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Freed and Healed as I Continued to Go to Church.

To those who are suffering from depression @en

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I was saved twenty five or six years ago, but I stayed away from church for a long time due various occurrences.  However, my parent, who suffered from cancer, caused me to go back to church and keep on going there.  Around that time, I suffered so serious a depression that I couldn’t sleep at night without medicine.  Since my childhood, my sister and I hadn’t received parents’ love and had been raised in the family with endless fighting every day.

I had been physically abused for a long period of time, and ended up with depression without noticing it.  I went to psychiatry, without being healed, but I was thinking of how easily I could die all the time.  As I had been living alone, I got intensely irritated and roamed around to look for a place to die one night. However, I couldn’t find it and spent the whole night on a bench of a bus stop. Living was painful to me.  I collected sleeping pills enough to amount to a lethal dose and swallowed that much dose, but somehow I couldn’t die.  The people around me were concerned about me who abnormally behaved many times by slashing at the left-hand wrist and arm. 
However, I started to go to church with a sister-in-law.  A pastor and his wife listened to me well and prayed for me every time.  I attended Sunday worship services and nightly charismatic meetings without absence because of the sister who had dedicated her life to God.  In the meeting, I had the pastor’s wife pray for my healing, and God spoke to me repeatedly through prophecy, saying He would heal me.  I had a sense of loneliness gone gradually and I got less and less irritated as I continued to go to church. One day I found myself sleeping without taking medicine.  Now I don’t hurt myself any more.  God took time to heal me, slowly but without fail.

I’d like those of you who suffer from depression to know God.  He will surely heal you.

Yumiko Watanabe

God is Love.