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Repeat the runaway husband. But the words never left the promised

To those who suffer from married couples’ relationships

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Husband away, I hold back my wife is heaven, hell you?

Women are significantly change your life by marrying. The same can be said for men. I was not the exception. I became a Christian and be saved at the age of 25. The same time, married 10 years and reunited with her husband was in junior high school classmate. My husband was a Soka Gakkai members only lukewarm Rekureeshon participate. Perhaps because of that, without much opposition that I go to church, drinking alcohol, “Having faith is a good thing!” It was really a.

This way and tried to do a Christian husband. Sometimes we can help meet the pastor was a sensational experience, and took movies of the church meeting, I read your book and faith. But her husband did nothing more you look the other way. Speaking of love birds, but dialogue, “but I go to Heaven, Hell You’re!” He said, “I’m in mah Shitoru Edge of Hell!” Not always.

Also pastor, “Your husband can be saved is almost a miracle.” Is not enough to say it. But the kindly pastor of the church and people praying for the salvation of her patience. However, it is my husband are facing away, and sent us to church on Sundays. 100 meters away from the church I would have been lowered.

Son born in suspended animation

However, the incident happened one step closer to her husband’s church. It was the birth of his son through that. Birth was very difficult delivery. Affairs that his son was forced to pull out had been a threefold cord wrapped around her neck. A broken collarbone and ribs for its birth came in suspended animation.

Generalized pallor cyanosis was out. ICU treatment was immediately transported to the incubator, and the amniotic fluid into the lungs to get very difficult. And “hand’s gone. After the child’s life force is up, and reach its peak tonight. I live or die as a human vegetable.” The doctor told the husband is the head went blank so .

I was told I was not anything unusual to cry when I saw my son because I thought no, I prayed and asked the church to survive and to call immediately. And kindly people of the church prayer chain at night. I myself struggle to repentance, “Please give my son life.” Continued prayers.

The next day, came into the hospital nurse is noisy and hectic. “The child survived. They are dripping wet incubator sheets, amniotic fluid into the lungs had been all out. So good!” And told me excitedly. I held the hand of nurse joy, “God, thank you very much.” Hugged and cried saying there.

Time has come to the hospital. I am a doctor, “What is the miracle that saved my son?” I’ve heard. “The miracle, if it is a miracle.” She said. We thank God my heart. Very impressive and when leaving the doctor’s words. “Your son is going to be something of a life mission.”

Husband’s salvation

There is a Word and. You can gain all the hard labor of his son closer to the church became the catalyst for her husband. After giving birth now send me to the door of the church, with people now talking about the church.

We have four months from the birth of my son, my husband opened the orthopedic clinic. One day, as well as some patients come at a high tension husband always looked sad “Please take the place of the missionary.” He said. So suddenly I was scared. That night, my husband believed in Jesus. I was stubborn about that ….

People who work force rather than the Holy Spirit to believe we did that too. However, the Holy Spirit was praying still worked.

I heard from a growing and passing away of his wife saved a man with faith, it was careful, right now. Worship, prayer meetings will never rest, sunrise prayer is not alone in the church, pray and please send in 100 patients, I was hectic. God heard the prayers of her husband’s me, and now the county’s leading orthopedic clinic.

The momentum, the husband of evangelist personality type is pounding fastballs while treating patients at home next to the wine while living with his father, “Believe in Jesus Christ! What I believe!” And half had been threatening to preach every night. However, with his faith, not threatening her husband’s words, a blessing to see 3-year-old son, “I thank God that even such a small child. I was ashamed. Someone to church me go. “she said, was saved by faith in Jesus. Then become increasingly popular evangelist husband, family and friends were rescued after another.

It took her second child mumps at her husband for three years had given up his son was born. However, the present church capped at Christmas that year was the only thing for the girls. The following year, my daughter was born, “Megumi” and named it.


The daughter was born in August of 1984, the husband in February of that year, “be told again and again but go to Tokyo and God to do?” Has been heard. I agree that I immediately go to the present situation was not right. I wanted a state that was 10 years old father of three months of pregnancy.

