The praise band from Tokyo Machida church held a concert at a facility in Yokohama-shi

On June 4, the praise band Volunteer Gospel Singers from TLEA Tokyo Machida church held a J gospel concert at a facility for elder in Yokohama-shi .

It was which we have visited regularly, and met different persons every time. About 20 persons including staff listened our songs, and they said us thank you for your wonderful songs, we were very glad and it was very good come again.

The 87-year-old one of this month birthday “today was the gladdest to live in 87”! I became more energetic. He said to us filled with vitality.

In addition, staff who took always care them sang with us laud when we sang “The Great Love” and “The eternal love”.

Not only customers but also each care persons and nurses were touched by God.

We were offered the next concert requesting. Thank you for God’s blessing.Praise the Lord!