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In thanks, I noticed that no fear in me completely.

If your worries at home odds

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Praise the name of the Lord. Thanks to allow me to be able to write a proof here.

I was at the age of 18, I was christened in the church about school, just off the church was covered live on sin away with murder. Work only for food but came to America with her husband, a doormat, the family was self-indulgent. Meanwhile, some things will trigger insomnia, anxiety about the future of the future, obsession, and become difficult to sleep on. 40 days, down inside, I felt the word out. Gospel of Matthew 11:28, “a tired man, all who are burdened come to my place. I raise you a break.” The word out, and be completely healthy, friends do had been led to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He was 40. Pastor Chuch weekly message is deep, will speak briefly. He has been the center of the church the Holy Spirit, in thy word, and now many people through, I learned that working 下Saru today. God’s grace. Is filled full of grace around us.

Alleluia! But was willing, then two or three years, was completely overwhelmed by the difficulty after another. Some people “You are annoying and I fucked poison. Christian without joy. Go now spreading. It is a sin,” is said, or just me? Were complaining about the Lord. After her husband’s illness, his son in a divorce, especially the last four years, I was loud poison spreading.

November 23 last year, teachers are guided by the Holy Akimoto meeting, I was able to pray for you.
Husband’s health problems caused by the divorce of his son’s grandson, continues to worry about it, and I fear that worse might happen. Teacher said, “Thank. Thank.
Thank your doing. “下Sari saying, then, had continued to appreciate every day. To place one month, I noticed that no fear in me completely. I am not afraid. Even the morning, at all scary, but fun to walk walk with my husband every morning, you notice the word out to Calvary chapel in Praise Song is now singing happily.

It is strange. Thanks. Also, you can see the situation has changed me around. The first and second son, now tell me very gently.

My earnest desire is the salvation of family and husband, but I pray every day that faith in a family has more opportunity to talk about things of God.

Thanks. The pastor told through the mind of God, like Nehemiah, “I had to hand over control of the grace of God me me.” I realized then. Pastor Messages are looking forward to the Internet. Easy to understand the essence of faith, fun, and been told, you see laughing. Lord, kindly see that they welcome it. Pleasure to have.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Service in meeting the pastor of St. take kindly to the Board of St. A’s, husband, pastor and worship, church worship, who served on the disease, as God first, service really pleased A great thanks to the mother’s God working through people 下Saru that would wonderful God.

I did you give up completely. Alleluia!

God Bless you richly all the time.


God is Love.