A Christmas gospel concert was held at an after-school daycare service facility for children with disabilities.

On December 24th, a Christmas gospel concert was held at an after-school day care service facility for disabled children in Ota Ward. This time, Plaisir and Yuuki Hoshina participated, and the children and facility staff listened intently as they sang the sounds of the wind and Christmas songs for about 30 minutes. Although this event has become an annual event, there were also requests from other facilities to see gospel concerts, and more users than usual listened to gospel concerts. After the concert, we had a very blessed time, playing with the children while eating snacks, and seeing Hoshina performed juggling. Children who used to walk around the room while singing ordinary songs listened intently when the gospel was sung, and I could feel the touch of the Lord.

God blessed the concert.
We give thanks to the Lord.