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Chubu Conferences on Wednesday July 12

Nagoya Charismatic Meeting & Prophetic Seminar

Wednesday July 12, 2023

Venue:Rental Studio Fiorele
(801 Nakamura Park, Anju Patio, 1-51 Torii Nishi Dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City)
TEL: 052-412-0647
Underground Nakamura Koen: Higashiyama Line,1 minute walk from Exit 2

Those who come to the venue
If you arrive during 13:00 – 13:30, please use the side door by the parking area. (staff will be there)
If you arrive after that time, please press 701 on the interphone. After the door will be opened for you, please come up to 8F.
If you come by car, please use coin parking near this venue.

Lecturer: Pastor Paul Akimoto(TLEA Tokyo Antioch Church)
Special Praise/Testimony: Pastor Yohane Akimoto

090-1331-0186 (Matsuda) (On the day)

Gifu Charismatic Meeting & Prophetic Seminar

Wednesday July12, 2023

Venue: Study Room 50, 2F Heartfull Square G(Gifu Shogai Gakushu Centre)
1-10-23 Hashimoto cho, Gifu City, Gifu
2min walk from JR Gifu station: Use 2F Connection Aisle

Contact: 090-6571-9954 (Kono)

Chubu Holy Meeting on 11th July

▪️Suzuka Charismatic Holy Meeting & Prophecy Seminar

Tuesday, 11th July, 2023

9:30 – 9:50 Prophecy Seminar
10:00 – 11:50 Charismatic Holy Meeting

Venue:Meeting Room, 1st Floor,  AGF Suzuka Sport Hall

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto (TLEA Tokyo Antioch Church)

▪️Mie Charismatic Holy meeting & Prophecy Seminar

Tuesday, 11th July, 2023

14:00 – 14:30 Prophecy seminar
14:40 – 16:20 Charismatic Holy Meeting

Venue:Suzuka Shirako Ekimae Taikan

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto(Pastor, Tokyo Antioch Church)

Contact:090-4162-8733(Joseph Masuda)

The sound of wind volume 10 Best CD now on sale

From Rivers in the Desert Music Co,LTD The sound of wind volume 10 best CD sells at Hakuba camp. We keep social distance at Hakuba sales booth and we prepare to send CD to each TLEA churches before Hakuba camp. Then we send applications and guidance to each TLEA churches, please apply for by an email by 1:00 p.m. on Monday on 11th. In addition in Tokyo Antioch church we sell at Rivers in the Desert booth at church. Please use them for preaching gospel.

Gifts held a concert at a French restaurant

Gifts held a concert at a French restaurant. We had an opportunity when we held at a street live performance. The restaurant has been very famous and seats were full. There were listened gospel songs for their first time, everyone was glad and moved to listen. They told us come here next time. More 10 CDs were sold.

J Gospel Contest KIDS & U21 Final in Hakuba has been decided

The order of performers of KIDS and U21, who will participate in the final tournament to be held at Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba on 19 July, has been decided.

1 Faith (Kyushu)

2 Luke (Kanto)

3 By grace (Kyushu)

4 Little Flower (Central)

5 Eschrun (Kanto)

6 Super Smile (Kyushu)


7 Shirushi (Kanto)

8 Elijah (Central)

9 First Fruits (Kyushu)

10 Folllow God (Kanto)

11 Yours (Tohoku)

12 Hosanna (Kanto)

13 Orange (Kyushu)

14 Junior high and high school kibbutz (Kanto)

15 Shipen (Kanto)

16 Prayer (Central)

17 harvest (Hokuriku)

18 Grace (Kyushu)

19 Noah (Kanto)

20 Plaisir (Kanto)

21 Praise (Chubu)

About the lunch box space at Wing 21

At the J.GOSPEL Contest Final in Hakuba, which will be held at Wing 21 on July 20, there is not much space to eat lunch.

Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in eating your lunch as much as possible before coming to the venue.

Order of the singing at the 23rd J Gospel Contest Final in Hakuba has been decided

Order of performers at the 23rd J Gospel Contest Final in Hakuba has been decided.
1. Happiness (4 area)
2. NIJI (Kansai)
3. Yuki Hoshina (Kanto)
4. Pleasure (Kanto)
5. Olivet (Kyusyu)
6. Message (Tohoku)
7. GIVE (Kyusyu)
9. Tehillim (Kanto)
10. Slender (Kansai)
11. L/abeille (Kanto)
12. Miracle (Kyusyu)
13. Immanuel (Kanto)
14. Laspousa(Kanto)
15. Eshurun (North America)
16. Beracha (Kanto)
17. Cross Road (Okinawa)
18. Shirushi to Fushigi (Chubu)
19. JOY(Kanto)
20. Lumiere (Kanto)
21. Ciel (Kansai)
22. Israel (Kanto)
23. Spring of Life (Okinawa)
24. Jerusalem (Kanto)
25. Come & Worship (Kanto)
26. Ayu (Okinawa)
27. True Vine (Kanto)

Person with back pain was healed

On the 27th, a person with back pain came to the Fukuoka Charismatic Meeting, and the pain did not heal easily, and he/she could not turn down, so he/she washed his/her face with his/her hands and wiped it with his/her hands.
When he/she asked for a prayer at the Holy Meeting and joined healing prayer with all his/her heart, the pain went away and after a few days, he/she was healed completely.
Praise God and give thanks to Him!

Shikoku Holy Meeting On Tuesday, 4th July

▪️Tokushima・Naruto Joint Charismatic Holy Meeting &Prophecy Seminar

Tuesday, 4th July, 2023

10:30 –

Venue:徳島市佐古2番町6-1 たつみやビル 3F

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto(Tokyo Antioch Church, TLEA)・Pastor John Akimoto(Tokyo Antioch Church, TLEA)


▪️Kochi Charismatic Holy Meeting&Prophecy Seminar

Tuesday, 4th July, 2023

18:30 – 19:00 Prophecy Seminar
19:00 – 21:00 Charismatic Holy Meeting

Venue:高知共済会館 3階「藤」

Speaker:Pastor Paul Akimoto(Tokyo Antioch Church, TLEA)


Regarding the deadline for the Hakuba Camp

The deadline for accepting applications to participate in the Hakuba Camp as in-person is July 11th (Tuesday). We apologize for the sudden contact. If you decide to participate, please apply early.

The deadline for “Online Participation-Join online-” is Friday, July 14th. The deadline for registration via the application form and the payment of the registration fee will be Friday, July 14th. If you would like to participate online, please complete your registration and payment by Friday, July 14th.

If the payment is made after July 15th (Saturday), we will inform you of the URL where you can watch the content of the Hakuba camp recorded after the camp ends.

Thank you for your understanding and for your application.
Apply here

Regarding the deadline for Hakuba Camp

Summer Hakuba Camp will be held from July 18th to July 21st. Please feel free to submit your application.

This time, we will be renting out Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba for our stay. The hotel will adjust the ingredients according to the number of guests. Therefore, we would like to set the application deadline to July 11, one week in advance. We apologize for the sudden contact but thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Further details will be announced later. Thank you.

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