Sunday, May 10th worship, meetings

・ Early morning service will join the first service.

・The first service is online worship service and Pastor Paul Akimoto will bring the message.

※Worship service’s workers are allowed, but it will be conducted with a minimum number of people.

We would like to ask you for participating in our worship services from your home by online.

* Holy communion will be held. For those who participate in online worship, please prepare bread and wine (grape juice) for holy communion and join us.

・The second and third worship services will be online worship by broadcasting the first worship service.

・International and Young services are online.

・CS, maternal and child rooms were canceled.

・GLTV Plus runs online without audience.

It will be broadcasted live on YouTube. Please watch it.

・At night, Seventh worship service will be online worship service. Pastor Paul Akimoto will bring the message.

Monday, May 11 ~ Saturday, May 16

・Monday first worship is online by broadcasting the first worship on Sunday.

・Monday second worship will be online with a video recorded by Seventh worship service.

・Tuesday to Saturday services will be online by broadcasting of the Sunday first service.

※Regarding donations, if you go online, please save at each meeting and collectively donate when you come to church or make an online donation (such as bank transfer).

Learn more about online donations. Here

For monthly donations, please make an online transfer.