Praise Band “GRACE and Jewels” have a concert at the day care center

The praise group “GRACE and Jewel” held a concert at the day care center in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, and about 40 people participated, and about 6 staff members stood and listened attentively.

“During the performance, I often felt that gospel music touched the hearts of many people even more than before.” “I have already watched a video testimony of “Great Love” at the Hakuba Video Festival, so when I shared about it as I was moved at that time, the audience listened attentively and moved and enjoyed the music and the lyrics.” “Also, the song “As It Is”, which I song earlier, seemed to have created a flow that resonated with the audience and listened to gospel.”

We praise the Lord for His pre-evangelistic work and God’s healing work in the mist of His praises.

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