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God who changes my son of family’s recovery truancy

To Those Who Have a Problem of a Child’s School Refusal

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In our lives, there are always difficult times. Been lost in sin and weakness can also do on their own, we may as well have stuck, even pain. When we are bombarded violently Satan sin and weakness Moreover, his life has already become even feel like I feel might be done with this.

When you are fighting the pain in my family loves it certainly hurts our hearts. To give what he can do something, why you can not give, and we panic’m having some sad, and upset and confused at times. When such a situation, especially mothers of his children is a very difficult time to become more than themselves.

If you know God, if indeed such a situation for you if you still do not believe in Jesus Christ or you will look desperate. If you, however, believe in Jesus Christ to be able to change to benefit us all that the grace and power of the cross, if you pray this will bless always been turned into the worst situation that seems it.

You will find that their lives are changing for the love and blessing to be sure that your latter days.

Recently, the young tender age of 20 became associate pastor at the church in Nagasaki is the servant of God that I serve. There was a very painful time of trial in his life. He also found time necessary to send every day can also be painful if parents were deeply attached to his only son. But in it, cried out to his parents prayed to God. The prayer that I had to receive a blessing from God to be a young curate is a big blessing in his life now.

This month trial and allowed his life, I would like to write to his family God’s blessing given through it.

Sudden truancy

He is the second semester of eighth grade, suddenly became not go to school. I became a so-called truancy. I myself do not know why, for all that became lethargic, had no study is of course willing to do anything. That he was going to school, I spent sat around or playing video games, too many days went and what not like that. I think this is bad, the school is still the morning will surely go. I do not think I can go to do it again.

His parents were Christian. Also attended Sunday school since I was little, he had already received baptism even when the elementary school. His parents, it was no use even tried doing something for him.

So his parents can do themselves and the other is the only pray found. Father and mother began to pray every night is out of it.

He was a two-story house at that time. In his room upstairs, and there were parents living room below. At night every night, however, parents are praying for him start to come upstairs to his room next. It is often said to have been at night. And have trouble sleeping at night, voices can be heard from the next room praying parents. While listening to voice shouting prayers to God for his seriously, I think he is. Only go to school tomorrow. Must go.

However, the body will not work the next morning. Dari ache everywhere, and you Renakatsu really happening, I still go after all. He was more disappointed in myself that. Have your parents not too pleasing to God, how can I not also do it yourself.

Perhaps now it might be in that situation you are reading too. May be in such pain and suffering of your beloved child. You may have to spend every day with sadness in feeling hopeless and. May be over come in knowing that God answers prayer immediately.

If you are in if you are such, you may want to know you. God is good and he heard your prayer, rescued from sin and weakness can also do their own pain and that that profit. You must change everything.

Sugari your God, you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, God has always blessed us with the best hand at best, it gives us a resolution and victory far more than our thoughts.

So you gave up giving up, or Do not lose heart.

Prayers continue. Please continue to believe. God is true everywhere. It is a sure way to give them our blessing.

Thank you go to school

Six months have passed he can not go to school. Her parents were praying. Night after night, out in front of God. He was not go to school I only went to church every weekend was. The church was organized tours go to a seminar of American vessels Naaru thanks and praise and world famous spring break for the children. It was about a week. His parents him on this tour (dispatch) is derived from the Lord so as to participate. I will be attending the team’s tour that it was partly because of the feeling that the church will let him go too.

So something has changed but it was not. I was just trying to do something his parents so far, but I appreciate that the practice began about Merlin’s heard all the seminars in this tour.

Parents and children praying together, thanks also go to school started. I really did not feel that dwarf ever go to school then, let’s go, I have the feeling that’s going to go. Not now, but did not go immediately. I went and changed his mind and parents can ensure.

When the semester starts and two third-year junior high school, he returned to school. I had to go to school every day. I really thank God his parents. Some people would think it’s just going to school. For parents it was a blessing, but he is really big.

High school exam

Start going to school, but now that has an impending high school entrance exams. He was already giving up honest I did not go to school for almost a year. But I really go to high school.

Academically as well, so the most important time absent from school, my high school when the other thought would go, high school teacher was told that it can sufficiently. He seems really happy. I thank God my parents. And he prayed. I asked what should I pray to God, where high school.

He could return to school by prayer and gratitude, when you go to high school, I prayed to God first. Then there was a high school show. He was a high school exam. But I fell. He receives a high school while other schools passed discouraged. I wanted to go to high school, he prayed again. It indicated that the first high school fell surely then presented. Looking at the second exam is not whether, but not the second exam, there was a correspondence course.

He hesitated. He indicated that the high school and high school consult with parents because it shows how even pray to God I entered it.

Son out of camp fees

Four years of high school (the communication system has a four-year), he was every day, morning noon and from part-time in Kentucky, studied at the seminary at night, the lean-schooling in high school when the holidays are always present at rest I was able to graduate with good grades.

It gave him the opportunity to pray for filial piety to his parents who live in high school yet. In our church, Motaremasu horse camp in the summer. Recently, this camp come from all around the country are camping close to 1,000 people will be very blessed.

His four-year summer school, I try to join the family at this horse camp. Left the SDF, however, devoted father and became pastor of the need for many things, for its economy did not want to participate in this camp.

His parents were praying. I wish him well with parents. Then he heard the voice of God is. Take out your money. And spend their money for your job. When I heard his voice, he seems happy. For parents, for parents who pray for their own can also help you, I am really glad you think so.

His father was a pastor at the meeting, and other clergy, “a horse can go this year now. Now the whole family can participate in to earn money in bytes son” do not report them in tears I can not forget it or not.

Wife has helped me from going to school their children now, so when I thought, my father would be pride. God is the scenario had been prepared to think that everyone superb reverse.

God answered the prayers of their parents far beyond

When he graduated from high school, the church had a pastor from his parents and moved for training to become a pastor to the church where I serve. Is also confirmed in terms of parents to pray to God of course well.

Six months later, God told me you come to stand as his associate pastor at the tender age of 20. Honestly I was hesitant. I have been called mainly to make sure even how to pray well.

Young people are leaving the work he is now very blessed. More young people are getting strong love and devotion to God Katsu Hazime person. Truant when it was only bad for him now he has become rather a blessing. The parents answered prayer is far beyond thoughts and wishes of their parents. This is God. It is a God we believe it.

Victory and the Lord revealed the truth to your family

Even what is allowed in your life right now, even though it is now allowed to feel and who love you no matter how negative, can not get even from there but no matter how good, and somehow give up Please. We are you Lord Jesus Christ who will answer the prayers always.

Your love for his son,
Your love for her daughter,
Now, bend your knees and pray.

Your love for his wife,
Your love for her husband,
Cry out for God.
Prayer is always the answer.

God far beyond our thoughts and wishes are always blessed in your eyes.

Even if we want to slow down, when God is not delayed.
So somehow continue to believe in God do not give up.
Time will appear to come true are the Lord always rewarded with victory.
Even you, even your loved ones, your family so well.
The Lord is faithful to it everywhere.

Pastor Isaiah Kihara Makoto 

»Monthly” rainbow in the clouds “(Publisher: rainbow in the clouds Publishing) Reprinted from January, 2003

God is Love.