TLEA Tokyo Machida praise band held a concert at a facility in Yokohama

Volunteer Gospel Singers of the TLEA Tokyo Machida church held a concert in facilities of Yokohama on Wednesday, August 14.

It was the second visit, but included the staff, and around 30 people gathered here.

When the staff who came to hear gospel expressly though is not a work day cries much more, and hear it, and cry on that day when listened Yorokobinouta.

Without everybody having very good reaction, and because I am sleepy today, the which the room said to that I do not appear doing beating time with hands, and, at the time of God is Love, returning with paste paste finally!

Staff was very surprised.

Ruth talked about her disease was healing and some persons moved that and glad it was really good.

The proof of healing was used towards the public! Staff who came did an eye red-hot came in Kokoro gospel in April and was said that tears did not stop though they were glad and I gave you it even advertising the same event on August 15, the following day finally and was cooperative at all. Finally I received a next request from that facilities  facilities head of associated facilities nearby, and it was with the concert where love of God reached surely in many various places. Thanks God blessed!