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My husband came back -God gave us strength to wait for an appointment

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

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Encounter with the Bible in the workplace

I have been saved, started working when I was in kindergarten 14 years ago, the Episcopal Church. In those days, coming home too little too busy working the night or morning my husband had continued to sleep every day in a state of neurosis as a child called out to work every day I go to bed soon, and most . I consulted my husband wants a job will be.

I went to the interview that it would work well in that case Mitsukari husband and preschool office immediately. Then suddenly I immediately Koremasu tomorrow? It is said, I had to find the infant nursery care of me in a hurry, always this time too, “do not do it my own!” A friend called the nurseries of the city near the workplace I now work in a kindergarten that we’re ready to find my shortly.

I touch it I will start there in the Bible, daily Bible devotion began a Bible placed under each one of our staff first. Hana Hazime beautiful things I mentioned did not really understand what my heart, I felt so at ease.
New people came in one day-care assistance for several days. I preach it every day in this one was very devout Christian. When there “not something I want to pray? Good, so I pray?” Was said. That’s when I’d been wary of doing that and I did not believe the church 引Kizuri込Mou yet. Had problems getting home to pray and placed my hands but nature.

For letting me tell the story of how the Bible every day, and since then, and now and ask questions. The way she answered my questions quickly. Sometimes the answer for me and I asked to go and pray to Jesus moment. The answer is that I began more and more interested in the Bible.

Power of God working through prayer – such as fever or headache, lie healed

One time, go to church somewhere soon (trying to belong) was beginning to think. This belief in the family went to worship at the relationship between the two as there was no kindergarten. I was off work with a bad headache away with a cold that time, there were people willing and able to call from their usual mission. Told me I was sleeping in the heat had come to me because my mother looked after my mother I could not answer the phone.

You may be able to turn off the phone and pray! I just said is clearly understood the power of what worked for me. Soon after, the headache and fever Naorimashita like a lie. Who did the praying and the next day morning? When asked “Yeah! I just hang up” was said. I experienced that I’ve been praying that God worked through that time. And it was obvious.

Then I went to worship the Lord’s Cross Christian Centre this week the introduction of that person. It was seen by few people worship room of the community center, I said “Here!” Clearly convinced, was christened in this church in March has changed.
“What God has led us to work it all before I know that I will be saved,” Oboemashita appreciate the depth of peace and love and the Lord.

Blessed Church Life

My church life began here. When I go to church every Sunday a little? He said, the children went to church and took my husband got. My husband became the style of that Sunday in my house to go to play somewhere then wait for family worship in the parking lot to finish. Have been saved out of the desire of wanting my husband gradually While praying for the family every day and I’m Morai Ito Makoto morning and pray to God each day before going to bed. When I go to church as a family and every Sunday!

Then (my husband used to be you for a god drum that I was playing drums, you for to play well the piano to God I incidentally) “give praise to God in the family,” the family that I would love desire was born. My daily routine now to pray to God that such things every day. (Acts of worship that time this flock was possible to imagine it now …)

We slept like a depression in my life in such a church is no longer quite quickly, Teru Ken made things work and family will be blessed, God has truly blessed. However, during their busy daily after a while, the couple we went to the heart become gradually passing.

My husband go away from God given hope

I was reading the message of the church’s newspaper Kyarozasu Mary at some point. There are biblical grounds for it to argue that rights of husbands and wives are equal in gender equality issues are addressed I think the message was something like a couple of those years between the current state of America is wrong The thing was written. When I read it was a little dissatisfied. Because I just thought that way at that time. At that time I was complaining to my husband for being so. To correct the mistake as if it were saved by their own people first and was a master judge.
I think when I read the next word, however, changed.
Chapter 23 – Ephesians 5 verse 24, “because Christ is the head of a church, as the Savior of the body on its own Oh your husband is the head of the wife is from. To follow in Christ Church, his wife Also, in all things, should obey the husband. ”

I repented and fell down at what was taking place What a attitude toward God.
However, since I was freaking out the state of the master, now almost come back home.

I wanted to Treat the husband ever regain Aratamerubeku that the important thing in me by the word of God. But in reality as I Ikimasen plan. I regretted I had a terrible. But this and another was given another thought. Through prophecy, “You have to master a special plan.’s God who” so the word was given, in this God saved my husband Kudasaru! This gave me faith and hope in mind.

I was not too hard to read the Bible before. Now more than eager to go to church read the Bible before him, however. My husband went away from home but steadily, more so now that the persecution of the church.

Clean luggage were missing husband comes home from work and at some point. Finally, as has been said has been placed on the table to sign the divorce papers. However, the Bible can not be divorced from the refused to say are not allowed. I do not know that during the divorce had been filed then. (Of course I do not sign …?)

Ability to wait for promises to pray God for giving us strength

In this situation, God has spoken through your master prophecy that God gave me. I kept praying to God to believe that holding. Guided by the things that went according to God and pray and listen. The first seminary to learn and now also going to prayer meeting. But the situation continued to see nothing change daily. We must also raise the real young children.

Invoice is sent forth unfamiliar, as well as in mortgage (God fully protect all but kindly.), Sometimes I was almost discouraged heart. God, Can I wait for my husband to stop now? It also said there.

However, Luke chapter 14 verse 27, “who come to bear his cross and follow me can not be my disciple is not.” Spoken with God and, in preparing the meal in front of another well-appointed rooms it was spoken in prayer many times do you go to opening the door. Each time God has given them the power of prayer to wait for the promise, kindly please continue to pray for empower rescue his master. Kindly pray for the church and my husband too hard.

Follow the guidance offered in the evening

One day, I was given a donation in the church, I decided to follow the lead repeatedly examined to investigate. I was paid so minutes and little work was funded by a retired small business retirement at that time, our family of three lived with it. The amount of God has spoken to have had my fortune. Even though I had to obey, could not immediately obey.

It is now possible to follow but somehow by God’s mercy. Unemployment insurance will be out soon after its life again and was supported by the grace of God offers us a lot of jobs and the LORD. Then I was given on October 13 and pray that the Lord give the date. Since it was my birthday, well! I will celebrate! I decided to dedicate this day to think.

That night, mission completed successfully by the grace of God and husband and friend of the person (he persecuted the church) came to have a celebration cake. Meanwhile, the phone rang. Master’s voice was the first time in eight months. “Happy Birthday. Me stupid …”

Began to expand rapidly from a situation that not move anything until this time, suddenly was baptized on January 1, 2000, six months later that the wandering husband finally came home about two years to our former . . Immediately to God and commitment to, training in Nagasaki, God kindly stand in 2003 as pastor of Hirado. Word of the Lord is true.

The previous owner hell · satin dreams There was also a professional since he was a heavy metal band, but now those who worship the Lord and God as a team every day joy of the Lord praise the Lord allegiance changed Technical Information Center or. Sachs is also my two children also, and future, trombone, and practicing hard so that God’s praise team. Remember God is the prayer, let me stand on a team together for worship in the land of Hirado now I play the piano.
Praise the name of the Lord.


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God is Love.