After her husband’s illness, his son in a divorce, especially the last four years, I was loud poison spreading.

November 23 last year, teachers are guided by the Holy Akimoto meeting, I was able to pray for you.
Husband’s health problems caused by the divorce of his son’s grandson, continues to worry about it, and I fear that worse might happen. Teacher said, “Thank. Thank.
Thank your doing. “下Sari saying, then, had continued to appreciate every day. To place one month, I noticed that no fear in me completely. I am not afraid. Even the morning, at all scary, but fun to walk walk with my husband every morning, you notice the word out to Calvary chapel in Praise Song is now singing happily.

It is strange. Thanks. Also, you can see the situation has changed me around. The first and second son, now tell me very gently.

My earnest desire is the salvation of family and husband, but I pray every day that faith in a family has more opportunity to talk about things of God.

Thanks. The pastor told through the mind of God, like Nehemiah, “I had to hand over control of the grace of God me me.” I realized then. Pastor Messages are looking forward to the Internet. Easy to understand the essence of faith, fun, and been told, you see laughing. Lord, kindly see that they welcome it. Pleasure to have.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Service in meeting the pastor of St. take kindly to the Board of St. A’s, husband, pastor and worship, church worship, who served on the disease, as God first, service really pleased A great thanks to the mother’s God working through people 下Saru that would wonderful God.

I did you give up completely. Alleluia!

God Bless you richly all the time.


Salvation From the Aum Cult and Victory from the Loss of Three Hundred Million Yen

To those who are burdened with debt

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.”  Job 42:5

My father suffered a damage of three hundred million yen due to the bankruptcy of his business.  When I was at the age of 24, I was converted to the Aum Shinrikyo, influenced by my elder brother.  However, I got to know the true Savior Jesus Christ, sought Him and began to pray and ask. Then I saw a living God beginning to work in my life.

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Sorrow to Joy

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

It was 1975.  I was very depressed.  You may be wondering why someone who is married to a famous astronaut and being blessed with two children suffers depression.  I was very unhappy however and thinking of committing suicide.  The reason was my dream did not come true.


You too have some kind of dreams in your lives, Charlie’s dream was becoming an astronaut and going to the moon.  He achieved his dream.  My dream in life was being a Cinderella. It all started really when I was a young girl.  I was going to find my Prince Charming and we were going to live happily ever after and he was going to fulfill all of my needs.  When Charlie asked to marry, I said “I’m going to put you first in my life.  Will you put me first in your life?”  He said that he would, and so I married him and we went on the honeymoon.  As soon as we got back from the honeymoon things began to get unglued.  Well, it was because I realized that I was not first in his life. Now he could focus on his career.

And he did.

I felt really left out.  I saw that the career was more important to him than I was.  And this disappointed me but I thought, “Well, I’ll get him to love me the way I want to be loved.”  So I began to court him again, over the next twelve years, really, to try to get him to love me the way I wanted to be loved, but his career and playing golf were more important to him than I was.  

I thought, “Well, now once he becomes an astronaut and he goes to the moon, then when he gets back- we’ll be able to work on our marriage and we’ll have the kind of marriage I want to have.”  So I looked forward to the flight being over and I was excited for him and I was really proud of him and tried to get involved with the flight as much as I could.   I went to Florida with our two sons to see the spaceship launch.    

And we went to Huston, we actually saw him walk on the moon through NASA’s control room.  I had no fear of the mission, I was confident he would go there safely and then get back. 

I was really looking for it to be over and he came back and I realized he hadn’t changed.  He still had this workaholic impulse, he still wanted other goals and other challenges, and I was still down the list.  And that was when I began to think of divorce.  And then I thought, well maybe I should get married with another man who loves me the way I want to be loved.  But then I thought, maybe there‘s not another man out there that really will love me the way I want to be loved.  Maybe there’s no such thing as this perfect marriage.  And so then I began to look to other things to find fulfillment in life.

Why am I here?  What would give me purpose and love in life?  I tried to find the answer for what I was looking for.  I tried a career and I got a job with a travel agency and traveled a great deal.  But this didn’t bring me love, not the love that I was looking for and the real purpose in life I was looking for.  I tried social work.  Head Start, a program in our county and a lot of working with needy in our county and many other things, but again, they didn’t bring me the love that I was looking for.

They weren’t the answer that I was looking for.  I read philosophy books but those books did not give me love and fulfillment.  And then I began to think, “Well then, maybe there is no purpose in life.  Maybe we just live and die and that’s all there is.  And life is so painful that I really don’t want to live any longer.”  And that’s when I began to think of suicide.  I’d lost all hope.


Well, we were attending church all this time, always had been.  I’d gone to university, and I’d studied religions and I’d thought all religions were essentially the same.  Jesus was no different from other religious leaders.  As the years went by, I began to wonder if God even existed.  I’d never had any experience with God and people were telling me that we invented God because of our own weaknesses and own needs, that God was dead.  So I began to believe that. Continued going to church.

Well, because we continued to go to church when our church had a what they called a “spiritual renewal weekend.”  It was back in 1975. 

What it was, there were some people that came as visitors to our church that weekend and they gave testimony, which is exactly what I’m doing now.  Their testimonies were about Jesus that He is different from other religious leaders, that He is the Son of God and how He answered prayers-very specific prayers of theirs. And how He was the answer to life.  And so I wondered if what they were telling was the truth. 

