Osaka J-Gospel Club Had A Concert In A Psychiatric Hospital

On Wednesday, June 25th, Osaka J-Gospel Club had a concert for hospitalized patients at a psychiatric hospital in Suita City.  It was the first time, but because of their misunderstanding,”Singers are coming!” that pleased us, they put out the advertising sign.
One hour concert each for the hospital ward for men and the one for women was held, and about 300 patients listened to us together with staff members. In the beginning, troubles were permitted in equipments but the Lord revealed His presence in starting singing praises to God, and many were found to be crying.
In the beginning, patients looked tight but became tender. Some spoke to us,”Please come back.” The head nurse got surprised,”The one who usually makes some noise, was quiet!” The person in charge of this, said,”Great!” and asked if the one would request to come next.  We give all glory to the Lord.