Tokyo Charismatic meeting is held on January 15th Sunday

Tokyo Charismatic meeting is held at Hyatt Regency Tokyo hotel in Shinjuku on January 15th Sunday. Please take part in. The first session|Gospel Live TV plus From 18:00. The second sesstion|Praise and Worship/Seminars/Message From 19:00. 【Professors】Pastor Paul Akimoto others 【Place】Hyatt Regency Tokyo B1. ※We prepare a sign language interpreter.

A healing conference is held

On January 14th Saturday, we hold a healing conference at Tokyo Antioch church hall from 18:30. Please take part in. In addition we broadcast on YouTube. Please take a look. A healing conference blog take a look here.

Itami Charismatic Meeting in Itami on Wednesday January 11

Itami Charismatic Meeting & Prophetic Seminar

Wednesday, January 11, 2023


Venue: Big Meeting Room 3F Itami Hall

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto

                Pastor Paul Mori

                Pastor Jerusalem Maeda

Contact: 090-9208-0218 (Maeda)

About Hakuba Snergoi Camp’s Tokyo Antioch Church Direct Bus

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 There will be two buses arriving and departing from Tokyo Antioch Church. (1 car for 49 regular seats, 1 car for 45 people) The price for 80 people with 2 cars is as follows.

Adult round trip 7,400 yen
Adult one-way 4,400 yen
Child round trip: 4,400 yen
Child one way 2.700 yen

Please note that the price will change depending on the number of people.

[Outbound] Scheduled departure time on Tuesday, February 28 Car No. 1 meet at 6:30 A.M., depart at 7:00 A.M. Car No.2 meet at 8:00 A.M., depart at 8:30 A.M.

We look forward to your early application.

The Choir of East Philadelphia Church had a Web Concert

5 Choirs of East Philadelphia Church had a Web Concert using YouTube.

“5 Gospel Groups will sing Gospels. Why don’t you listen to Gospels warming your hearts”

They advertised beforehand on their homepage.

On the day, they delivered on line with comments by the facilitator.

They used recorded films and with the help of IT staff, it went well by signalling to the facilitator for his comments. Gospels they delivered were such as “God is Love” and “Praise God” from Kaze no Hibiki Vol10.

The numbers of viewers increased more than usual. Praise God who led this Web Concert!!

A Christmas gospel concert was held at an after-school daycare service facility for children with disabilities.

On December 24th, a Christmas gospel concert was held at an after-school day care service facility for disabled children in Ota Ward. This time, Plaisir and Yuuki Hoshina participated, and the children and facility staff listened intently as they sang the sounds of the wind and Christmas songs for about 30 minutes. Although this event has become an annual event, there were also requests from other facilities to see gospel concerts, and more users than usual listened to gospel concerts. After the concert, we had a very blessed time, playing with the children while eating snacks, and seeing Hoshina performed juggling. Children who used to walk around the room while singing ordinary songs listened intently when the gospel was sung, and I could feel the touch of the Lord.

God blessed the concert.
We give thanks to the Lord.

Gospel Choir of Kitakyusyu Ikeru Kami no Kyokai gave Charity Live Concert

Sunday December 25, Gospel Choir of TLEA Kitakyusyu Ikeru Kami no Kyokai “Grace”, “Glory of Heaven”, “Seijo kara nagareru inochi no mizu”, “Ten no sanbitai Fushigi” had Charity Live Concert for Ishizue no Ishi Orphanage at a shopping mall in Uomachi, Ogura Kita-ku.

Through Choir, Love of our Lord filled the Mall. Many people like young foreigners, elderly ladies, family with young children listened to them being moved by their praise. 

Especially young foreigners were so touched by the praise that they took self-portrait with the choirs or video of our teams which was a surprise.

A young couple who just walked by were touched by the praise so they came back to give their offerings of charity. 

Elderly ladies were joyfully giving their offerings of charity as well.

The lady who comes to see us regularly was so happy that she joined us praising “Kimi wa Aisareru tame ni umareta”, “Eien no Ai” and “God is Love- Love is everything”.

We sent “Ishizue no Ishi Charity Gospel Live” to all Japan and whole world through Instagram.

A new shop was opened in front of the shop where we usually have our Gospel Live. They listened to us eagerly and many people came to the shop that allowed us to sing in front of them. They also listened to us.

Whole mall was brightened up.

It was such a wonderful Charity Live on which Joy and Blessings from Heaven were poured.  We were given the offerings of 1, 678yen.