Splendor Gives a Concert at General Hospital Relaxation Ward

On 14 December, in the evening, Splendor gave a Christmas gospel cocnert at the hospital named “Yao Tokushukai Group General Hospital Relaxation Ward” in Yao city, Osaka. The concert was held due to a request for a staff who is in charge of the web site in the hospital ward. Just before starting the concert, he was playing the Splendor‘s CD’s that he bought. At that time, Splendor would be schedule to hold a concert in an another facility. However, because the place of the concert was near the facility, Splendor asked to shift to the time so that they were able to have the concert. It was the first time to use for the concert. Some of them even shed tears. A staff said, “I’ve never seen such a quiet countenance.” Splendor has received a request to have a concert again because they were moved so much.

Hirosima-Kure Church of God Holds a Concert at Day Service

Hirosima-Kure Church of God was invited to hold a Christmas concert in Hohoemi-Kure-Chuo on Wednesday, 14 December, and Hiromati-Chunpu in Kure city on Friday, 16 December. The concert was held due to a request for the Day Cervice for Christmas so that their praise band was given a time to sing some songs from Yasuragi-no-uta and sing songs for Christmas. The old staying at the center, their family and the staff, all of them welcomed, and they even shed tears when they heard the music. The concert was a blessing.

Gospel Live TV on 11 December

On 11 December, 2011, Gospel Live TV features “The last minute Information on Kokoro-Gospel on 20th.” The gospel group named “Gospel Seed” and “Gifts” will be broadcast. They will appear on the second-half to the coming concert. So tomorrow’s Gospel Live will be a special program for the performers as a rehearse.

Joseph Sanbonmatu of Gospel Seed, made himself hoarse. So instead of that, the group’s VTR will be broadcast. The VIT was recorded on Kokoro-Gospel in Summer, 2011. We’d like to ask you to pray for his healing that he will be able to go on the stage of 11 December.

Gifts will sing all four songs including their talk. We realize anew that Gospel is so great through Samuel’s talk, one of the member of Gifts.

Kokoro-Gospel will be held on Tuesday, 20 December. Tomorrow’s GLT is just before the concert, Kokoro-Gospel! For further information, please contact GospelConcert.jp

We are being renewed about the notice of Kokoro-Gospel on this Photonews.

Enjoy the Kokoro-Gospel Special!

Splendor Holds a Gospel at Himawari Welfare Corp. in Yao City, Ohsaka

On December 14 in the afternoon, Splendor was invited to an event for Christmas at a center called “Himawari Welfare Corporation” in Yao City. They gave a Gospel concert for 40 minutes. The center was to get involved with them on the Internet since last year. It was the third time to hold the concert continuously for the end of last year and this summer. When they sang the last song’s lyrics of “God is Love”, many people were dancing accompanied with the music. And then, they sang the same song twice with the audience by receiving an encore, “God is Love”. The event was really come alive. The concert was a real blessing.

Gifts Gives a Concert at Mt Olive Hospital in Okinawa

The Gospel grope named “Gifts” was invited to a Christmas concert at Mt Olive Hospital in Okinawa. They gave a concert for one hour. There were about 100 people gathering at the concert. Many people had a burden especially for doing volunteer work regarding to Great East Japan Earthquake so that they were touched by the testimony about the disaster area. Some of them were really moved to tears, and others bought 5 copies of CD’s. A lot of people were touched by the presence of the Lord. We appreciate it.

Gifts, Concert at Churches in Okinawa

Gifts is on the Okinawa tour now.  Gospel concerts by Gifts were held at Okinawa Jerusalem Church and Okinawa Spring of Life Church. Concerts were blessed so much: non-believers attended and CDs by Gifts were sold. Except for Gifts, Voice and Cross Road from Okinawa Jerusalem Church, and Spring of Life and Bless from Okinawa Spring of Life Church participated as Gospel groups, too.

Issue 655 the Mikoe Press on Sale

The latest issue 655 the Mikoe Press stating the end time;

The front page:”Russia  Protest against Parliamentary Election Fraud  Anti-government demonstration  Expanded into ten and more cities cross the country” and others; Page of Faith, New series,” Blue Sky in Malaysia 3″ and others, “Gifts Concert at two hospitals in the disaster-area, ; Page of Church Information, “The Roman Pope Praise Mary, Immaculate Conception” ;  Page of Testimonies: “Contact Lenses are Found”, ; Page of Overseas, start of series “Diary staying in China with cartoon and essay”; Page of Society, “COP17  Complicated but Agreed  Difficult Steps to Cope With Global Warming”; Page of Culture, The moment the ending time felt the11th  Earthquake in Turkey 1999.”

We Have a Lesson of Gospel and the Tea Party at Women’s Group

On Sunday, December 18, the tea party and the lesson of Gospel will be held at the Women’s Group. Everybody will be welcome. The luncheon fellowship we are supposed to have is postponed to the next month because of the matter of the place.

Time: 1:40 pm
Location: Koenji-kita 2cho-me Kaikan ( Koenji-kita 2 cho-me Hall)
Participants: married woman, woman who has married, children of primary school students and under only in the case of their parent’s attending: only children’s attendance is not permitted.

Announcement regarding “The Praise, Thanksgiving and Revival Camp”

The Praise, Thanksgiving and Revival Camp will be sent from Monday, March 26 to Saturday, March 31. About the flight information, 50 seats of Singapore Airlines can be offered until February 24 as ¥105,000 the price. And we offer the seat of United Airlines booking the flight only when someone asks as the present price ¥167,000.

We notify about the price of the tour and so on when everything will be fixed.

Gifts sings Gospel in Christmas Thanksgiving Festival Hosted by a Social Welfare Corporation

On December 15, Gifts sang Gospels at a Christmas Thanksgiving Festival hosted by “Karashi-dane-no-kai (A Gathering of a Mustard seed),” a social welfare corporation in Okinawa. The former deputy mayor was invited as a guest as well as Catholic sisters and medical service workers. One of the audience said with tears in her eyes that she was glad to hear stories about the quake-hit areas since she lives far away from Tohoku District. It turned out to be a very blessed concert.

Stomach ache and dizziness Healed Through Praise

A member of Arao Church had a stomach ache for two or three days and even felt dizziness. She was prayed for in church and was not healed. Then the pastor of the church said, “OK. Since God is telling us ‘to begin to sing and praise,’ let’s sing and praise God.” And he began to sing “Rejoice in the Lord” (Yasuragi 11-40). Then my acute pain was instrantly healed. I praise the name of the Lord who healed me through praise.

A Praise Band in Denver Church holds a Christmas Concert in Elder Care Facility

A praise band in Denver Church held a Christmas Concert at Appleridge, an elder care facility in the city on December 9. They sang some Christmas songs and three Yasuragi songs in Japanese. At the end of the concert, they sang many famous traditional Gospel songs including, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” together with the audience. Before singing the J-gospels, we gave an introduction to that song in English. Some of the audience were moved to tears by that explanation, and many were wiping their tears with a handkerchief while listening to the songs. After the concert we heard such comments as, “It was the best event in this year,” “Many people sing in this facility, but your songs were full of message. I felt Someone speaking through the songs.”