We are accepting applications for the song book Kaze no Hibiki vol.9.

Application for Kaze no Hibiki vol.9

○ As for the sound source, please send the CD or MP3 data by mail or email as much as possible.

Please use MP3 or WAVE for the data.

In the file name, enter the song title, songwriter name, new song or re-application as shown below. (It will be helpful if you unify in the following format)

□Our Citizenship is in Heaven (Shoko Sato) New song

□ Rain of the Grace (Lyrics by Peter Nagato, David Maeda, Composition by David Maeda) New song

○ When composing lyrics, please be careful not to violate the copyright by referring to other songs.

○ The sound source must be recorded or edited within 3 months.

For songs that have been submitted before, please try to change some lyrics and melody, change the singer, and so on.

・ Please attach accompaniment to the sound source, attach a score, and add chords and tempo.

(If it is difficult to make a score, please apply for the sound source first)
Please send the lyrics separately from the score.
At the time of application, the copyright of the song will be transferred to the J.GOSPEL Copyright Management Committee.
The application media will not be returned.

Please apply in the best possible recording condition. The sound source may be used as it is as a CD.

About application deadline
Applications by mail must arrive on Saturday, August 14th.
Apply by email on Friday, August 20th
We also accept applications for lyrics only. (The lyrics will be released to the composer, and the lyrics will be submitted with the song, so please apply as soon as possible.) Application by mail: 2-15-1 Koenjikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Kaneda Building 405 Tokyo Antioch Church Office Songbook Application Section

Apply by email: J.Gospel.Committee@gmail.com