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By His Spirit Holds Concert At Elderly Care Facility


In the afternoon of Sunday, July 9, By His Spirit held the 14th Gospel Concert at elderly care facility in Setagaya Ward. There were some new comers as well as the repeaters.

We sang nine songs including the ones we sang together with the users. In the concert we felt a strong Presence of the Holy Spirit in the middle of the concert. Especially in the latter half of the concert, the work of the Holy Spirit was very strong and many users were crying. Also as we shared the testimonies of the writers of the songs, “Koko-kara” and “Jesus” a strong work of the Holy Spirit was manifest, and the Lord was touching some of the audience strongly.

A user who usually is looking foward to listening to us was not very well this day, and she was in another room. However, as we sang the last song, “Ookina Ai,” she came to the hall and as we sang along she was touched by the Presence of the Lord and was crying.

As we left the facility, the users came to the entrance to see us off. We felt in this concert that the Lord’s work of praise and worship is advancing very much.