Pastor Peter Ouchi was Called to Heaven

Pastor Peter Ouchi of Holy City Jerusalem (Kagoshima) was called to heaven today, November 30.

Fairwell Eve will be held on December 1 at night at Pastor Ouchi’s residence.

Fairwell ceremony will be held on December 2 at Pastor Ouchi’s residence.

Address:〒891-0117 鹿児島市西谷山4丁目1718

Chief mourner: Deborah Ouchi (Yasuko)


Kansai Holy Meeting on Tuesday, October 13

▪️Hyogo Philadelphia Charisma Holy Meeting & Prophecy Seminar

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

13:30 – 16:00

Venue: Multi Purpose Studio A, Kisela Kawanishi Plaza 2F

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto・Pastor Paul Mori


▪️Osaka Mount Zion Charisma Holy Meeting & Prophecy Seminar

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

18:30 – 21:00

Venue: Music room, 4F, Cleo Osaka Chuo

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto・Pastor Paul Mori・Pastor Ester Monai


Pray for Pastor Eddie of the Philippines

Pastor Eddie of the Philippines entered the ICU last night. He has a stroke.

He was normal except that he had diabetes and other organs were hyperglycemic.

He had a CT scan yesterday and pray for healing so that he can move without blood clots in his brain.

Pray for him and if you have a burden, make a donation to Pastor Eddie.

[Postal transfer account]

Subscriber name: Water Flowing from the Sanctuary Mission

Account number 00110-3-535710

Planning a big street live event in the Czech Republic!

God has led many Czech Protestant and Catholic churches to work together to enhance street live concerts. When missionary Marek showed a digest version of the Czech team’s street live video, everyone was impressed by the many people singing together at the Charles Bridge in Prague. The next time the Japanese team go to the Czech Republic, they will plan a large-scale street live event and invite us.