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Experience the power of prayer through a real problem of bullying. Surprising real blessing

To those who suffer from bullying

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Mommy, it is a matter for prayer
As my oldest son grow older, his paralysis of the right foot got worse.  At first it became better to bend when I massaged his ankle, but after a while it became impossible to bend even to a right angle.  It was his calf muscle that could not extend because his foot was in constant tension as his leg was always stretched, even though his leg was growing. 

As the Bible teaches; training of faith comes through trials. 
The challenge came to us too.
Our oldest son entered in “the youngest class” at the nursery in July and he cried every morning saying I do not want to go.  Every time we got off the car and started to walk hand in hand then his tears ran down his face.  When I got him from the nursery school and I asked him “how was it today?”  he did not want to talk about his school. 
At that time he was being bullied and he was not accepted among his class mates.  (The teacher told us about it.)  “You wear strange shoe, so we cannot play with you.”  My son’s paralysis was worse and he needed to wear his correction brace inside even though other children were bare footed. 

We prayed together every morning.  “Please, give me a joyful friend to play with.  Let him be kind to me and I also be kind to him.  Please God help me.”
Less than two weeks later he made a friend and did not cry anymore.  My son experienced real power of prayer and after that when there is something happening he would say, “You see Mom, it is a matter to pray.” 
From that time, he started to receive surprising answers to prayers.  One time he prayed for three different kinds of toys and he got the answer in the same day; they were given to him from different people!
It was truly a big surprising blessing.

(Taniguchi, Motoko)

(Monthly Rainbow Between the Clouds magazine-Published by:  Rainbow between the clouds May 2005 issue)

God is Love.