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Report and request from Zambia orphanage


We received a report and request of urgent needs from Ms. Zion Oko Mutale of Zambia.

Thank you very much for your prayer and your precious support always.

Big fire broke out in succession at a market and tourist spot of Lusaka and other places, and “Quasi emergency status declaration” has been declared.
There is suspicion of arson as cause of those fire.
Troops are deployed for towns and tourist spot.

There are people who suspect “incendiary could be street kids? so street kids are gathering to orphanage asking for help. 10 children came to the orphanage yesterday. Usually we have about 30 children (street kids), but now we have about 40 children.

More children to come from now on.
I heard there is a possibility for foreigners to be deport from the country forcibly.

In this confusion, internet does not work at all.
In newspapers, we see articles of political intension about this confusion.
For example “time of last presidential election, opposing candidate has been held in jail (even now he is in jail), and supporters of that opposing candidate might have set fire?”
Or the article which says “The current administration is trying to destroy the opposing candidate, troops set fire and hanging a crime on his supporters?”

Life of common households are not affected except internet work at this moment, but anything might happen anytime.

Prayer request
1. Need of renewal of Oko’s resident visa. Please pray that she will be able to renew her visa. (Since the name of her son Hikaru and Delight are on her visa, but not the name of her third son Hibiki)

2.Need of the cash in this “Quasi emergency status declaration” situation. Needs of 200,000 yen as living expenses

Needs of Zambia orphanage

Many street kids are gathering asking for help, urgently we need 200,000 for their food distribution.
Please pray for the mutter of superscription, and if you have burden, please
① For 【Transfer to bank account】

▼Bank account (sender must bear the sending charge.)

・Mizuho Bank Gotanda Branch Account number (individual ordinary) 2069305

・Account name / NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage

Notice:If you want transfer directly from your account to our account, please ask our bank with the account number above.
(You should owe the sending charge and the service charge every time, please understand it.)

② For 【Postal transfer】

▼Postal transfer (If you use printed form which we send to you, there is no charge to transfer )

・Account number/00130-5-24249

・Account name / NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage

We pray and ask your kind support for our heart.