But it was God who had a different idea. Due date of my daughter was born two weeks early on September 2. September 2 of that date was the day my father was in the hospital discharge was suddenly called to heaven. Then there is another surprise. I went around with a towel and greeting this We built a new orthopedic clinic in the neighborhood.

My father died and I had no idea, for some reason this has made the “Bible” and “On Christian Funeral” was. This husband was very surprised too. Even neighbors, “Hey fully prepared,” and me to attend the funeral read the book well. The convenience of care was not included because the company is still such a bed, we made it to the funeral and became a large revival meeting. People with the power of the puzzle to fit quite right in this way can not quite right. God’s guidance is complete.

Finally began to pray earnestly for Tokyo. Just go to Tokyo Shiatsu decided to go to school on the recommendation of a waste to tell her husband. Also saw the wonder of God at this time. School without knowing the husband of date I purchased the plane ticket to go to the preview, that day was how the test date. I was accepted with surprise and conviction. God is no waste nothing.

Healing Depression

Our family friends were amazed, which regrettably I left Tokyo. First living in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, I Shiatsu College in Tokyo, preschool son, daughter to school and my husband opened at home, each started in an unfamiliar land.

No acquaintance with the opening of the land is severe, the husband continued daily tweets, finally I have become depressed. Church (evangelical) pastor and care for us, but to relax in hot springs, is her husband’s empty. When I returned from school that her husband was dead I thought, God, “Please Do not kill my husband” could not fly home every day and praying. I saved us from death because her son kept believing prayer can heal her heart surely.

God is real personage. My husband is from Hebrews 13:8 TV “Jesus, today is also well yesterday, and stay the same.” In a Word, was released from the Depression. It is caused by evil spirits after they knew. Thy word is just experience it seems the sword.
Husband freed from depression is determined to find a job in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, I moved close to the house. However, it did not last long, my daughter moved to Tachikawa to admission. Live near the Yokota Air Base, was full of Soka Gakkai members around, raised a sign that marks the bread and two fish five, opened the orthopedic clinic. See a sign, this fish? Bakery? Some people twist the neck.

And God bless you for where it now comes in many patients. English lessons could now come to such treatment, and chaplain of the base and pilot teachers. Start a church and became chaplain she met and became the home place of worship. Many gathered at about 50, cosmopolitan could worship.

One time the Prophet took the chaplain came to the store. The Prophet began the prayer meeting her husband, “You stop shop a year later.” He said. My husband laughed, “I do not even think about.” Has been denied. But right now a year later. Since I was dreaming of going to America since I was in junior high school was the direction we are going to America. At that time, going to church now Kokubunji Lord’s Cross Christian Center was just putting one foot state. Put the feet was from the time I was given a dedication ceremony in mid Force chaplain.

Fishers of men trying to

Preparation proceeded steadily into the U.S., a shop to buy them, my husband decided to join the team Mountain 1st Philippine foreign ministry had been encouraged many times to minister with confidence. We have no electricity or running water and foreign husband is the first time … had to say, I was perfect because her husband from the SDF, and suggested going to go.

But when her husband was reluctant to go, the local was like something out of a fish in water. Moreover, there was a significant change events in her life. God “who try to take you fishing,” and call received. My husband, “I’m not a person such that the pastor is not available. No educational background, thanks to a fear to speak” and say “come about as is” and said, “If God’s voice really showing signs Please, “he prayed, and many people fall through the prayer rally her husband, it is also healing happened.

Go to the United States retains

Then, when they may have faded, and went to the embassy for a visa. May have a cost, which is also accepted in English schools doing the procedure was safe now with confidence. However, visas, we were not. I did try three times bad. I called to the Foreign Ministry angry. I could not eat for three days in shock. Stores are eliminated, and me to nursery and primary school for children farewell, farewell gift from the family are giving up, the people of the church, we come enthusiastically, before saying, can not help here I decided to go home.

However, in view of the farewell my friend, “Ten Commandments” is shown to stay through the night I also went to the United States is go away, go home is a dream to see there will go away or. My husband said to God “Listen to show his wife in a dream.” It is said, has decided to move home to Kokubunji not come back.

