The tentative tour cost for the team to Israel has been decided

If we can book Ron Beach for the first and second nights in Galilee, the team’s tour cost will be as follows:(This is still tentative.)

(Rates are per person in twin-bedded room.) is based on the use of twin rooms,

If the number of people in the team is

26-30 people: $2,395 per person (This is the price as of 7/12)

31-35 people: $2,272 per person

36-41 people: $2,185 per person

42 or more: $2,131 per person

Note that if the hotel is not Ron Beach, but another hotel in Galilee, the price is expected to be about $200 higher.

The team members should transfer the Japanese equivalent of the tour cost to Flex along with the overseas insurance fee around the third week of September. They should transfer the airfare to Flex by Monday, July 31. We’ll notify the team members individually.

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