Shoulder pain and high blood pressure were healed at the East Tokyo Charismatic Meeting

The East Tokyo Charismatic Holy Meeting was held in Koiwa city. A person who suffered from sore shoulder was healed by the word of wisdom and knowledge. He said “I had a chronic stiff shoulder since I was a child, and whenever I woke up every morning, my shoulder continued to hurt. However after the Kamara Holy Meeting, I felt that the pain in my shoulder went away.

I also had high blood pressure and I used to take medicine, but after that my blood pressure level turned to normal.”


Information of East Tokyo Charismatic Meeting on March 25th (Sat)

▪️East Tokyo Charismatic Meeting & Gospel Live

Saturday, March 25, 2023

10:00-10:30 A.M. Gospel Live
10:40 – 12:10 A.M. Charismatic meeting

Venue: Edogawa Ward Koiwa Urban Plaza 2nd Floor Seminar Room (Koiwa Gospel Club)
1-17-1 Kitakoiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0051

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto, Pastor Joseph Sanbonmatsu

Starring: Gospel Seed
Contact: 03-3672-0111 (Sanbonmatsu)

Yokosuka J Gospel FES was held

On March 21, at Outdoor stage of Mikasa Park in Yokosuka city, Yokosuka J Gospel FES was held for the first time in three years. Come&Worship、Peace、PATOLIS、Happy Table、ISRAEL、Truth、Lightning 、Harvest、Arise Shine、Brave、Grace of Jesus、FOneshimo、Maeda Shar with Family Band、All casts performed for about 5 and half hours. Many people including families and young people stopped by and enjoied to listen to their music. They had a greatly blessed time as those who were invited also came and attended the event.

Hokuriku Holy Meeting on Wednesday March 21

Niigata Charismatic Meeting and Prophetic Seminar
Wednesday 22/03/2023
9:30-10:00. The 101st Prophetic Seminar
10:00-12;00. Charismatic Seminar

Venue: 2F 202, Niigata City North Unity Community Centre
(New Building: Former Irifune Primary School: 3511-1 Inari cho Chuo-ku, Niigata City)

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto (TLEA Tokyo Antioch Church)
Pastor Miyoko Kitajima (TLEA Inochi no Mizu no kawa Church)

Contact: 070-5460-3014(Kitajima, Mobile)

Minami Uonuma, Tokamachi joint Charismatic Meeting,Prophetic Seminar
Wednesday 22/03/2023
17:00 – 17:30. The 102nd Prophetic Seminar
17;30-19:30 Charismatic Meeting

Venue: TLEA Shu no Sion Church
(Kanai Building 2F, 87-10 Muikamachi, Minami Uonuma City Niigata)

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto(TLEA Tokyo Antioch Church)
Pastor Hannah Joyama (TLEA Shu no machi Sion Church)
Pastor Yukii Yanagi (TLEA Tokamachi Church)

Contact: 090-5589-1086(Joyama Mobile)

Hokuriku Holy Meeting On Tuesday, 21st March

▪️Nanao Charismatic Holy Meeting

21st March 2023(Tuesday and Public Holiday)

10:00 – 12:00

Work Pal Nanao 2F
(1-3, Kojima cho, Nanao)

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto(Pastor, Tokyo Antioch Church, TLEA)

Contact:070-5460-3014(Kitajima’s Cell Phone)

▪️Kashiwazaki Charismatic Holy Meeting・Prophecy Seminar

21st March, 2023(Tuesday and Public Holiday)

17:00 – 17:30 The 76th Prophecy Seminar
17:30 – 19:30 Charismatic Holy Meeting

Venue :★Practice Room, 2F, Alfole Kashiwazaki City Culture Hall
(4 -32, Hiishi cho, Kashiwazaki shi, Niigata Prefecture)

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto(Pastor, Tokyo Antioch Church, TLEA)・Pastor Takio Nakamura(Pastor, Kashiwazaki Church, TLEA)

Contact:080-5512-8861(Nakamura’s cell phone)

For the publication of the book of “The Prophecy” for Ukrainian!

A thanks massage from pastor Bodja had reached. I was very glad to see Pastor Paul Akimoto and teams member in Stuttgart Germany and worshiped God and ministered Him together. It was precious time for me. Especially, at the final day, what all your prayer for me were very strong, deep presence of the Holy Spirit and I was felt born again. I thanked for you from my heart. Ukraine refugee came to our church and saved, our church has grown very rapid. Praise the Lord The book that Pastor Paul Akimoto wroteThe Prophecy the fact and operation was biblical and wonderful according to testimony of living God. I want to read the one for many people and I am pleased with what I translate into Ukrainian. We are touched by God through your aid. I really thank your support heartily! God bless you! Pastor Bodja  

Information of Yokosuka Charismatic Meeting on Saturday, March 18

▪️Yokosuka Charismatic Meeting

Saturday, March 18, 2023

6:00 – 6:30 P.M. Mini concert
Cast: Come&Worship, F Onesimo, Brave, Grace of Jesus, Sara Maeda with Family Band

6:40 – 8:30 P.M. Charismatic Meeting

Venue: 2nd Music Room, 7th floor, Yokosuka City General Welfare Hall
(2-1 Honmachi, Yokosuka City)
5 minutes walk from Keikyu Shioiri Station
Yokosuka City General Welfare Hall: 046-821-1300

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto, Pastor David Maeda

Contact: 080-4199-1207 (David Maeda)