Two months later, 04-year-old daughter and I joined the U.S. team from the church, you are going to get in America. So I get to enjoy the American Innahiringu went home with exuberance. I enjoyed speaking with her husband is sensitive to frustration, “I am going to America now,” went the saying go out alone. It can not be because people think and act quickly. Went to school I hated English in English ought to be free, like happy days were spent relaxing and making new friends.

The month we were told to come to America with the children from her husband in America. There are stories of massage to give up my shop It seems also rented an apartment. When I heard it, and I finally realize his dream, and told the pastor willing to go to America, the word I come? And I have desperately sought the word of God. The word is hard to come will be to urge her husband, and had panicked. And finally given the word of God.

Isaiah 33:6 could. Gladly opened their place. “The fear of the Lord is the treasure.” What! I rather not go? The shock was also decided to give up because he was determined to follow God and listen to the American team to participate.

Phoned that night thinking of the word to her husband. Then, the care of her husband who have been “Oh – okay, this morning, Mr. Hiroshi God (the husband’s name), so I bought a ticket and was told to let him return home,” he said. Plays the Road! My husband has been sensitive to back with regret.

Repeat the runaway husband

My husband started with them as they can not think my home was the end of the service quickly. I had children and they live happily day in church.

On one occasion, “Aw, do not!” Said the house went out. This is the first runaway. I thought that would come back in three days, so no money. I was too upset to since middle school did not. Since there is no money to give up my husband is planning to visit a friend in Hokkaido, went to the hospital prayer, all happening in Sai large revival meeting, in which “you are guided by a pastor,” and the I Tasou. I returned three days later. Also, while I was at home, there was a second runaway. I came back again in three days.

The third time was really running away from home. Returned home, opened the orthopedic clinic in debt. When her husband left the house, it was raining, come flying turtle in the garden, the sky was a beautiful rainbow out. When her husband left home, was used in anticipation of peace at all. We believe represents a victory that God kindly see the rainbow.

When the husband is to go to all night prayer meeting, now free to go, rain or wind or snow blowing rain, attended with their children every week. I know God is with my husband about the prophecy is given every time, every time you get a call from her husband, “Now, this situation You?” And say “I know what” it says “The Prophet was out, “I said. It was hit too, so my husband is scared gradually. I thought I was sick of her husband, a minister asked, “Your husband is in circles because there are only about your job.’ll Settle it attached to your job.” Kindly said.

Choose God’s plan to return

And six months have passed. The final notice came from her husband, I said without flinching. “Your wife has come back because according to follow her husband from their homes and go out twice!” My husband and I thought it was bad, I prayed desperately that God was told. “I am the property. I even choose your own plan to bless you.

However, I am planning to give it and what is not enough compared. “My husband is very sensitive because of loss and gain, I prepared to return immediately. And I ask the impossible three God asked all three are headed to Tokyo and then flit same idea completely.

My husband has called around Shizuoka. There is a call to come home immediately after the Prophet, the door opened and there was a situation where my husband is waiting for the prophet. My husband was surprised that the situation was a nod to the words of the prophet. “I heard your wife’s prayers. Love me. I love you.”

The fishers of men

Then her husband became seriously to join the Israeli team was put in service of the Prophet. Debt is also returned in February 1992, came another challenge. I woke up complaining that her husband what the night and ask, “he did. Go to heaven first.” Joking and I said so never say things like, “Go ?, “he said. However, in her experience, not a joke like near-death experience, he seems to have a talk with God. I want to feel like this Heaven. “God, my reward in heaven is there?” God said.

“Nothing” in English do not know why. Poti house husband and I are forever in trouble, “Please return her,” Do you expect me to say its original state. And is guided to be a pastor in May, Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture where the first assignment in July, “fishers of the people” began.

Jonah was a long time for seven years, I can run things by her husband with a strong faith, was happy to experience a lot of things can be works of God alive. “My husband is the only one who can detain the thing to attract draw. It is wife.” And God told me.

Anne Urushima

»Monthly” rainbow in the clouds “(Publisher: Rainbow Publishing in the clouds), reprinted from the June 2007 issue

But sadness turns to joy in you. (Gospel of John Chapter 16 verse 20)

This hope never end in disappointment. Because the Holy Spirit given to us, because they have poured into our hearts the love of God. (Section 05 Romans Chapter 05)

God is Love.