Team to Philippines’ Schedule Changes

The Philippines Team’s schedule was changed that the itinerary would be from Saturday 14 through Tuesday 17 January. The team will fly the Philippines Airline. As of today, the ticket’s price is 84,940 yen (tax included). This team is a full-scale mission team so that each person will be required to take the Second Overseas Mission class of TLCCC seminary. If you don’t take the class, please contact us.

For further information, please contact the Asian Department of Mission.

Sasebo Rainbow Gospel Club holds a Concert in Elder Care Facility

In the afternoon on Sunday, November 27, Sasebo Rainbow Gospel Club held a Christmas Gospel concert at an elder care facility in Sasebo, which opened in February this year. It was the first concert held in the facility, and the aged and the staff welcomed the group warmly and they listened to Yasuragi songs with eagerness. At the end of the concert the head of the facility said in his speech, “It was a very heart-warming concert. Let us ask them to come again!”

A Praise band in Crown of Life Fukuoka Church delivers a Street Performance

A praise band in Crwon of Life Fukuoka Church delivered a thirty minutes performance at the Lion Square in downtown on November 28. They sang mainly from Yasuragi songs. Usually this place is not available to the worship group, since they are enrolled in the street live performance. But on this day they sang gospels with a loud voice. In the shining illumination of Christmas, they sang  a few songs such as “Amazing Grace” and “Kimi-ga umareru mae-kara (Even before you were born).” Many people took a seat and listened from the beginning to the end. Others applauded afte “Eien-no Ai (Eternal Love)” and “Holy.” 20111130-112104.jpg20111130-112112.jpg

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A Gospel Concert, “Fuyu-Gospel,” will be held!

A Gospel Concert, “Fuyu-Gospel,” will be held on Friday, December 2 at the Koenji 2. Please come! The hall will be opened at 6:30 p.m. and the concert begins at 7:00 p.m. An advance ticket will be 1,200 yen for adults and 500 yen for junior high and high school students. Tickets sold on the day of performance will be 1,500 yen for adults and 700 yen for junior high and high school students. Tickets are available at Shinjuku Oasis, Ochanomizu CLC, and Tachikawa Oasis. They are also available on the e-plus, an Internet ticket dealing site. For further information, please contact Arechini-kawa Music  TEL 03-5929-9957

The outdoor concert in Ikebukuro West Gate Park

On November 26, there was the outdoor concert in Ikebukuro West Gate Park by Gospel Seed, Gifts, and Come &Worship. In spite of the cold weather, many people had stopped and listened to their performances. Some of them purchased their CD singles. Also, many people said that they’d like to attend the concert named ‘Kokoro-Gospel’ near the Toshima-Kokaido.


Splendor had a gospel concert in Aeon Mall, Kusatu

On Saturday, 26 November, Splendor had a gospel concert at the Food Cort Center Hall on 1F in Aeon Mall Kusatu whrere was located in Kusatu city, Shiga pref. It delivered three times performances for about one hour. Even though it was on weekends, many people could stop and hear their performances. Some of the family had attended only the concert because they read the advertisements on the press. They ware so moved and shed tears.

Also One family who had come their Gosple Gathering in Ohtu near the city had joined the concert with thier firiends. Their CD was sold, and the concert was blessed.


Hatikvah is reported in a monthly magazine of cable TV

Hatikvah’s street live at Ohmura Mall will be broadcast on cable TV, 24th and 25th December. Before that, Hatikvah was reported by a monthly magazine of the local cable TV. Then it will be broadcast on the Christmas special program for ‘Musicians in Ohmura’.

The article of introduction says that Hatikvah is a gospel singer who is playing in this city. She performes street lives every Saturday in front of Ohmura Mall for four years. She composes some love songs, and she’s singing them with her pure voice.

She said that she’d like to share Japanese original gospel songs with many people. She also has gospel classes on the street live. At this time, she also intend to sing some Christmas songs! “Have the Holy night with the gospel songs!” Street live of this coming Saturday will be recorded for the program.


Students meeting with oden! 20 peaple joined, big satisfaction!

In the afternoon of Sunday 27 Nov., there was a joint service of the young and high school and the junior high school students. Gospel team named “young team” made their debut in that service and they sang ‘Sakura‘. After the service we move the place to Nichoume-kaikan, and started to cook oden at once.

We shared cooking works as some made Chakin and some peeled boiled eggs, so everyone enjoyed cooking. As a result, we made two pots of ordinal oden and also one pot of curry oden. Too much oden to eat! Fortunately some more students who are age of good appetites joined to help them, and all the pots became empty.

The Students meeting will be held on the fourth Sunday afternoon every month. After a joint service, we will cook meals together and eat together. Please join us.


Mission Team to the Philippines

A mission team will be sent to the Philippines from Monday 16 January through Saturday 21 January. The team will fly with Philippine Air. The ticket’s price per person as of today is 84,940 yen [tax included].  We will book the seats at the time we receive the request, so the price might change.

This team is a full-scale mission team so that each person will be required to take the Second Overseas Mission class of TLCCC seminary. If you do not meet that condition, please contact the Asian Department of Mission before registration.

For registration, please contact the Asian Department of Mission.


Meeting for ‘Fuyu-Gospel’

On the 27th November, a meeting for a Gospel Concert, ‘Fuyu-Gospel’ was held at the church. The team had a detailed meeting so that many people will gather and the concert will be more wonderful than non-Christian concert by the presence of the Lord.


Praising team of Kitakyushu Living Church of God held a road side show at a road side mall

Praising team of Kitakyusyu Living Church of God held a road side show at a road side mall, ‘uomachi shoutengai’ of Ogura Minami ward. Businessmen who always come and listen to us came as usual and listened to our song.

We pass these people Mikoe newspaper and weekly report of our church every week and ‘Kumo no aida ni aru niji’ monthly magazine of our church every month.

Many passers-by stopped and listened to our praise songs. Two young ladies who enjoyed our praising this time were saved and God led us to pray for their blessing. We took picture together, then. It was a great show that the Lord has poured His blessing abundantly.

20111128-093004.jpg20111128-093011.jpg 20111128-093022.jpg

A Praise band in Nagoya church had a gospel concert in Elder Care Center

A Praise band in Nagoya church held a gospel concert in Elder Care Center in the city of Nagoya on November 25. The concert had been held on the monthly basis. They sang some Yasuragi-no-uta with some Japanese children’s songs, ‘Momoji’ and ‘Furusato’.

Especially, when they started to sing the lyrics of ‘God is Love’ in Yasuragi-no-uta, some staff members in the Care Center sang with one voice and livened up the concert by singing. There were about 50 audiences listening to their songs and enjoying it  so much.

More people wanted to join this concert. However because of the room’s capacity, they felt sorry that all of them could not take part in it. God blessed this concert. So we praise the name of the Lord!