Gospel Group “Glory to Him” of Matsuzaka and Suzuka Holds Concert In Facility

On November 23, the Gospel Group “Glory to Him” of Matsuzaka and Suzuka Church held a concert in a facility in Matsuzaka City.

More than twnety people got together, and listened to Gospel songs.
We began singing children’s songs together with the audience.
A lady who likes songs was sing “Shiawase-nara Te-wo Tatakou” and “God Is Love” gladly with a loud voice, and the others were infuence by her and sang and raised their hands.
After the concert the users said, “I enjoyed it, ” “It was so good.” The director of the facility said, “Mr. A, are you crying? You were moved by the song?” As we looked at him, a tear was on his eyes.
“This patient usually is usually inactive, and he never cries. Gospel songs are wonderful! It goes into the people’s heart unconditionally,” he looked very surprised.
And he also said that another user who is usually inactive and does not react was raising his hands.
The director said, “The family of the users will be glad to hear of the concert. Please come again!” and bowed deeply.
The Gospel songs were working on each users’ heart. We thank God.