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The blessing to be connected to the church— healing of depression, financial blessing

To those who are suffering from depression @en

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I got huge debt which I could not pay back and my depression got worse. In the middle of the worst condition, when I could not concentrate on my work nor even do housework, my sister invited me to the church, and…

Aoki Yukiyo (Yokkaichi, Mie)

The words given to me on the first day I visited the church

  When my first daughter got to be a primary one student, she suddenly had urine mixed with blood, and later she refused to go to school.  I was worried.  Although my elder sister invited me to the church, I kept on refusing her invitation.
  One day, she invited me again to see my mother being baptized by water.  So I visited the church with my husband and children for the first time.  I was touched to have seen my mother being baptized, but I don’t remember worship songs and the teaching of that day, because they were boring. 
  The only thing I remember was that the one who prayed me at the end of the holy meeting told me to be connected to the church firmly. 
  I took my daughter to a hospital, however no abnormality was found after all testing.   She was advised to have counseling with psychiatrist.  I took her to the psychiatrist, and after the counseling she could go to school again.  I forgot the word given to me during the prayer in the church.

Rich life turned to misery

  My husband quit salaryman and started his own business.  The starting was so smooth and successful that I did not even see the price tags when I bought clothes.  However, one day a rival giant company took our customers.  Then our income has suddenly stopped. 
  We borrowed money from moneylender in order to live, but the debt increased until we could not pay back.  We fell into miserable life that my husband sold off his beloved retro car and I started to work at night.  The time I arrived home after work was 4 or 5 in the morning.  One morning when I was taking my child to play school without enough sleep, I had an accident and made someone injured.  This incident stressed me down and I got depression. Yet, I still had to work in order to make living.

To the church

  I had to quit my work because my depression got serious.  In the middle of the worst condition, when I could not concentrate on my work nor even do housework, I finally asked help from my elder sister.  She invited me to the church again, so I went to the church reluctantly.  When I was prayed, tears came down naturally, and I felt that God was there.  I prayed a prayer of believing Jesus and was saved.

Depression was healed

  After I was saved in the church, my depression was healed and I got well.  My husband’s business also gradually got better.
  When I told my husband about the church, he opposed strongly.  He put himself first than God.  So I could not go to the church on Sundays.  Instead, I went to the church on Tuesdays without letting him know.  Unlike before, I was excited and overjoyed to go to the church. 

Blessing of tithe

  I learned about tithing, the meaning of which is to give 10% of one’s whole income to God.  And I started to give 3000 yen as tithe, which was 10% of my part time job salary. 
  After I started giving, I didn’t know why, but I could keep of paying back and I could make living smoother.  And I just didn’t know how it happened. I noticed that my debt which used to be more than 10,000,000 yen had become half.  I am so grateful towards God who helped me.  I would ask for more help after this!!  Now my husband allows me talk about the church.   I am expecting that my whole family can go to the church together in the near future.

(Reprinted from monthly magazine “ Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji” (Publisher: Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji Shuppan)March 2008 issue)

God is Love.