Application for Vol. 7 Kaze no Hibiki

Application for Vol. 7 Kaze no Hibiki

○Please try to send the sound in CD or MP3 data by post or email

Data should be in MP3 or WAVE.

Add name of song, name of lyrics writer and composer, whether its new or repeated application.

You can send songs in tape or MD. Do not separate songs. (Put more than one songs in one media)  For each songs, put name of song, name of lyrics writer, composer and whether it is new or repeated song.

〇Please consider making songs for non-christians, English songs, songs for young people.

○Regarding lyrics writing and composing, please be very careful not to copy someone’s songs.

○We accept only songs which were recorded or edited within 3 months.

For repeated songs, please try to make difference, for example, change a part of melody, lyrics or change singers and so on.

Please put music to the song, and submit music score, with code and tempo. If you have problem writing music scores, you can submit the sound file first.

Submit lyrics written on a different sheet.

At the time of application, copyright of your songs will belong to J.GOSPEL copyright committee.

Your applied media will not be returned.

Please submit in the best condition, because the applied media might be used directly in CD.

deadline of repeated songs is middle of August.

We accept application of lyrics only. Please submit as early as possible, as composers will look into your lyrics and add melody.

For application,