A praise band Splendor held street live in front of Osaka city hall

On March 14th Saturday, a praise band Splendor (united team of Kansai) held street live in front of Osaka city hall. It was raining from the morning at that day, but rain had stopped in the afternoon. We had trouble at the beginning and it seam impossibility to hold live, but as we were praying the Lord worked and we could start in 30 minute. We sang praise songs from Sound of wind and Yasuragino uta for one hour 30 minute with MC. As we praise the Lord, the weather became better and better, and people who were passing by stopped to listen to praise. A group of foreigners passed by when we were singing last song called “God is Love ~ Love is everything” , and they pretend to dance getting into the rhythm, and took picture of us. The Lord touched many people through praise again this time. We give thanks to the Lord led everything.