Students meeting with oden! 20 peaple joined, big satisfaction!

In the afternoon of Sunday 27 Nov., there was a joint service of the young and high school and the junior high school students. Gospel team named “young team” made their debut in that service and they sang ‘Sakura‘. After the service we move the place to Nichoume-kaikan, and started to cook oden at once.

We shared cooking works as some made Chakin and some peeled boiled eggs, so everyone enjoyed cooking. As a result, we made two pots of ordinal oden and also one pot of curry oden. Too much oden to eat! Fortunately some more students who are age of good appetites joined to help them, and all the pots became empty.

The Students meeting will be held on the fourth Sunday afternoon every month. After a joint service, we will cook meals together and eat together. Please join us.


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