Insomnia was healed

Insomnia of a person who works in a company which pastor of Kikakyushu Church of Living God had sent for part time job was healed.
He said “I got heavy insomnia, I can’t sleep wall”. So the pastor prayed for healing. Then, he could sleep well from that night. Usually, he wakes up after 10 minutes since he went sleep, and does something, and go to sleep, then wakes up and does something, and go to sleep again, he does that 5-6 times in one night, and he wakes up at 6 in the morning and goes to work. Because of the problem, he could not concentrate to his work. But after he got prayed for healing, he could have sleep well to the morning and concentrate to his work. And he joyfully said “I have given only 15 to 16 days work in a month, but now I can work 24 days, and I will get 90,000yen more for my salary”. We give thanks to the Lord healed his heavy insomnia completely.