A charity concert was held in Kashiwa

May 20th Friday 2022, Gospel groups Jerusalem and Sapphire held J gospel charity concert for Ukraine at Crystal hall in Kashiwa. The concert did from 14:40 to 16:10 and more 80 people included gospel team gathered at the place. Many people cried and moved to listen our gospel songs. In addition we streamed Kokoro gospel advertised video and concerning to Ukraine, handed  Kokoro gospel post cards. The contribution for Ukraine gathered 2.3 times than usually. It was wonderful concert. We give all glory to God.

Shikoku Charismatic Meeting on Wednesday May 18

Matsuyama Charismatic Meeting & Seminar on Gifts of Holy Spirit

Wednesday May 18, 2022

9:45 AM -. Seminar on Gifts of Holy Spirit
10:30 AM – Charismatic Meeting

Venue: Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan The 4th Meeting Room(2F)

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto (Tokyo Antioch Church
Pastor Elijah Urushima (Chiba Shu no Kyoukai)

Contact: 080-3535-1323(Kakemoto)

Schedule of this week : Charismatic Meeting in SHIKOKU Area

▪️KOCHI Charismatic Meeting & Gospel Concert

Date: 16th May, 2022 (Mon)
PM 5:20 – PM 5:45 Gospel Concert by David
PM 6:00 – PM 6:30 Prophecy Seminar
PM 6:40 – PM 8:30 Charismatic Meeting
Place: Kōchi Living God Church
(Address: 3-4-47, Takasu, Kōchi-shi)
Lecturers: Pastor Paul Akimoto, Pastor Elijah Urushima
Contact: 090-9454-5686 (Tel to Takahashi)

▪️TOKUSHIMA & NARUTO Charismatic Meeting

Date: 17th May, 2022 (Tue)
Time: AM 11:00 –
Place: 3rd floor at Keiyo Building at The Grace of the Lord Church
Lecturers: Pastor Paul Akimoto, Pastor Elijah Urushima, Pastor Yohane Akimoto
Contact: 088-686-9030 (Tel to Sakai)

▪️MARUKAME Charismatic Meeting

Date: 17th May, 2022 (Tue)
PM 6:20 – Gospel Concert
PM 7:30 – Holy Meeting
Place: Multi Purpose Hall on the 1st floor at Marukame Marutasu
Lecturers: Pastor Paul Akimoto
Contact: 080-3535-1323 (Tel to Kakemoto)

▪️MATSUMOTO Charismatic Meeting

Date: 18th May, 2022 (Wed)
AM 9:45 – Prophecy Seminar
AM 10:30 – Holy Meeting
Place: The 4th Conference Room on the 2nd floor at Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan
Lecturers: Pastor Paul Akimoto, Pastor Elijah Urushima
Contact: 080-3535-1323 (Tel to Kakemoto)

The healing: sudden hearing loss, facial convulsions

     On 14th May (Sat), Healing Ministry was held at Tokyo Antioch Church.

     In the mini-concert by Tree of Life, Noah Terumi shared the testimony that her sister was healed from sudden hearing loss 7 years ago. First, she prayed on the phone for the healing. After that, at a Sunday service, a pastor spoke about a centurion from the Bible. The centurion said, “But say the word, and my servant will be healed.” Jesus was amazed by his faith and said, “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.” Then, his servant was healed. Noah Terumi shared the story to her sister on the phone. After that, she was healed!

     Also in the time of message, a pastor shared the testimony of the healing of convulsion on her left face. The reason was not sure. But in the time of healing prayer in the end of a worship service, a pastor said “The person, whose left side of a face is convulsed, has been heald” The she was healed! But after a while, the convulsions got worse. She felt God told her not to give up and kept believing. So she confessed the healing and prayed. Then it was healed!  

Praise the Lord!

Decided the prizes of The Sound of Wind #9 Praise and Worship songs

Decided the prizes of The Sound of Wind #9 Praise and Worship songs. The awards ceremony will be held at Hakuba camp. Grand Prix Ota Erisa Song great award:Ota Erisa Let’s ! Thanks Giving The best praise music prize:Sato Shoko To Our Lord The general praise music prize :Sato Shoko Unit Heaven Excellent praise music prize:Ota Erisa Living God He sitting on the throne The best blessing In the name of Jesus Excellent praise music prize:Sato Shoko Maranatha Maranatha Excellent praise music prize:David Maeda Grace of the cross Frontiers Excellent praise music prize:Matsumoto Aya  Only The Lord Jesus  Great Joy Excellent praise music prize:Nonaka Eriko Rejoice Always The best lyrics prize:Ota Erisa Let’s ! Thanks Giving Excellent lyrics prize:Sato Shoko   Unit Heaven Excellent lyrics prize:Ota Erisa The best blessing He sitting on the throne Living God Excellent lyrics prize:Sato Shoko   To Our Lord  Maranatha Maranatha Excellent lyrics prize:Matsumoto Aya  Great Joy  Only The Lord Jesus Excellent lyrics prize:David Maeda Grace of the cross  Frontiers Excellent lyrics prize:Israel Migiwa Be glory to You The Special Psalm prize:Matsumoto Aya   Psalm 120

About reparation the wall of the Cambodian orphanage

Please pray for reparation the wall of the Cambodian orphanage. Thank you for your prayer and support for our Cambodian orphanage. The orphanage house was superannuated, we need repair expense of 1,000 dollars. Please pray to fill the cost. Please transfer the money to the below account. Account (Saving account) ▼Mizuho Bank Gotanda branch Account Number 2069305 Account Name NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage In the case of bank transfer, please contact us for “orphanage building restoration in Cambodia” by an email. Address ishizue@athena.ocn.ne.jp ▼Postal Transfer Account Number 00130-5-24249 Account Name NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage When you send by postal transfer, please wright on the communication column “For reparation of A Cambodian orphanage house”. Please we hope your support.

Information of Yokosuka Charisma Meeting on Saturday, May 14th

▪️ Yokosuka Charisma Meeting

Saturday, May 14, 2022

5:00 P.M.– 5:30 Mini Concert
Come & Worship, Israel, Brave, Grace of Jesus, Sarah Maeda with Family Band

5:40 P.M.– 7:30 P.M. Charisma Meeting

Meeting place: Yokosuka City General Welfare Hall 7th floor, 2nd music room
(2-1 Honcho, Yokosuka City)
5 minutes walk from Keikyu Shioiri Station
Free parking available

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto and Pastor David Maeda

Contact: 080-4199-1207 (David Maeda)

We’ll start accepting applications for Hakuba Camp.

Hakuba Camp will be held from July 19th (pre-camp) and 20th to 22nd (main camp). Anyone can participate.

It is a fulfilling program that you can enjoy such as morning and evening holy meetings at a highland resort hotel surrounded by the nature of the Northern Alps, J.GOSPEL Contest Final in Hakuba, various seminars, recreation and so on.

You can also participate locally and online.

We’ll start accepting applications from May 15th, so we are looking forward to your application.