Lumbosacral strain was healed by the word of wisdom and the word knowledage through the online worship service

Pastor Hannah Onuki, Yokohama Joy in the Heaven Church, had a lumbosacral strain. Whenever she had been woken in the morning, she felt a sharp pain in her back so that she couldn’t get up. Even though she had attended the bonesetter’s clinic every day, her backache was getting worse and worse.

She thought that she would join the Tokyo Charismatic Meeting, however the situation wasn’t available. She gave up to attend the meeting. Instead of that, she made up her mind to see the online worship service. While watching it, she heard the word, “Your backache is healed”, as the word of wisdom and the word knowledage through the Holy Spirit. She had received the word.

Next morning, when she was awake, surprisingly, she could get up and walk. Her backache was healed. Praise the Lord.

Yokkaichi Zion Church’s praising team had a concert at an outlet park named ‘Jazz Dream Nagasaki’

Yokkaichi Zion Church’s praising team had a concert at an outlet park named ‘Jazz Dream Nagasaki’. When brother M was dancing with Yasuragi no Uta music, many people gathered to see the dance. Dance was very popular. Children danced, too. Praising team, Shirushi to Fushigi and VOICE also praised.

When we gave CD of Gifts and True Vine to the one in charge of ‘Jazz Dream Nagasaki’, he said, ‘ I will listen to it now. Please come again anytime!’ We give thanks to the Lord.

Osaka J-Gospel Club & Splendor held a Concert at a Nursing Home in Fukita

On Friday 2 December, Osaka J-Gospel Club held a gospel concert at a Children’s nursing home in Fukita city, Osaka, in collaboration with the Gospel group named “Splendor”. And the Club is taken place to give snacks as present to children every year in December. This is the eight concert enjoyed singing and communicating in sign language together. They were able to see children’s lovely faces. Also they had given out 20 copies of tracts. Give thanks to the Lord.

Women’s group had a tea party, and practiced some gospel songs

On November 27, Women’s group had a tea party, and practiced some gospel songs. There were 25 people gathered together. Some of them were newcomers. They had a time to have some souvenir snacks, and to enjoy talking while they were eating some pork miso soups and rice balls. After that, they practiced some gospel songs for the contest. Two women could share their testimonies. The gathering was a blessing.

Gifts had a concert in Miyagi

On December 3, the gospel group Gifts was invited by “Mitinoku-Kosumosu-no-Kai” in Miyazaki Pref., and had a Gospel Christmas Concert for one hour. Many people from another churches gathered together. There was a audience of about 70 people listening to the music earnestly to the end of the concert.

Many people was moved to teas, and a lot of CD singles were sold. Some of them asked to invite “Gifts” to their churches, and a Care Center staff asked to sing their songs in the facility. Another said that they was touch by the Holy Spirit strongly. We give thanks to the Lord.

Announcement regarding the Hakuba Film Festival

The Hakuba Film Festival will be held in Hakuba Synergoi Camp, 2011. From today, we’ve started to accept applications for the festival. If you would like to submit your video or film, please give us your name, content and your church name, and send it to the email below. The deadline is January 15, 2011. We look forward to your entries.

For registration,


Love & Springs, the Holy City Jerusalem Church, Praises in the Interdenominationalism

On Thursday 1 December, there was a concert by Taro Kaji at Hakozaki Christ Church where the gospel group Gifts had a concert last year. He is a professional gospel singer in Japan. The gospel group Love & Springs also had a chance to sing two songs before his concert.

While they were singing the lyrics of “Shuno-moto-he-ikou (Come close to the Lord)” and “Kagayaku-hikarino-nakao (In the Dazzling Light)”, the audience listened to their performances attentively. Some of them even shed tears when they heard the music. In the walking of the new year, God led the group to sing in the Interdenominationalism. We give thanks to the Lord with all our hearts.

Voice, Okinawa Jerusalem Church, Praises in the Teaching staff gathering

On December 2, some mothers of the teaching staff in the Southern part of Okinawa prefecture and the women teaching staff hosted the gospel group Voice. This group belongs to the Okinawa Jerusalem Church. The gathering was titled “Christmas Gospel Concert – Experiencing peace and healing through the gospel”. They sang for around 20 minutes. There was an audience of about 30 high school teachers gathering in it. Some of them said that it was a very good concert, and they said that they could not help being moved to tears.

Today, a Gospel Concert, “Fuyu-Gospel,” holds at the Koenji 2.

Today, Friday 2 December, a Gospel Concert, “Fuyu-Gospel,” holds at the Koenji 2 where is located at Koenji, Suginami-ward, Tokyo. Please come and join us! The hall will be opened at 6:30 p.m. and the concert begins at 7:00 p.m. An advance ticket will be 1,200 yen for adults and 500 yen for junior high and high school students.

Tickets sold on the day of performance will be 1,500 yen for adults and 700 yen for junior high and high school students. Tickets are available at Shinjuku Oasis, Ochanomizu CLC, and Tachikawa Oasis.

For further information, please contact Arechinikawa Music.

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