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Freedom from bullying his son. Salvation bully

To those who suffer from bullying

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My son is currently a college student, and throughout his elementary school, and middle school he had been bullied, in that he was teased on his thin and small statue.  As he progressed in grades, he talked less about his condition
at school to me and to his teacher.  As a boy, because of strong self-esteem he did not want to say anything.  (Also there may be a snitch and revenge,) during those times, even though he and us, as parents got hurt; still God did wonderfulthings through this.

Recovering from bullying
During the first grade
When my son was a first grader he became a victim of violence from
his class mate.  At first I did not notice about it, but he started to come home with torn clothing and as days went by it became worse and he also came home with injuries.  I finally understood that he was being bullied.  His teacher
responded and supported us about the issue, but it continued and our son startedto refuse to go to school.  As a parent I was angry about it and I wanted to give a warning to the boy who was bullying him but I stopped because
it would not solve the fundamental problem.  We learned to give thanks to the Lord for all things from the church so we gave thanks to the Lord in prayer with our son every day. 

We learned that the boy T had problem at his home and we heard the rumor, some one saw him at a supermarket alone late at night or he played in the water until late so that he became sick with fever.  One day my wife read our son’s contact notebook from school but something was wrong, it was Boy T’s. 
Because all the students had the same notebook as his teacher made a mistake andmixed them up.  The part my wife read was Boy T’s mother explaining about theirdifficulties at home.  We turned the notebook back to the teacher and we gave thanks and prayed to the Lord about it because we think He showed us the notebook.         

After a few days, we went to a supermarket where we usually do not go; we met Boy T in the game corner of the store.  He told us he came to the store with hissister.I felt God’s leading, and I told him about Jesus and he said he accepted Him so we prayed.After that he changed a lot!  He changed so much mothers at PTA meetings talked about his change; he hardly became violent, if somebody dropped an eraser he would pick it up and he did kind things to others.  After a while when my wife was on the way to attend a PTA meeting she met Boy T. School had already started and she asked him what was wrong, he said he got a cold.  My wife said “ May I pray for you”.  He nodded so she prayed.  He said thank you.She gave thanks to the Lord because he was touched by Him.

Shortly thereafter, our family moved to Fukuoka, we have not seen him again.  God saved him and healed his heart.God also freed our son from bullying.  I give thanks to the gracious living God.   
During the fourth grade
There was a violent boy, H, all the class mates were afraid of him and he was
especially hard on our son (it may be because of he was shin and small).  He might has been lonely so he wanted to play with somebody and it seemed because his class mates were afraid of him they followed him.  We gave thanks to the Lord that time too, but one day Boy H did not have anyone to play with so he said I’ll come to your house today.  Our son somehow thought he would play with him.  They were playing at our home and it was my day off and I was at home.I told himof Jesus and the Boy said he would believe so we prayed together. I told him Godwill listen to your prayer and he said my mother wants to move to live in a bigger house so we prayed about it together.

Boy H became less violent (only once in a while he was violent.)  Whenever there were class-visits for parents I was happy to see him calm in his class. After a while, as his prayer was answered his family moved to the next town.  
Praise God who saved  Boy H and give thanks to His grace.
M.K. (Fukuoka)

God is Love.