I looked at them and I did see love and joy in them.  I thought, “I have tried everything else to find fulfillment and purpose in life, and I haven’t tried this.”    And so I decided to try it, to try God-the way they were saying-and see if it’s really true.  And so I prayed that weekend and my prayer was, “God, I don’t know if you’re real.  Jesus, I don’t know if you’re the Son of God.  But I’ve made a mess of my life, and I don’t want to be in charge of it any more.  And I’ll give you my life if you’re real.  If you’re not real, then I want to die.”  Well, that was my prayer. 

I woke up the next morning with a commitment: I wasn’t going to look to anywhere else for fulfillment in life.  I was going to look to God, to Jesus.  And so I began to pray.  I wondered if I pray, is He really going to answer my prayer?  I prayed a very simple, specific prayer for help around the house and the prayer was answered.  And I thought, well that’s just lucky.  And I prayed again and another prayer was answered-that was just a coincidence.  Then I prayed again and another and another and another-well, after about a month or two of answered prayers, I realized this isn’t a coincidence.  That there is a God, and He’s hearing my prayers.  And not only is He hearing He’s answering my prayers!   

Jesus really IS the Son of God.    

Well, I just couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t believe it.  But now I know Jesus really loves me and He’s hearing my prayers and deeply cares about me.   I was just overjoyed to find out that there’s a
God who loves me and I’m not alone anymore.  My husband doesn’t love me but God loves me.   God is more important than my husband.  I began to talk to God and I talked to Him about my marriage.  And one of the first things He spoke to me-and I’ve never heard His speaking audibly but He speaks to thoughts that He puts in my mind, that are confirmed in my heart.  And God began to speak to me and He said “Dottie, you’re born again. Everything that you have done wrong is in the past-all of your sins have all been forgiven and washed clean, and you’re starting life all over again brand new.”

Well, for someone who had been depressed and had not enjoyed life, to hear that I was having a chance to start life all over again brand new was wonderful.  Jesus showed His love for me on the cross by dying for me and He forgave all of my sins.  To have a new chance in life, He said “I have forgiven you, and now for you to have a born-again marriage, then you must forgive Charlie in the same way that I have forgiven you.”

Well, I said “no” to that.  I said “no way!”  I didn’t want to forgive him.

The Lord spoke to me again.  And He said, “Dottie, I thought you had made Me your Lord.  If you have made Me your Lord, it means that you do what “I” want you to do and not what YOU want to do.”  And I did remember a scripture in the Bible that said-that spoke about those people that say “Lord, Lord.” That don’t obey the Father in heaven.  

And so I knew that was true.  How could I now call Jesus my Lord and not obey Him?  I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. 

So I agreed to do that.  So I asked God to help me.  Well, He did.  It didn’t happen overnight, but over a two month period He worked in my heart and He removed unforgiveness and He healed all the hurt and all the pain.  I know there is nothing impossible for God and He became my psychiatrist.  God took away all that pain and all that hurt and really cleansed my heart and gave me a new heart toward my husband.  He taught me that and He worked through His Spirit within me so I could forgive Charlie. Jesus told me to love Charlie.  I said, “I had been loving

Charlie.  I had been loving him more than he had been loving me.”  But God was telling me to love him UNconditionlly, to love him 100%-whether he loved me back or not.  Again I prayed and asked God to help me because humanly we can’t love that way.  But God loves us that way, and He places His Spirit in our hearts which enable us to love that way.  

To love someone isn’t just emotion or feelings, but to do something for him and also bless him.  So, Jesus told me everyday what I should do for Charlie, and what I should do to bless him.  I’m not perfect so I made mistakes, but Jesus helped me and forgave my mistakes.  Jesus forgave me and He gave me a heart to love him. 

Some of you may have someone to forgive.  Jesus is calling you to forgive.  If you decide to forgive, God will help you.  Jesus died on the cross to forgive us.  In the Lord’s prayer, He taught us to forgive.  Forgiveness is very important for our relationship with Jesus. 

Jesus showed me my sin, bitterness in my heart toward Charlie.  As I said in my story, I had put him first in my life.  God should be first in your life.  What is your first in your life?  Whatever is first in your life rather than Jesus, it will someday fail you.  Charlie is not God, I had put an impossible burden on him to fulfill my needs and to please me, only Jesus can do that.  Jesus fulfills all your needs.  Seek love in Jesus.  Seek purpose in your life in Jesus.  The Lord truly has changed my dreadful life to a joyful one.  He can do the same for you too.

We don’t believe in chances.  God led you here and you’re listening to my message now is not by chance.  God brought you here because God loves you.  God wants you to know His love, peace, and joy.  As you already know, open you heart and pray.  Receive Jesus as your Lord and the Savior.  Jesus is the answer.  God bless you.

To those who read this testimony.  Pray as follows,

“Jesus, I believe and accept You as my Savior.  I turned my back to You, forgive my sins.  Now, come into my heart.  I thank you that by Your cross eternal life is given to me. Please, lead my life, Amen.”  

The restructuring also suddenly changed to benefit all of us God.

To those who are troubled with unemployment

Hallelujah! Thanks! My husband started working at a car repair shop five years ago, but it worked for about three and half years, will be leaving on schedule. But after about a month, and given a new job as an employee of that period thanks.

Thanks also to pray and seek dismissal of a sudden
“As business conditions are given six!”
Passed the first exam!

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Freedom from Loneliness and Hatred; and Restoration of My Family

To Those Who Are Troubled With Parent-Child Relationship

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” (Acts 16:31)  This scripture has supported me.  I heartily appreciate much grace and blessing from Jesus.  Great love of Jesus has set me free.  I have been released from all the negative things inside me such as hatred, sorrow, suffering and loneliness.

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