Hatikvah is reported in a monthly magazine of cable TV

Hatikvah’s street live at Ohmura Mall will be broadcast on cable TV, 24th and 25th December. Before that, Hatikvah was reported by a monthly magazine of the local cable TV. Then it will be broadcast on the Christmas special program for ‘Musicians in Ohmura’.

The article of introduction says that Hatikvah is a gospel singer who is playing in this city. She performes street lives every Saturday in front of Ohmura Mall for four years. She composes some love songs, and she’s singing them with her pure voice.

She said that she’d like to share Japanese original gospel songs with many people. She also has gospel classes on the street live. At this time, she also intend to sing some Christmas songs! “Have the Holy night with the gospel songs!” Street live of this coming Saturday will be recorded for the program.


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