Please Pray for School Fees Support for the Cornerstone Orphanage, Philippines

Thank you for your prayer and precious support for schooling of the children of the Cornerstone Orphanage, Philippines.

We are planning to support 7 high school students, 15 junior high school students, 21 primary school students and 4 kindergarten children, totalling 47 children for schooling support in 2020.

The breakdown is school registration fees, school fees, fees to attend school activities, fees for uniform, fees to buy stationaries and textbooks, totalling approximately 930,000yen. Please keep on praying and give so that children can continue studying in school this year.

If you are burdened of offering, please give. Thank you.


Transfer to

■みずほ銀行 五反田支店Mizuho bank Gotanda branch

(個人普通) 口座番号Account number 2069305

口座名Account name/特定非営利活動法人 礎の石孤児院the Cornerstone Orphanage

(※ If you will do bank transfer, please email us that it is for Philippines school support. Email address: )

■Postal transfer (If you use the transfer form that we have sent to you, the payment fee will be waved.)

・口座番号Account number/00130-5-24249

・口座名Account name/特定非営利活動法人 礎の石孤児院 the Cornerstone Orphanage

(※If you send money by postal transfer, please fill in the communication column, “it is for Philippines school support.)