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Great Come-from-Behind Victory!

To Those who have trouble with bullying

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Bullying against my daughter
I have two daughters: one is in the 6th grade, and the other is in a kindergarten.  My elderly daughter who is in the 6th grade went through a difficult 4-year in her elementary school life.  That is a problem of “bullying.”  She is a gentle and quiet girl, and she did not tell me a lot about her school life.

One day, a child in our neighborhood told me that she was bullied in school.  I also heard that some children would not let her in a group that went to school by foot together, and she walked to school by herself.

When I asked her about it, she just nodded her head and said, “Yes.”  She would
not tell me anything further.  The bullying against her escalated.  Some children wrote bad things about her on a road, others hid her shoes, and others said to her, “I do not want to even see your face! Transfer to another school, “ or “Don’t come to school!”  A worse case was that they forced to bring my daughter to the house of one of the children who bullied her, and made her stand in front of the house for many hours.  They never stopped bullying her.  I asked her school teacher to warn that child, and the child and her parent came to apologize to us.  But after she stopped bullying her for a little time, she started to bully her soon.  Both my daughter and I got weary, and could not even pray to God.  In the midst of that situation, something unusual happened to her physical body.  On one morning, when she was leaving the house out from the front door, she threw up.

The next day, and also the day after the next, she said that she had headache and threw up in the morning.   She had her brain examined in a hospital, but there was nothing abnormal.  But the doctor told me that this happened because of her psychiatric condition.  I thought that this was just what I had expected.  He advised me to let my daughter see a psychiatrist who is specialist in children, which I did.  Then, the psychiatrist told me that she was at the limit.  Finally, we decided that she needed to rely on medicine.  I couldn’t tell her to go to school because she took medicine every day, and suffered from circular loss of her hair.  She was absent from school for about three months.

Great Come-from-Behind Victory!
My daughter and I began to pray to God again.  We prayed with our family, and our relatives and church people also prayed.  Many people interceded for her in prayers.  After a while, she started to go to school as I accompanied her on the way to and from school.  I found that those who used to bully her did not approach her any more.  On the contrary, one of the children who used to bully her most was bullied by other children.  When I went to school to accompany her on her way back home, we saw that child who was bullied walking alone.

When I said, “Oh, poor her!”  my daughter started to cry in a loud voice.  Her forgiveness toward her started in her heart.  I was filled with thanksgiving to God.  One day, the child who was bullied and her mother came to our house.  They apologized from their hearts for what she used to do to my daughter.  And they asked my daughter to be with the child.

I thought that it would be too convenient on their part.  But my daughter said, “Yes,” with a smile.  It was a great come-from-behind victory!  My daughter learned a lot from God in those hard and long 4 years, and was trained.  Above all, she received God’s love, comfort, healing, and forgiveness.  Now she is in the 6th grade, and God has changed her to completely a different child who is cheerful and active and her friends trust her.  She gained a great come-from-behind victory from God.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

God is Love.