Former Gifts held a concert in Kansai

Gifts (former member) gospel concert held in Kansai. Gifts already has switched to a new system and this event had decided former time then former Gifts held a concert.

At a co concert Gospel club JOY of Hyogo Philadelphia church and Kansai union praise band Splendor took part in it and each of them sang 2 songs.

Gifts held 40 minutes concert with short talking. More than half of participants we seemed to be unbelievers and they listened and cried our testimony and praise songs.

Finally we sang God is Love with all crowds.

Former Gifts held a concert at a church in Hiroshima

Former Gifts held a concert at a church not TLEA in Hiroshima.

They held an hour concert and many gathering persons shed tear.

Many customers bought CD and quite a few CD were sold.

A junior high school boy who pastor’s son of the church had moved and run to buy colored papers and he said us that I wanted to get your signature, you would not go back. We were impression.

Thank you for the Lord’s working through praise.

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