Tokyo Charismatic meeting is held on March 5th Sunday

On March 5th Sunday, Tokyo Charismatic meeting is held at Hyatt Regency Tokyo in Shinjuku. Please take part in. The first session/ Gospel Live TV plus started from 18:00. The second session/ Praise and Worship / Seminars / Message started from 19:00. 【Professors】Pastor Paul Akimoto others. 【Place】Hyatt Regency Tokyo B1. ※There is a sign language interpreter.

From The rainbow in the cloud publisher, “Comics Merlin Carothers PRISON to PRAISE”Three volumes for sale

Pastor Madoka Mako drawn, serialized in monthly “The rainbow in the cloud” from March 2010 to January 2016. comics “Prison to Praise” by Merlin Carothers 3 volumes for sale. “Comics Merlin Carothers PRISON to PRAISE” 1,2,3 Drawing:Madoka Mako Orisinal :Merlin Carothers PRISON to PRAISE  Translation:Shozo Okuwaki Each volume 1100 yen(including tax), 3 volumes 3300 yen. On February 26th Sunday, at Tokyo Antioch church hall and at Hakuba Synergoi camp for traveling sale. Please buy them. ※We will show around the reception desk of the order in the Internet shop again later.

Notice of Hakuba Synergoi Camp Special Campaign from Mikoe News

During the Hakuba Snergoi Camp, a special subscription campaign for MIKOE NEWS will be held from February 25 (Sat) to March 12 (Sun).

Campaign special price

1 year subscription fee 7,000 yen (usually 10,000 yen)

6 months subscription fee 4,000 yen (usually 5,100 yen)

1 month subscription fee: 1,000 yen

Apply to the Mikoe shop below

Information from Hakuba Camp CS

〜Notice from Hakuba Camp CS〜

① CS at this camp will be held at Cortina on the first basement floor on 2/28 (Tuesday) at the opening meeting and evening meeting, and at HCFF and night meeting on 3/1 (Wednesday) , above 4 times.

②The CS of this camp is for elementary school students and above, but if you are an infant (3 years old or older) and wish to participate, please be sure to come with a guardian.

③For CS, please bring your own bible, notebook, writing utensils, colored pencils, crayons, etc., and drinks (water, tea, etc.).

(*For infants and toddlers and their parents, there is a mother and child room with a monitor (B1F Hakuba).)

Special conference of the cornerstone Zambian orphanage will be held in Tokyo


To all supporters of the Cornerstone Orphanage

We are looking forward to seeing those who live in the Kanto area about the report meeting of the Cornerstone Zambian Orphanage. Also, we would appreciate it if you could tell acquaintances in the Kanto area about the conference.

From Cornerstone Orphanage office

We really appreciate your support on a regular basis. This time, Mutare Ohko Aoki, the person in charge of the Zambian Orphanage, has come back to Japan temporarily. Therefore, we decided to hold a debriefing session on the activities of the cornerstone orphanage in Zambia. We will also have opportunity that you can’t usually hear locally and have time for questions and answers. I would like everyone who supports us to participate. In addition, I hope that those who are interested in the activities will take this opportunity to know more about the Zambian orphanage.

Date::Saturday February 25 starting 6:30 PM

Place: :Tokyo Antioch Church

Kaneda Building 3F, 2-1 15-1 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0002

Reporter:Ouko Mutare Aoki

Zambia Orphanage Presentation

To Cornerstone Orphanage Supporters

Thank you for your prayers and support for our orphanage.

Ohko Aoki Mutare, who is in charge of the Zambian orphanage, is currently returning to Japan temporarily. During her stay she will conduct Zambian Orphanage debriefings in the districts listed below.

We would appreciate it if you could participate in the district report meeting near you and publicize it to your acquaintances. Thank you very much.

Cornerstone orphanage Tokyo office

[Tohoku area] Orphanage debriefing session from Zambia

Date: 2nd and 23rd (Thursday) 14:00-16:00 Venue: Music room at Chuo Civic Center, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City 5-3-2 Nagamachi, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi Phone: 022-304-2741 *The venue is located in the complex facility “Taihakkuru” opposite JR Nagamachi Station. Lecturer: Ms. Sakurako Aoki Mutare

[Kansai area] NPO Sounoishi Orphanage Zambia Orphanage debriefing session 〜With the sound of Gospel〜

Date: March 4th (Sat) 14:00-16:00 Venue: Itami Aifonic Hall 1st floor small hall 1-3-30 Miyanomae, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture 664-0895 Phone: 072-780-2110

Speaker: Ohko Aoki Mutare

*About a 4-minute walk north from Hankyu Itami Station Exit the ticket gate at Hankyu Itami Station and take the escalator (or elevator) down to the 1st floor. There is a signal as soon as you exit the east exit on the 1st floor. After crossing that signal, turn left. Follow the road and turn right after crossing the first traffic light. If you go along the road while looking at Tori’s Itami Hall on your left, you will see Itami Aifonic Hall.

*About a 7-minute walk west from JR Itami Station Exit the ticket gate of JR Itami Station and go to the overpass on the left. Get off the escalator on the right hand side of the overpass and go straight on the road with the eye hole on the left hand side. Continue straight until you come to a large intersection. Cross that intersection and turn right, then turn left at the intersection with the museum. If you keep going straight, you will see Itami Aifonic Hall.

[China area] NPO foundation stone orphanage debriefing session Zambia Orphanage debriefing session & mini concert

Date and time: Monday, March 6, 19:00- Venue: Hiroshima City General Welfare Center 5th Floor Hall “A” 〒732-0822 5-1 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi Phone: 082-264-6420 *(BIGFRONT Hiroshima 5.6F)

Speaker: Ohko Aoki Mutare

【Central District】 NPO foundation stone orphanage debriefing session Zambia Orphanage debriefing session & mini concert

Date and time: Monday, March 13, from 18:30 Venue: TLEA Yokkaichi Zion Church

〒510-0073 1-2 Nishihamadacho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

Phone: 059-355-2201 Mail:

Speaker: Ohko Aoki Mutare