About the service on June 7 Sunday

Please attend to Sunday service be careful about the following points.

1.Please attend to the one service from the early service to the 3rd one.

2.Please put on mask in the room.

3.Those who have cough, sneezing and fever but stop attending and watch the web broadcasting of service.

4.We prepare alcohol at the entrance and use it.

5.During the service attendance, if you become ill-conditioned, please let me know to the staff.

6.Please take a social distance.

7.When  you  attend the each service please take self infection control.

The early service 7:00~ (On web broadcasting)

The first service 9:00~ (On web broadcasting)

The second service 10:30~ (On web broadcasting)

The third service 12:10~ (On web broadcasting)

Youth service 13:45 to 14:45(at the hall of the church)

CS, Nursing room and Junior and high school class are absent.

International Service 15:00〜 (On web broadcasting)

GLTV prus 18:00〜 (On web broadcasting)

Tokyo Charismatic congregation 19:00~ (On web broadcasting)