We’ve collected “The sound of wind No.7”

We’ve collected “The sound of wind No.7”. Pleas look at the application form and apply for it early.

The sound of wind No.7 application form.

○You send the sound using CD or MP3 as possible by posting and e-mail.

Date is recorded MP3 or WAVE.

You should wright the song title, the maker’s name, the file name, new song and applied again on the file title.

○Please cause enough violating to a copyright in consultation with other music.

○The sound is only recorded or edited within 3 month.

You change a singing person to change a text and a melody into if possible, and, about the music subscribed for before, please devise it by all means.

○You add accompaniment to a sound source and attach score, and, please put a cord and a tempo.

(When score production is difficult, please apply by a sound source earlier.)

○Please put into the lyric another score.

The copyright of the music shifts to the J.GOSPEL copyright executive committee when it was applied and makes up.

○We can’t turn over the application media.

○Please apply in a best recording state. we may just use a sound source as a CD.

○The deadline of the re-application is the middle of August.

○We accept the application only for texts. (because the text is shown by a person of composition and the text that we liked posts music and is applied, it is as soon as possible and would like it.)

Address:Tokyo Antioch church office the song book application form 2-15-1 405 Kaneda building Koenji kita Suginami-ku Tokyo.

○E-mail application:J.Gospel.Committee@gmail.com