Signs and Wonder in Yokkaichi Zion Church Holds a Gospel Live Concert At AEON-Meiwa Shopping Center

On December 17, the gospel group “Signs and Wonders” in Yokkaichi Zion Church held a Gospel Concert in AEON-Meiwa Shopping Center. Being Saturday, many people gathered together both to the Part I, and II of the concert. Many poeple stopped to listen from the first and second floor of the center.

A voice was raised from the audience, “How well they sing!” From the audience we received an offer of a concert. He is a professional painter, and he is planning to hold a one-man exhibition at Matsuzaka-ya in Nagoya. He said he is going to hold a pre-sale for a week before the exhibition. He wants us to sing Gospels at the pre-sale. We thank God who had opened another opportunity to sing Gospels.