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To those who suffer from bullying

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I have a sister who is three years older than I.  We are almost opposite in nature and character.  My sister has been very independent since she was very young.  Even she is a girl others called a naughty girl. 
Contrary to her I liked to stay at home, when I went out I was lonely so I followed my sister but she tried to run away from me and then I started to cry, we were like that.  She did not like me because I was different from her. 

Seems to me, as my sister went though elementary and middle school she became stronger.
She spoke ill of what I liked, my face, my body figure, my attitude, and all about me.  Sometimes we fought and quarreled, but nothing was changed.

I was more in trouble when I entered to society.  Contrary to my sister, I became weaker and could not handle problems with my work and relations with other people and I became a quitter.  
Once in a while I could not find a job soon and when I was depressed from it she attacked and teased me. 

I was not confident with myself, I too was blaming myself and it became my habit to blame myself like she did.  She said, “Is worrying your hobby?”
One day a verse came to my heart.  “Do not repay anyone evil for evil.”  Romans 12:17
I felt the Lord was speaking to me and I thought I should not repay evil for evil since then.  I understood later that God’s healing started the time the verse was given to me. 

The change came when I was in my late twenties.            
It was the time when my sister came home from a place where she was sent by her work; 500km away from home for three years.  She was 180 degrees totally changed; she had a rounded personality, calm and kind. 
I knew her co-workers were good people and she had family-like relationships with them.  I was very surprised and glad to see her change. 

My mother told me that when I was born my sister wished I had died.       
It takes more time and care for a baby.  My sister received all the care from our mother until I was born, but she might have felt her mother was taken away from her.  I think my sister’s ill treatment toward me was started from that time.    
I think my sister’s heart was healed by being among warm people.

As my sister was changed my hurting heart also vanished.  We are friends without any bad feelings now.  The Bible said, “a brother is born for adversity.”  Proverbs 17:17.  She is the only one to understand our family problem and she is a good helper. 
The Lord changed all things for good. 
I am very thankful from my heart for the learning and a precious experience through my family.

Hakodate Church  Kagayaki Saito

God is Love.