About deadline of application for “Sound of Wind” vol.8

The dead line of application is August 22nd.

Date should be send by MP3 or WAVE.

Please put the name of the song, name of songwriter, and if it is new song or not.

Please be careful not to violate a copyright.

Sound date must be recorded in last three month.

As for second apply songs, please try to put some arrange changing wards, melody or singer.

Please put accompaniment, music score, write tempo and code.

(If it is difficult to make music score, please send sound data first.)

Please put wards besides music score.

Copyright moves to copyright management committee.

Applied sound date will not return.

Please make sound of date as good as possible. We might use the sound of the date to CD.

We are accepting word for a song too. (Word will be presented to composer, and composer put music to the word he or she liked. So please apply earlier)


For postal application: 2-15-1 Kaneda building 405 Tokyo Antioch office application for song book section

For email application: J.Gospel.Committee@gmail.com