Fukuoka J-Gospel Club Holds Concert In Elderly Care Facility In Karatsu City

On November 26, Fukuoka J-Gospel Club of the Crown of Life Fukuoka Church held J-Gospel Concer in an elderly Care Facility in Karatsu City in Saga prefecture.

About fifty users sang Gospel and school songs together with clapping of hands. The response of the newcomers was very good, and some were shedding tears.

It was three years since we visited the facility last time, and some of the users and staff members remembered us and when we said, “Now, we are going to sing God Is Love,” some staff members clapped their hands and looked very glad. They remembered the gesture of L-letter sign, and we sang and enjoyed together. After the concert, they were listening to the CD we gave before and playing “God Is Love.”

The staff member in charge of the concert said, “Many of the users are lonely. The lyrics of the song we sang today went deeply into their hearts and was very good.” We thanked the Lord who led the concert.